Legend Alive

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Chapter One; A Feeling

Fowl Manor, Ireland

Artemis Fowl massaged his temples, eyes closed, breathing in and out slowly. He inwardly begged his headache to disappear, but until the twins vanished, neither did the headache. The two young boys had a toy room right below Artemis' study. Of course it wasn't his idea. Any sane individual would dislike having a child's room below their workspace. And he was more than sane. He was Artemis Fowl, genius.

"Butler," he muttered, "Please remind me to soundproof these walls." The giant man, who had been leaning silently against the study wall, smiled slightly.

"I don't see what you could possibly be working on Artemis," stated the manservant, "I thought you went clean since our last encounter with the fairies."

"I have," Artemis replied, "I am simply writing a memoir about my time in Hybras. Or, what I can remember of it. You see the time tunnel greatly affected my memories. Everything was moving back and forth so quickly, memories I formed were wiped away as quickly as they were created."

Butler nodded, "But you have the physical memories, don't you?" Artemis nodded. It was quite true. He had two very blatant memories of Hybras, one, his newfound magical abilities, and two, the hazel eye, which used to belong to Captain Holly Short. They had traded eyes in the process of travel.

A long silence fell over the two as Artemis scratched away at his notebook, writing down as many memories as quickly as possible. Quite suddenly, the scratching sound of Artemis's writing stopped. Butler looked up at the young Irish boy. Artemis had frozen and was staring intently out the window, apparently lost in thought.

"Artemis?" Butler said gently, "Are you alright?"

After a moment Artemis snapped out of his trance-like state, "Yes Butler," he muttered, "Just a small stomach ache." In truth, Artemis had just experienced a very odd feeling in his stomach, a churning feeling, as though there was something that was wrong. His mind instantly turned to one specific person, or rather, one specific fairy. Artemis grabbed the fairy communicator, which he kept with him at all times. Butler looked at him quizzically.


"No, I just feel as though I should call Holly…and check up."

Artemis attempted to reach Holly, but there was no answer from her. He then attempted to contact Foaly, guessing that the centaur would know exactly where the elf was.

"Foaly here," the centaur smiled happily at Artemis, "Glad to see you're keeping in touch Fowl. Things are pretty uneventful without you wreaking havoc."

"Oh bravo Foaly," droned Artemis, "But I did not call to talk to you. Is Holly there?"

"Nope, she's busy with the Private Investigator stuff. Section Eight has been quiet lately."

"Right, well would you tell her I called?"

"No problemo Artemis." The line of communication ceased. Artemis sat thoughtfully for a few moments. Something in his gut said this wasn't right.


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