Hai... and welcome to the final chapter of A rude Awakening. Sorry it took so long once again... ive been having writers block. ;n; please enjoy.. i dont own any of the characters. OOC warning.

I blushed as i walked down stairs and into the living room, taking my seat at the table were i crossed my legs. Kyo... and.. I.. we touched in such intimate ways... Just thinking about his soft warm lips brushing against my skin again cause my pants to begin to grow tight... I placed my hands in my lap covering my small buldge and let out a deep breath. I set the dictionary on the table and started working on some homework to distract my mind.

IT wasnt long until i heard tohru join me downstairs.. As well as kyo. He focused on my paper and didnt look up. How could I.. That damn cat had me all Flustered. I felt his gaze on me burning into my flesh. I gripped my pencil tightly. Accidently breaking it in half.

Damn that cat... I quickly stood up .
"excuse me.. " i said quickly before turning and running upstairs into the bathroom running water.. I let out a sigh and looked down at my pants. And slowly began undressing before i slipped into the warm water . My cheeks turned red as i looked down at my hardon.. Slowly with a shaky hand i took it into my hand and started to quickly stroke it trying to relieve some of the ache and tension. I was so absorbed in trying to get some relief i hadnt noticed that the bathroom door had opened and closed... Or that someone.. had slipped into the shower behind me. That was untill i felt warm hands drifting up my sides. I jumped and quickly spun around ready to fend off the pervert who snuck up on me.

"k-kyo..." i said blushing deeply with my hardon still in hand. And gulped .. He slowly approached me and pressed against me holding me to the wall making my legs wobble as our bare skin touched under the warm water.

"yuki." he whispered as he brought his lips to mine kissing me softly and wrapped his arms around my waist holding me closer to himself. I could feel him smile against my lips and kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck and running my fingers through his orange hair.

"ah... k..yo... " i moaned out as i felt his warm hardened cock rubbing against my own. Kyo tookthe chance and slid his tongue into my mouth and deepened the kiss and earning another soft moan from me. I could feel his hand traveling down my lean back were it then gripped my cheeks. And found its way between them.
I couldnt help but gasp and arch against him as i felt his finger.. find its way inside of me and hit a spot that made me go limp in pleasure.

"a-ah.. kyo.. w-what was that... do. it again..." I begged holding onto him ight so i wouldnt fall as he secured his other arm around my waist to keep me upright. I could hear him chuckle as he pushed his finger in deeper giving me the sensation once again. Fuck.. it felt to good... i wanted more.

It was almost like kyo could sense it .. it wasnt long until i felt a second finger slide inside of my entrance. and then a third. I was a trembling mess. i could feel my hard on leaking against kyo. I felt like i was going to burst...

A whimper left me lips as i felt the fingers leave me.
"ah.. no..." i whispered in need. and stared at him wide eyed as he turned me around and pressed his chest against my back. I could feel.. his warm wet tip pressing against my opening. His hands trailed down my back and gently massaged my cheeks before spreading them and prodding at my entrance with his large tip.

"yuki... " he whispered his voice laced with desire.. "are you ready..?"
I was unable to find my words as i looked back at him. I noticed his cheeks were flushed pink as well and that he was panting. I licked my soft lips and nodded to him. I wanted him.. i needed this.. "y-yes... please.. kyo.."