Gosh, I'm late with this one. Roy will be paired with different guys here. In this chapter Roy/hand; Roy/Envy :)

In his bed, there are rose petals everywhere.
There is a naked body, spread and wasted. Ebony eyes wide open and mouth covered with sticky white liquid he was supposed to swallow. And Roy was his name.

Disgusted with self, he tries to imagine the perfect picture of another body he would posses.
Tall and younger looking, he would explore every inch and suck on perfect pink nipples to hear soft moans. This feels so good.

He drops gaze to own erection and sighs.

Only dreams can pleasure him. He can't find a perfect soul mate because they always leave in the morning. It's all about fuck.


Yes, perfect body is back. Naked, it crawls on top of Colonel's body and grabs his erection.

"Thought you left like everybody else?"

"I have never left you, Mustang."

And it starts stroking him, harder and faster with each move.

"God, I missed you..."

His eyes shuts and body gives to this creature, feeling pleasure taking over.


It keeps stroking him faster, until white liquid appears on tip of his shaft and he stops.

"You are supposed to swallow it..."

But the creature didn't listen. Instead, it moves sticky hand to Mustang's mouth and shows two fingers in.

"Now lick it."

And he obeys like a dog.

"Now close your eyes."

And he does.

When he opens his eyes again he finds own cum on lips and hand, covered with same liquid, holding his cock.

"It was just a dream."

He sighs and leaves the room, searching for his clothes.

The night was perfect for a walk when he left his house to take a short break from his dreams.

People around him were not alone. They had partners to hold hands, reasons to smile and laugh and someone to hold them in bed.

Oh how much Roy envy them.

But then, under the light of the moon, he spots a single person standing and pondering.

"Excuse me..." –Roy's voice whispers.

"It takes a while for a human to find his match, doesn't it?"- Creature responds in cold female voice.


"I didn't expect you to understand. I did wait for a long here."

Wasting no time, it walks to Roy and smirks.

His body was muscular and pale, shoulders covered with dark green hair like whips and eyes violet.

"I was just wondering if you were alright."-Roy's voice seems innocent but curiosity was there as well.

Creature ignores him and turns away-"Actually, I need a place to stay for one night."

It seemed like they knew each other from before.

Dirty games this creature plays.

But Roy didn't pay attention to thoughts.

"Then you can come with me."- Roy nods and moves closer to another.

His answer was yes, of course.

In Roy's house, creature, called Envy, kept his legs spread while talking to him. He was so obvious, so predictable with moves. He wanted Roy.

Roy didn't want to give in. If something happens tonight, Envy will leave in the morning like everyone else.

Later, that night, Roy couldn't sleep.

Envy was in his mind, naked and spread with hair covering his eyes and lips.

No, not yet...

But it was too late, because he felt cold hands on his shoulders. And naked chest pressed to his back when he tried to move.

"Waiting for me...?"