Butler sat on the couch, flipping through Destruction: How To Blow Things Up. He had confronted Artemis about his relationship, and this time he had no excuses. Artemis had just blushed and explained the situation. Butler had to literally drag Juliet away from the door. Three times. Artemis had left shortly after. It occurred to Butler that he was supposed to be with his charge at all times, but then again, Holly was taking care of him no doubt. So, here he was, reading some stupid book with a long title.

Holly and Artemis were sitting in the dining area of some sort. It had a cheesy, fast-food type feel. Artemis was sipping at his Hot Water Now With Sugar!. He wasn't sure if Holly was totally sane at the moment. Neither was Holly, for that matter. They didn't talk, they just sat there, waiting for the cell-phone to ring. After twenty minutes, it rang.

"Hello, This is Artemis Fowl. Speaking?"

"Hello son." Came the distorted voice of his father.

"Oh, hello father. Where are you?"

"The Manor. I just got back half an hour ago, and you weren't home."

"Yes, I am at the bank."

"Without Butler?"

"Oh, I'm perfectly safe. He seemed like he needed a break." A torrent of reprimands spewed out of the phone. Artemis clicked it off.

"I've got to go Holly. I'm sorry… look, I'm not sure if I can meet with you.. anytime soon. Now that my father is back, I will be supervised at all times. Not by him of course, but by Butler, being bossed around by him. Anyways, the point is, you can't just come over whenever you want. I…" He trailed off. Holly knew what this meant. Cross species relationships never worked out. "That doesn't mean I won't be seeing you, just… not as frequently." He gave her a peck on the cheek, and left. Just like that. She sighed. Holly knew that he would come back to her, but that this wouldn't work out in the long run. Would she ever get married? Probably not, she answered herself. Definitely not to a mud boy. She tipped the waiter (Who had left the building after taking their order) and left.

A/N Ok, yeah, that was suckey, I know, but I have writer's block, and I REALLY don't know how to end this, so, unless given a better idea, don't expect updates here. I'll be working on other stories, maybe I'll write a sequel to this one. Maybe not. Also, in response to a review: Root is alive because it is a little hard to play truth or dare when you're dead. Artemis isn't necessarily 16, seeing as I never specified his age in this story. If you want him to be 16, fine. If not, that's nice, but the age isn't THAT important to the story. I appreciate all of the reviews, thanks for reading.