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Kyo's Pov

Every day it is the same damn thing me and Yuki get into a fight. Why in hell dose it have to be this way. I'm sick and tired of fighting. I want to beat him so badly but I know I can't. It is not fair… I give up (thoughts)

"Wake up you stupid cat" A banging is heard at my door. I'm too tired to get up and I wish everyone would just leave me alone. A few minutes later my door slides open. And in walks Yuki. Damnit. "Goawayyoudamnrat," I mumble lazily at him. "No you need to get up Tohru made breakfast. And. You. Are. Going. To. Eat. It." said Yuki who had apparently woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Finally I got up the nerve and opened one of my eyes and looked over at him. "Why did she send you to wake me up?" Yuki just stood in the doorway now avoiding eye contact with me. Is his face red….no… he cant being…? No… he is He's blushing! "Yuki … um. Are you sick? Your face looks kind of red" Yuki shot me a glare that sent shivers up my spine. "No I'm not sick…I-uh… we should get downstairs before Tohru gets worried." he said before leaving. Yukie left me sitting on my bed dumbfounded. A few minutes later though I was downstairs and eating breakfast as if nothing had happened.

After school Yuki sat at the kitchen table working on his homework. And of course I being curious sat at the far end of the table with my head in my hand staring at him waiting for him to say something. I did not have to wait very long. Not even ten minutes later his eyebrow began to twitch… "Kyo why are you. Sitting. There staring at me!" I just sat there smiling at him. "Yuki I will stop staring at you when you tell me why you came into my room this morning blushing." "Deal?" Yuki looked back down at his work then back at me with a look that could know some one dead. "Kyo you stupid cat do you REALLY want to know?"

He said getting up and walking towards me. O my god what have I done. "y-yes I'm pretty sure." yoke was now right in my face our noses almost touching. "Well Kyo It.Is.None.Of.Your.Business." I grabbed the back of his neck as he was talking and pinned him to the floor. "Yuki …I…" I didn't even finish my sentence before I kissed him. We sat there blushing for what seemed like forever blushing before I realized what I did and ran up to my room.

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