Guiding Lights

Prompt: #034 Stars and #007 Stars

Notes: Written for fanfic50 and 12 stories

Stars really were fascinating things.

They were little yellow bolts of light in the sky that doubled as guiding lights through the universe. They were balls of fire, burning bright and glowing with an intensity that nothing could match. They were beautiful.

None of that mattered to John though. Not anymore.

The stars had taken on a deeper meaning ever since he had slid down the wormhole away from Earth and ended up on Moya, a living ship. An alien ship.

No, the stars didn't mean the same to him now, at all. They meant much more.

Stars were some of the only things that he had known back on Earth. Stars were the biggest connection he had to his home planet. Stars were the things that brought him hope that one day he might find a way back.

For now though, as he sat on the grass of the latest planet Moya had stopped over at with Aeryn in his arms and his hand tangled in her silken black hair, they were his salvation.