The Flash

Today started out as a normal day in the tranquil suburbs of Middleton, the morning was started out by Kim Possible like any other day, brushing her teeth, taking a shower, etc. all the while listening to the morning radio, it wasn't really routinely of her but she just did what she could to keep track of the latest news and current events that took place around her in the world While Ron Stoppable was still in bed, he wasn't exactly a morning person, as well as his pet naked mole rat; Rufus.

After her morning duties, Kim decided to start the rest of the morning off with a walk to Ron's house, either to wake him up or to greet him a good morning; whichever one comes first if necessary.

Kim arrived at his house in not more than several minutes; 10 minutes to be exact, (Note: I don't exactly know what the distance is between Kim and Ron's house but 10 min seem to suffice) Kim rang the door bell only to be greeted by Mrs. Stoppable, "Good morning Mrs. Stoppable, is Ron up yet?" as if Kim needed an answer, after all; she knew Ron to well to get one anyway!

Mrs. Stoppable merely smiled a good morning smile at Kim and said, "Oh no Kim he's not up yet, as usual in weekend mornings like this, but you can go upstairs to wake him if you want, I'm sure that he won't mind," "Okay," Kim replied simply. Kim walked up the stairs leading up to Ron's room.

She then walked through the hall as she neared a green door which she knew was Ron's room, she slowly opened it, careful not to startle Ron while he was still asleep, when she opened it, her eyes were met with a teenage boy lounging in bed with the covers unruly protruding from the bed and the pillow on the boy's head, through it muffling could be heard, it was common of Ron to talk in his sleep, Kim giggled at the sight for she found it to be comical and yet cute, to see Ron that way.

Kim decided that she couldn't wait any longer, she neared Ron's bed and said aloud, "Wake up sleepy head" and pushed Ron on the ribs; almost making him slide off the bed. Ron suddenly woke with a start, and groaned in pain as he rubbed the spot where Kim applied the forceful blow, "Aw! KP did you have to push me like that," Ron groaned after he saw who was responsible of his sudden wake, "Sorry Ron, but time is of the essence, well time for me actually-"boyfriend"!" applying all emphasis she could on the said latter.

Ron suddenly stared at Kim wide-eyed, "KP! Shh! Not here indoors…parents!" Ron said thumbing downstairs, "Oh come on! They're not going to hear or mind at least," Kim said as she circled her arms around Ron's neck while sitting next to him, "Yeah, but I'm still really getting used to this boyfriend thing, I mean it's only been like what- several months?" Kim simply gave him a peck on the cheek and stood up, "Come on Ron, you promised you'd spend time with me today!" Ron rubbed his head, "I did?" "Yes!" Kim replied partly annoyed, "Oh yeah! Heheheh-I almost forgot!" As soon as Kim went out the door, Ron was busying himself with, well-himself! Rufus soon awoke from the entire ruckus that Ron was doing in his room and rubbed his eyes.

Ron quickly dressed himself after drying from the shower, and immediately turned his attention to Rufus, "Come on buddy, don't want to miss breakfast now, do you?" "Mmm, Breakfast!" Rufus nodded.

Bueno Nacho…

"Okay, that'll be two Grande sized burritos, two nacos and two packets of nachos Ned!" Ron said to his friend Ned, the assistant manager, "Gotcha Ron! So are you on a date?" Ron blushed, "Uh, well…hehehe, kind of!" Ned simply raised an eyebrow, "So are you and Kim going' at it officially or are you two still going slowly," "Officially?" Ron asked puzzled, "I mean, "engaged"!" Ned said with all the emphasis he could muster on the word.

Ron immediately went beet red and went hysterical, "Ned…I-Uh...heheheh! Are you going to ready that order or what!" Ned grinned maliciously at Ron, "Whatever you say Ron, coming' right up!"

Soon the couple were eating a hearty meal which served as Ron's "breakfast" for the day; he wasn't able to eat breakfast on account of that his mom made his least favorite food in the world; meat cakes (Note: It is apparent in the movie "A Sitch in Time" that everything in the time steam was reverted back to normal after Kim and Ron saved the future, and so that Ron never moved to Norway, however Mrs. Stoppable somehow remembered the recipe for the meat cakes that she cooked up for him when they were there, stating that she "Got the recipe from a dream," in which Ron replied with utter disgust, "More like a nightmare!")

Both were now in converse, "So Ron after this we're going to see a movie in the Cineplex right?" Ron looked up from the Naco that he was devouring, "Uh, okay, so what do you want to watch KP?" "Kim pondered over it for a moment and out came a reply, "How about…Memo Pad?" "Chick flick! Again (sigh!) okay, if your watching it, I'll watch it," Ron said annoyingly (barely) "Thanks Ron," Kim replied simply

After eating the two soon went to the Cineplex to view Memo Pad, the movie was good and almost everyone was almost driven to tears by the ending, where the two leading characters ended up together, (after forgetting that they actually had a relationship!) all except Ron who didn't succumb to the movie, after they got out, Kim and Ron felt that it was time to go to the mall.

The Mall…

At the mall, Kim and Ron were walking past some stores, Ron was still trying to get that movie out of his head, he hated chick flicks, with the major exception of Agony County, he loves that show, especially the character of the Bad Boy (you guys remember that episode, right?) after several hours of window shopping the pair decide to go to the food court only to be met by none other than Monique, "Hey Monique!" Kim greeted her; Monique seemed delighted that Kim and Ron were there, she needed some company anyway, and she greeted them in her usual manner, "Hey girl! And-"boyfriend"!" putting much emphasis on the latter, much like Kim. Monique then offered to treat them to a snack, which they refused on account of that they just ate; they soon went into converse,

"So Monique today's your day off; any plans?" Kim said, "Uh…not really, just thought I could kill time her in the mall, what are you two doing here!?" Ron flinched but Kim simply replied, "We're on a date," Monique smiled and said, "Thought it would be you guys sooner or later, so are you two having a good time?"

"Kim said, "Not yet, but soon, as soon as Ron takes me to a place I can presume enjoyable, then I can be satisfied," Kim said sarcastically, "Aw! But I thought you were having a great time," Ron replied, not quite getting the sarcasm in what Kim said, Kim simply rolled her eyes and smiled, "Kidding Ron, okay! I'm having a great time, no need to get all worked up about it,"

Ron wore a grin of embarrassment and said, "Well I hope you'll have a good time to where I'm taking you, 'cause it'll be the fair, today's the Middleton, annual fair this year; today, and I already know the best places to take you…!"

Kim's kimmunicator on her wrist suddenly beeped, "What's the sitch Wade?!" "Trouble!" Wade said seriously, "What kind of trouble?!" "A guy who calls himself the-Weather Wizard?" "Ego much?" Kim said "Definitely!" Wade replied, "So where are we going to find this "Weather Wizard","

"In a place called, Keystone City…

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