She Hates Him

She hates him. He doesn't need her to say it to know it's true; he can see it in her eyes and he can hear it in the silence that she sends his way.

She hates him. And she has every right to. Everything he has done in the past few weeks has been self-serving and against what she believes. therefore, it is only just that she hates him for it. It is right.

She hates him. And she should. He loves that she hates him, because a part of him wants to share her beliefs and save the people he is tasked to ensure die at their time. He wants to hate himself for letting people die.

She hates him and he hates her for it, too. The other part of him believes that he isn't the bad guy - these people are meant to die and he is only ensuring they do; he is not killing them himself. Only to her, he is the bad guy.

She hates him. They are on opposite sides of life and death, and that makes it okay that she hates him. It's in the natural order of things and it is how their existence should be.

She hates him. He only wishes he could find it in himself to hate her back.