Prompt: #009 Harvest

Notes: Written for fanfic50 and holdouttrout on livejournal.

"Come, on, Elizabeth! Just one afternoon! Please?"

Elizabeth glanced up from the mountains of paperwork that had built up on her desk to see John standing in the doorway, puppy dog eyes pleading with her. She gave herself a mental shake and blinked a few times before responding in what she hoped was an authoritative and level voice.

"I'm sorry, John, but unless I can get at least half of this done today, I can't. This place doesn't run itself, you know." She smiled wryly at him, letting her eyes run over the desk in front of her as she spoke.

From there, she let her gaze roam over the rush of workers in the control room, the city in general and John himself, settling finally on the vase John had given her for her birthday when they had first arrived in Atlantis.

Atlantis truly didn't run itself. It was a huge place – some areas of the city were still waiting to be explored – and the responsibility needed to keep it all going matched its size. She couldn't afford to leave it unattended for too long…but then again, there was always Colonel Caldwell to overlook things for awhile if need be.

"Harvest festival," John put in bluntly, breaking her from her thoughts. "Fun. Relaxation. You heard of any of them?"

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes. She was NOT going to break, this time! No way!

"You deserve a break," John went on. He smiled convincingly at her and nodded out in the general direction of the jumper bay. "What do you say?"

Again, Elizabeth eyed him warily like a snake about to pounce. No tricks – or cute expressions – would win her over. Not today. Just…no. But now that she thought about it, there was something that could…

"Okay, fine. I'll go," Elizabeth said thoughtfully. "On one condition."

John's smile widened and he nodded enthusiastically. "And what might that be?" he asked, the smallest trace of uncertainty in his voice.

Elizabeth offered him a pointed look and picked up one of the stacks of paperwork from her desk. Handing it to him, she smiled, a scheming glint in her eyes. "I think you know what," she said, simply.

John glanced between the paperwork now in his hands and Elizabeth, who was clearly expecting him to reject her offer and flee. He made up his mind.

Putting the papers back on the desk, he headed towards the door and grabbed a chair. He pulled it over next to Elizabeth's and gave her a cocky grin. "I guess we'd better get started then!"