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Chapter 1 BPOV

This story takes place a few months after Edward leaves Bella the first time. She is in her senior year of high school and is sent to live with Renee and Phil in Florida.

The street is lined with trees, it looks likes a neighborhood straight from a movie. Like one of those perfect little suburban dreams, or nightmares, whichever way you look at things. I was living in my own perfect little version of hell, Forks. I wasn't that happy living there in the first place but then I met him. He changed my life. I thought that I was never going to need anything else ever. I was going to have him forever, life was perfect, he was perfect. That is, until he left me. He said that he never loved me. I fell apart and there was nothing left of me. That is when my mom came a dragged me here, to Florida to live with her and Phil.

I think I am going to die. Ever since he left me my life has been hell. Renee keeps talking about all of the neighbors, telling me all sorts of useless information about the area, like I care. Nothing matters anymore since he's gone. Pulling into the driveway I noticed the house. It is cute, just like Renee described it. The plus side is that I will have my own bathroom. The outside has a little flower garden and green grass. It is white with blue shutters, perfect for being only a few miles from the coast. The trees are brown and green, the colors that they are actually supposed to be and it's sunny and warm. Just the opposite of Forks, I think I could get used to this.

I know that he is never coming back, why would he? He doesn't love me, apparently never did. Whatever. At least I won't have too many reminders of him. That is when I noticed a guy playing basketball next door. He had beautiful bronze skin, perfectly tanned, dark messy hair. I couldn't get a good look at him but his body was perfectly sculpted. tell because he is not wearing a shirt. Oh, great. This is the last thing that I need right now, another seemingly perfect looking guy. I am making it a point to avoid him at all costs.

"We're here! What do you think sweetie?" Renee pulled me from my thoughts.

"Oh, its great." I muttered with little enthusiasm. I am definitely going to need a lock on my door to prevent Renee barging in every two seconds. I don't think I could handle that. I just need to be bymyself for a little while.

It only took one trip to get all of my stuff into the house; I left everything that reminded me of them back in Forks. While we were unpacking the car I noticed the guy next door had stopped bouncing the ball. I looked up and noticed him gazing in our direction.

"Hey Renee! Who do you have there?" He hollered over. Apparently he and Renee are on a first name basis. Definitely need to avoid him.

"Oh! Didn't I tell you? My daughter is coming to live with me. She is going to finish out her senior year out hear with me!" She had way too much enthusiasm. "This is Bella, Bella this is Logan. He is a senior too. Isn't that convenient, he could show you around."

Great. He waved and I gave him the head nod, my hands were full. Besides I didn't want him to think that I was all enthused to meet him.

I just turned and walked into the house and Renee followed close behind.

"What was that all about?" She asked me.

"What was what all about?" I really did not feel like talking about this right now.

"Why were you being so rude to Logan?"

"I wasn't being rude. My hands were full, it's not like I could wave. Besides, I really don't feel like talking to anyone right now. So, are you going to give me the grand tour?" I really just wanted to go to my room and be left alone, but more so, I wanted to change the subject. It seems like that did the trick.

I followed Renee around the one story house, which is much bigger than it appears from the outside. The entry way is small, but opens up into a large living room, which is connected to the dining room. The dining room leads to the kitchen. Then there is a hallway from the living room and kitchen that leads to the bedrooms. Phil and Renee have their room on one side of the hall across from mine that is down the hall from theirs. Thank goodness I have some sort of distance.

After the grand tour I just wanted to go to my room. As soon as I got settled in I decided to take a shower. The hot water is really soothing to the tension that has been building up since I left Forks. A part of me is devastated to leave, but the other more dominant part of me is ready to be done with it. What is the point moping around for a guy that doesn't even care about me?

Renee told me that this high school is a lot like the one in Phoenix. Thank goodness, I am tired of people looking at me. At least now I can be invisible again, just the way I like it. I am lying to myself just a little, because although I did hate the attention I loved the way it felt to have people be jealous of me. I know it wasn't me exactly; it was just because I had him. I do not want to ever be that dependant on a guy again. It feels like I can't breathe without him, it shouldn't be like that, but it is.

Monday is my first day of school. Too bad I had to give up my car; Charlie said I could ship my truck out here. As much as I love it, it has too many memories. Besides, that kind of truck is not suitable for Florida living. I have plenty of money saved up and Renee offered to help pay for one here. At least we have the weekend to find something before school starts. After my shower I went into my room and read one of my books until I fell asleep.

"Wake up honey. Time to get up." Renee is gently shaking me awake. "You need to get up, we have some car shopping to do."

I really do not want to get up, but I really want a car for school. It would suck to have to be dropped off and picked up by my mom.

"I'm up, I'm up." I slowly stretched to show that I was moving. I got up and made my way to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal.

Renee and I spent the entire day looking at cars. We just about gave up when I saw it. It is a 1991 Chrysler Labaran convertible. It is perfect, well not perfect, but in my price range. Thank goodness now I can drive myself to school. It won't be as awful now.