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She can't quite feel the wall, though she knows it's there. Her hand trails along it as she drifts down the hall, a smile on her face.

She can't help it. She feels light and free of her usual troubles - and considering what her usual troubles are, she wouldn't mind never going back. Well, almost.

For now, she's happy to wait out the day, explore and see all these new colours. Everything has a brighter sheen to it than before.

She hears something off in the distance - her name, maybe - but it's not important, never has to be important again. She doesn't have to go back. Does she?

She moves in the other direction.

Jack follows, moving all too fast for the state of mind she's in. She wants to cover her eyes and not see him, but even when she raising her hands before her face, she can feel him on her skin, feel the air heated up by his presence.

"Tru," he calls to her.

She runs for awhile, but he never stops, never gives up. Eventually, she tires of running.

She closes her eyes, rests against the nearest wall, and lets her body slide down it until she's sprawled at the floor, a tangle of limbs. She feels the bile rise in her throat and wonders if she's going to be sick. She isn't.

Instead, the feeling passes and her mind slips away as the drug inside of her works its magic. A hand shimmers across her forehead, and words are said. She doesn't hear any of it. Instead, she slips into sleep, leaving the world behind her for awhile.

When she awakes, she will deal with the fallout.

Or she'll find something else to take.