Tittle: White Cherry Blossoms
Parring: Haku x Sakura
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This story was first started out as kisshi-chans, and she put it up for adoption,
having fallen in love with the first part writen, I had adopted it.
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I adopted the story.

Sakura walked through the woods. The only thing she knew was that she was in Wave somewhere. Her feet where killing her and her legs started to cramp up. She left Konoha little over a month ago, It wasn't because she was left alone, it wasn't that Sasuke returned, and it was defantly not because Ino started to go out with him.

She could still remember the first time he came home, and how she first found out that he was going out with Ino.

The rossette haired girl walked across the bridge. She was so happy today, Sauske was back.

She looked down in her arms and a wider smiled crossed her face as she saw the small bouqet of flowers in her arms. She knew that he wouldn't really care. But she felt that it would be a nice welcome home present.

She walked further down till she could see where he was suposed to be traning. it felt like her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

Sakura stoped as she saw Sasuke sitting on the ground, she took a deep breath and walked forwards. when she was about ten feet away she saw Ino come running up to him.

She threw her arms around him and kissed him on the lips, he wraped his arms around her and kissed her back.

"Sasuke-kun?" sakura said as she looked at the two. she was near tears, and she didn't know what to do next.

They stoped and looked at her, sauske's face didn't tell her anything, but ino's on the other hand, She was smirking, and sakura could tell that she was thinking about how she lost out.

Sakura just smiled, not showing that she was near tears. No she wouldn't cry infront of them, she wasn't even sure that she could cry again. She could feel her heart smash, and then be coated by a thick layer of ice. "I just wanted to say welcome back, Sasuke." She didn't use the 'kun' she usually used at the end of his name. "I also wish you guys are happy, and I also wish the best of luck."

Sakura walked away from them, she didn't look back but she just wondered down the streets till she reached her house. It all went down hill from there. She felt alone again, her parents had already died, and now, she had no one.

It was none of those things. She left because she hated it when she was judged and was always protected by her teams mates. She was always the weak one. She wanted to become stronger, so she asked the Hokagae if she could leave and go training, the female hokage reluctantly said yes and granted Sakura permission. Thats when that roumors started to go around, they all said something like 'she left becuse she was heartbroken.' or something else that was like that.

"God damn it! Where the hell am I?!" she said as she stoped and let out a heavy sigh. "All I know is that I'm in Wave." Sakura paused. "I can go and see Tazuna and his family, and mabye Haku's and Zabuza's grave." her voice became more quieter at the end of her sentance.

She started walking again till she knew that she was in the clearing of the forest she was in. She looked around and noticed something that triggered a memory, the bridge. She instantly burst in to a sprint towards the bridge. From there she sould go and see Tazuna.

She didn't know why but she didn't stop she kept running even when she was at the bridge. It took her a while to reach the end of the bridge but when she did she stoped to catch her breath and to look around, mostly to see if she could remember the way to Taznua's.

Now she was lost in the small village where she knew he lived. She decided to ask around and go a little window shoping, it would take her mind off things such as Hakus death.

It had haunted her for so long. No one should die that young. It just made Sakura think that she could die just as easily for a person she cared for most, but right now that person wasn't close to her anymore.

"Sakura-onii-san!" A yell from behind her sounded. She looked behind her and saw an older version of inari. She smiled as she saw his smiling face, he should be around twelve now.

"Inari-chan!" she yelled back as she waved her hand in the air.

"Sakura-onii-san! I missed you!" he said running up to her and throwing his arms around her waist. "Is Naruto-nii-san with you?" he said looking around eagerly.

She looked down at the little boy hugging her. "I'm sorry but no he isn't. I came all alone." She looked at the boys face sadden. "But its all right, he said to say hi to you. " She lied. She coulden't bare to see him looking so sad.

"Really! You came to see us?" he said as Sakura nodded her head. "Yay! I take you to grandpa and mommy!" he jummped up and down letting her go, he then took her by the wrist and they both went racing through the small village till they came to his house.


"Thank you for letting me stay till I'm all ready to go, Tsunami-san." Sakura said as she bowed to her.

"Oh its no problem at all!" she exclaimed with a smiled on her face" Your always welcome here!"

