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Chapter 14

Bella's heart sank. She felt so sad for Edward curled up on the floor sobbing. She reached out and touched his shoulder. "Edward, you know I love you."

At this he looked up at her beautiful face. How could he hurt this angel like this? He didn't deserve to exist. Just as he was spiraling down in a self-loathing depression she sat down next to him and pulled him into a warm embrace.

As they broke apart Edward looked into her eyes and saw all the pain that he had cause and she looked into his eyes and saw his pain. What was going on? She thought to herself. Why are they doing this to each other?

"What are we doing Edward? Why is this happening?" She voiced her thoughts.

He gazed at her for a moment as he thought. "I don't know," he honestly replied.

"Why did you leave me in the first place? None of this would have happened." She said.

"I just wanted to protect you. I always have wanted to protect you. I needed you to be safe and live a happy normal life. Have you ever heard of the expression, 'If you love something then set it free.'? Well, that is what I was trying to do. I love you so much; I didn't want to hurt you. After the incident with Jasper, I just couldn't stand the thought of you getting hurt like that especially when it could've been prevented. It hurt so much to have to leave you, but I needed to in order to keep you safe. It's the only thing I knew to do." Edward said all of this with pleading eyes.

"Why couldn't you tell me this before? Why couldn't you just talk to me?" Bella questioned.

"I'm a fool," was his only reply as he put his head in his hands.

Bella embraced him. And whispered in his ear, "I have always loved you, I will always love you, if you love me you will let me go."

He looked up into her eyes pleading with her.

"Don't look at me like that. Over the past year I have realized what you wanted for me back then. You wanted me to have a normal happy life, to have a family to become a mother. I want to go to collage and have all those experiences that you talked about me having. I was just too blinded by my love for you to see it. I am so grateful to you for that. I know my life would be so happy with you, but this is something that I need to do for myself."

Edward just looked at her knowing everything that she said was true. It didn't make it hurt any less though. He was a broken man, but he knew that he loved her enough to let her go. He just hoped that one-day Alice's vision would come true.

Edward and Bella shared one more kiss, except for this was more of a goodbye kiss than anything else. It broke Bella's heart to have to do this, but she has learned that she has to do what is best for her. As much as she cared for and loved Edward, she knew that he had set this in motion a long time ago and she was just doing what had to be done.

That evening she met Logan on the beach at "their" spot. Her heart pounded when she saw the bright smile on his face. She loved him and he loved her. They were best friends and had helped each other through some of the toughest times in their lives. She couldn't leave him, not when she knew she would hurt him. He would make her happy and treat her the way she needed to be treated.

She knew that she had to tell him what happened between her and Edward. That night as they sat on the blanket watching the sunset over the ocean she told Logan everything. She expressed things that she was too timid to share with Edward while they were together. She knew that Logan had helped her grow into a more independent and happy person.

As they sat there talking into the night, they eventually fell asleep. When she awoke, she noticed Logan laying next to her still sleeping with a hint of a smile on his face. She just sat there fixated on his stunning features.

"Hey there beautiful." He said with a smile as he woke up.

Bella smiled in return.

"I have something that I need to talk to you about." He said as he sat up.

"What is that?" Bella asked, a little worried at the seriousness in his voice.

"Well, you know how we are going to college together?"

"Yeah." She tentatively replied.

"Well, I was kind of hoping that we could live together. I don't know what do you think? We could get a place right around campus so we could still walk to class…" Logan said so quickly that she almost missed it.

Bella laughed. "That has got to be the silliest stupidest question that you have ever asked me."

"What do you mean? I didn't think that it was that funny." Logan said slightly hurt.

"Well, of course I will. I mean I thought it was only obvious that we were going to live together. I mean we practically live together anyway."

Logan laughed, feeling slightly stupid. But they hugged and kissed to seal the deal.


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Just over a month later Logan and Bella were living together just off of campus.

I don't like excepting extravagant gifts, but to not have to work and have a great place to stay while starting college with my best friend and love was not something that I could pass up.

Logan and I enjoyed our first year of college together. We went to parties and studied together. The entire time falling more in love everyday. The one thing that stood out to me was that he respected me so much, he insisted on waiting until we got married, even though he hadn't proposed yet.

That was about to change when he drove us back home in late April just after our first year of classes and finals were over. He took me to "our" spot on the beach and at sunset presented me with a simple but beautiful band.

I hugged and kissed him. He had made me so happy, and I hope I had done the same thing for him. That August we were married in a beautiful ceremony on the beach where my family and friends were able to attend.

We lived blissfully happy attending school together, then one day I found out that I was pregnant. I hadn't counted on this until after graduation. I was almost done with my Associates degree, although I was planning on getting at least a bachelors degree if not higher. I was so happy that I didn't even think about any of that. Luckily Logan still had his head on and made sure I was able to focus so that I would be able to at least get my associates. He would never forgive himself if he let me blow off mydreams.

About a year after we were married I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who we named Elizabeth.

On our way home from the hospital with our bundle of joy, we were hit by a drunk driver. Logan did not make it. I was in pieces. But I remembered everything that Logan had taught me, so I was going to be all right and I knew it. Elizabeth and I picked up the pieces of our shattered life.

By the time Elizabeth was four years old, I was able to get my teaching degree. I secured a teaching job in Alaska, so Elizabeth and I packed up and moved north. I had already arranged everything and had a house waiting for us when we got there. It was really close to the high school where I would be teaching English.

When our flight landed in Alaska it was pouring rain, we rushed to the car rental place so we could get settled in while not getting too wet. All of our belongings were going to be shipped to here, so we had to make due with what they had with us. I was saving the money we received from Logan's life benefits for Elizabeth. I refused to touch it, partly because it would be admitting that he was actually gone.

The realtor said the key would be at the neighbor's house and that we just needed to pick it up whenever we were ready.

When we pulled up I noticed that the house they needed to pick the key up looked more like a mansion then a house. I thought that our house must pale in comparison. I quickly stepped out into the pouring rain, not wanting to get Elizabeth wet, but also not wanting to leave her in the car, I scooped her up and took her along. We ran to the door, getting only mildly wet.

I rang the doorbell, hoping that it wasn't too late, but since I saw lights on I figured that it would be fine. I was excited to be able to start a new life. My old one was wrought with so much heartache.

My thoughts stopped abruptly when the door opened and standing there in all of his glory.

"Edward." She whispered still in complete shock.

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