Okey Dokey last chappi 3

"Is anyone going to offer an explanation as to why we were left?" Amanda asked impatiently.

No one said anything.

"Someone better fucking tell us something 'cause I'm really pissed now," she said. Both her and Becky stood in front of the group, glaring at the five of them.

Carina stepped to the front of the small group. "We'll explain later. As for him, I have no clue who he is." she pointed towards Dug.

"Oh, I'm leaving now. I have something to take care of." Dug replied nervously. As he began to walk away, he turned back to Cain and said, "You really look like Jonathan." then walked off.

Later that Night

After checking into a nearby, very cheap motel, the seven of them sat on the floor, Cain with his face in his hands. He didn't bother to listen to anything the others were saying, his mind was simple going back on other things. Over and over again on the same thought. He felt as if he was being tortured, but he couldn't stop thinking about Michael.

The way he'd just waved at him before the building exploded.

Damn, did he feel like shit.

"I hate you!! I hate you!!"

"I hate you so much!! I wish you would DIE!!!

"Hey," he jumped as someone reached out to him and touched his hand. "Calm down, alright?" It was Edwin.

Cain shook his head and sighed, leaning back against the leg of the bed behind him. He couldn't talk. He couldn't do anything besides breathe, and he didn't even want to do that now.

"It wasn't your fault." Carina insisted. Jonathan nodded in agreement.

'Lies…' he thought. He cleared his throat but didn't open his mouth to say anything. When Carina looked like she wanted to say something more, Ke flashed her a warning look and shook her head.

For a few moments, everyone, fortunately for Cain, stayed silent.

But both Amanda and Becky wanted answers. "What the FUCK happened?!" Amanda insisted. "You were gone for days!"

"…what? We were only there for a few hours!!" Edwin said.

"No, you were gone for three days. Not a few hours, a few DAYS."

"You've gotta be kidding me." Carina slapped her own forehead in frustration. "What the HELL happened. Now I don't even know as much as I did! This is confusing."

Cain sighed and stood up, heading straight for the bathroom a couple meters away. Everyone had fallen silent when he stood, none of them started talking when he closed the bathroom door behind him, locking it with a click.

He leaned against the door, resting his head on the brown wood. He couldn't believe he'd said such horrible things to him. Despite the actions Michael had taken, no one deserved to be told they were hated by someone they loved, nor that they should die. He knew that from experience.

'If I hate anyone right now, it's myself.'

With Dug

'Damn…I can't go back. Not now. I can't go back to him. If I do, I'll completely lose myself…to myself…'

Dug thought as he continued with his slow, mourning walk through the cemetery to the housed in grave of the Jonathan look-a-like. He refused to let himself go back to Jo. He didn't want to see his cold, lifeless body.

'I could have protected him…'

C a i n

The sadistic part of him laughed. Amused by his own pain.

'Sometimes I just wish I'd learn to keep my mouth shut about things like hating people. God, I'm stupid.'

Cain held his face in his hands and took a few deeps breaths.

"I wish I could just go back home right now….more than before…I want to go home…"

When he opened his eyes, he could see through his hands, straight to the bathroom floor. He gasped and staggered back into the door. The clatter caused the others to come to the door.

"Cain!? What's going on!?"

He opened his mouth only to realize that he couldn't talk. His breathing had become quick and shallow.

Suddenly he disappeared, nothing left in the room besides what was there before he entered. On the other side, they heard the lock click and the door opened of its own accord.


They all stared into the empty bathroom. Carina suddenly looked towards Edwin, "You know, I was gettin' used to havin' him around."

Edwin hugged her and said, "Me too."

Everyone else followed with the same words, all except for Jonathan. But even he knew he'd miss meting his great, great, great, (et cetera) grandfather.

When Cain opened his eyes, he was in his own bed, in his own room, in his own home. Riff leaned over him with a damp towel. Riff smiled when he saw that his master had opened his eyes.

"Lord Cain," he sighed, "You gave us quite a scare!"

Cain pressed a hand to his aching head, taking a long deep breath. "H-how long was I gone…?"

"Gone, Sir? Did you go somewhere?" Riff asked with a slight smile on his lips. He dabbed Cain's forehead with the towel. "You've been in a coma for a month and a half. You went no where, my Lord."

He paused, "Miss Mary has been very worried, as have I, Sir."

Cain grabbed Riff's hand, stopping him from moving with the towel. He smiled and sat up, pulling Riff onto the bed.

"Is the door locked?"

"Yes, Lord Cain."

"Good," he knocked the towel out of Riff's hand and reach out with the other to cup his servant. Riff moaned and arched to his master, whimpering softly at the sudden tightness in his trousers. He bucked his hips slightly.

"L-lord Cain…y-you must be quite anxious…" he laughed softly, "Right when you wake up…nnn.." he hissed and moaned when Cain moved his hand up and down.

"It's been far too long Riff…" Cain whispered, "Thank you for visiting me though. It was quite a surprise."

Dug never did go back to Jo, nor did he attend the funeral after his body was found. He spent twelve years working at the local Spencer's in Rotterdam, New York, until he died in a car accident at the age of 37.

Cain never forgot what happened to Michael, as far as he was concerned, anyone who was related to Riff had to be with him. And Michael had marked him for life.