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It was the end of the long day mostly every senior had been waiting for. The day of the senior trip to the San Juan Islands in Alaska. Our entire class of about 200 people, not including the Cullens, had only taken up four charter buses. I was upset at first, when Edward couldn't come because of the sun, but when Charlie volunteered to chaperone, Edward and I figured it would be a good way to bond with him before I was changed into a vampire.

I sat near the middle of the bus next to Angela, who was still my friend even after my depression days. Charlie sat in the front, animatedly talking to Mike's parents, who had also decided to come along. Unlike me, Mike was embarrassed that his parents decided to tag along, so he and Jessica, along with Lauren and Tyler, had ridden on another bus. Ben, Angela's boyfriend, sat in front of us with one of his best friends, so everyone was semi-happy. It was a lot more quiet on the way home, considering we all boarded the bus around 5 this morning so we could have a lot of time in Alaska. We were suppose to be getting back to the school around 2 A.M. I don't think there was one person who wasn't drowsy. Even the bus driver looked exhausted, as she drove along the icy road. It had heavily rained the night before and the temperature was below freezing. Thank goodness for the heater.

Angela had finally dozed off, listening to her iPod, so I had no one else to talk to. I yawned, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get to sleep. My thoughts kept trailing to Edward. What was he doing right now? How much longer until I saw his beautiful face? I slowly stood up, and walked down the aisle to where Charlie was now trying to get some sleep too. He opened his eyes and smiled when I approached him. I immediately felt guilty for keeping him from sleeping when I knew he had work tomorrow.

"Having fun, Bells?" He asked, his eyelids drooping. The bus skidded on the ice for a minute, but I caught myself on the headrest on the chair behind me.

"Yeah, but I think everyone here is ready to get home. Did you have fun?" I asked. He laughed.

"It was fun to be around you. I haven't spent an entire day with you on a work day in a long time." It was a Friday, but the station had offered him to take the day off so he could spend time with his senior daughter. "I really did enjoyed this trip. It seems like only yesterday, you were just a little girl…" His eyes turned sad, and it pained me. But it was gone almost as soon as it came. "Now, go get some sleep. It's…" He checked his watch. "Around midnight. We should be getting back into Forks in an hour or so."

I slowly turned around, and almost everyone was asleep. "I love you, Bells." He whispered.

"I love you too, Dad."

I started heading back to my seat, but was suddenly jerked to the floor as the bus sharply turned, out of control. "Black ice!" The croaky voice of the bus driver screamed out. A couple of profanities were yelled as well as she tried to regain control of the bus. She had everyone awake now as far as I could see. I tried to get up again, but the bus was off the road and bumping along dangerously. Trees whipped at the windows and our bus was gaining speed, heading down the steep cliff we had been driving alongside.

"Put on the breaks!" I heard my Mike's mom yell, sobbing.

"Bella!" Angela had called out, reaching for me. I tried to grab her hand so she could help me up. The driver slammed on her breaks and turned the wheel to avoid an oncoming tree, which was a very bad move. The bus turned on its side and started to roll down the rocky cliff. I hit my head hard on the bottom of a chair, almost knocking me unconscious. The horrid aroma of rust and salt filled my nostrils. I covered my head to prepare for anymore damage as people all around me started screaming. It felt like hours as the bus rolled down the cliff. Most of the windows had cracked inward, as each roll flattened the bus. A sharp shard of glass flew, and cut me in the arm. I yelled out. The bus hurled me against the bottom of the seat again, creating an even bigger gash on my head and this time, though; it successfully knocked me out.

When I woke up a couple of minutes afterward, the bus had stopped rolling. I peeked over my bloody arm and saw the bus was now right side up. The roof of the bus had been smashed in to about the middle of each seat. There was blood, everywhere. The smell almost knocked me out again. I could barely lift my head up, for it felt as if some was digging in my scalp with a sharp knife. That's when I noticed it, the silence. My entire body grew numb from the shock and fear. Silent tears streamed down my eyes as I dragged myself through the glass to my dad's seat without hesitation. As I crawled, it was as if each piece of glass grabbed hold of part of my skin and pulled it off. The pain was worse than when James had tortured me. Charlie's hand was lying out in the aisle at a severely wrong angle. I could tell it was him by his graduation ring, stained with fresh blood. I grabbed his bloody hand with my own and stole a glance at him. It was the wrong thing to do that would haunt me forever.

My heart started pounding, and a sob escaped my mouth that echoed the entire bus. "Dad…" I whispered. Blood filled my mouth from my bleeding face. "Dad, no! Wake up… I love you! Please, oh please, no…." I knew he wouldn't wake up. "I love you, dad." No one that disfigured could live. I slipped off his ring with my other hand and put it on my bloody thumb. And at that point I knew, everyone else on the bus probably looked like that. I would look like that if I had been sitting in my seat. I should look like that. I turned my gaze away from him, unable to stand the sight of him like that anymore.

In the distance I heard an ambulance and a couple of police sirens. The other buses must of seen or heard what had happened. But they were too late. Go home, and let me die here with my dad. Let me die with some of my senior classmates. Leave me alone. Another sob escaped me as the pain emotionally and physically mutilated me. The last thing I remember was everything going black, and I was still holding onto my dad's hand.

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