Old Habits Die Hard

Prompt: #039 Let's Go // #000 Sam/Cam with a nod to Sam/Jack...but humourous.

Notes: Written for fanfic50 and holdouttrout on livejournal.

"C'mon, Sam!" Cam pleaded. "Just…let it go. Put it away. We're going to be late!" He paced the short distance between where the astrophysicist was bent over a new doohickey at her desk and the door, restlessly tapping his fingers against his thighs.

Sam mumbled something incoherently in his direction that resembled "I'm coming"…and moments later went back to work, just as Cam had raised his fist in the air and let out a silent cry of triumph. He immediately sobered up and shot her a disapproving look, fist dropping back to his side.

"Sam!" He called to her again. "Have you always been so damn stubborn!?" Wringing his hands, he continued to pace, this time in a more subdued fashion. He glared at the time again and grimaced.

"Actually, yes," Sam replied smartly, offering him a casual grin. "I've been told its one of my best assets. Comes in handy with the whole saving-the-world thing."

Cam chose to ignore that remark and remained silent.

"Jack found it almost as irritating as you," she said quietly. Her hands stilled and her grin faded into a reflective smile. "He was always trying to pull me away from all the new doohickeys."

Again, Cam didn't say a word, but he smiled back. He had come to realise that Jack had and always would be a part of Sam's life…just not in the way Jack and even Sam had originally hoped. The relationship was rarely brought up, but when it was there were only good things.

"Old habits die hard, huh?" he muttered under his breath.

Sam nodded slowly as the implications of his comment hit her. "I guess so," she agreed, finally getting up. She gave her desk a quick tidy-up so that it looked at least remotely presentable for a Lieutenant Colonel and glanced around the room once more. Satisfied, she turned to Cam with a teasing grin.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" she asked offhandedly, reaching for her bag. "Let's go!"