"Thank you once again." The pink haired girl said as she smiled and then saw the older women turn to go and cook dinner.

Sakura went out side and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and opened them to look to the sky. She should go and see there graves soon.

'Just after I pick some flowers.' She thought the her self as she started to walk away from the house to where she saw a field full of wild flowers, perfect for the picking.

She had two arms full of flowers and then made her way to the graves. When she reached them she looked at the first one. Zabuza's. Sakura knelt down next to it and she noticed that someone had already visited it. A single white rose on the grave, she let out a tiny smile and placed half of the flowers beside it, being carful not to take away the attention of the white rose.

She stood up again and said a prayer. She turned to the grave next to it and her smile faded. Haku's. There was no flowers, or anything. She didn't understand, why would some one give Zabuza's grave a flower and not Haku's? It didn't make any sence in her mind. so she knelt down once again and laid the rest of the flowers on the grave. She stayed there for a few minuets and also said a prayer.

She stood up and turned away from the graves, she couldn't stay much longer or else she would started crying. She walked away from the trees keeping her head down, not knowing, or watching, where she was going. Before long she was lost.

"Kuso!" she mutted to her self as she bit her thumb and looked around. Just up ahead she could see a clearing. Sakura quickened her pace and then stoped dead in her tracks as she reached the clearing. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes where scanning the area. It was one of the most beautiful things she had even seen.

A feild with green lush grass as far as the eye could see. But in the middle something caught her eye. A lone blossom tree, it was one of the largest she had ever seen and it was so pale pink that it looked white.

A smile crossed her face as she continued to look at it, but a confused look crossed her face as she saw a figure under the tree. She couldn't tell if it was a boy, or a girl. but they looked to be just a tiny bit older than her.

She started to walk towards the tree.

As she got closer she ould finally tell if it was a boy or a girl, to her surprize it was a boy. He was sleeping soundly under the tree.

The boy opened his eyes as Sakura walked up to him and was about three feet away.

Sakura stoped and her heart skipped a beat. It was him. 'It has to be a ghost! It just has to be!' her mind screamed.

All the nitemares came flooding back to her mind, she tried to forget them, she tried to block them out, but they kept comming.

With a shaky breath she looked at him and finally said "H-how? y-your...suposed t-t-to be dead." Her hand flew to her mouth. her whole body started to tremble, just at the sight of him, not that it was bad, she was just so shocked.

He looked at her for a moment, it was like he was struck with the same thing, but he wasn't really shocked to see her, though it had been about four years since she last saw her.

"You..." he started, " where on the bridge the day I was hit by your sensei's jutsu." His voice was soft, controled, and calm. The opposite of Sakura's.

She just nodded, she was at loss for words.

"I know what your thinking, 'How am I still alive' to tell you the truth, I don't really know my self." He looked down. "May I ask you your name?"

Sakura nodded. "Sakura, Haruno Sakura." her voice was now quiet.

He smiled and closed his eyes, his face now facing up wards to the sky. "Cherry blossom." He said to himself. "Beautiful name."

She smiled a bit at his complement. "Thank you."

Haku opened his eyes and looked back to her. "I'm sorry."

"Huh?" Sakura said not understanding.

"I almost killed a person that was most special to you, I never ment to. I had no ill will towards him. I was just something I had no choice in."

"Oh. I forgive you. " She looked down. "But he's isn't that special to me anymore." Haku tilted his head at this."You may not beleive this but, he did something to me that I don't think I can ever forget, or forgive."

Haku let out a calm breath. "I understand how you feel. I lost a special person to me as well."

"Haku-san, was it you that left the white rose on Zabuza's grave? I couldn't help but notice it."

He nodded his head. And Sakura smiled, but not one of her half smiles, this one was genuine, and it was a first since she left Konoha.

He stood up and placed his hands behind his back "Thank you Sakura-san for talking to me."

"Um Haku-san..." She looked at him now. "You wouldn't mind joining me on my small journey would you? I mean it gets very lonley, and right now, neither of us have anyone, So I was thinking that we could acompany each other."

"Sure, I would like that. And it is true, I do get lonley once in a while."

"Great!" she said about to hug him but stoped mid way. "I don't supose you know the way out of here do you?"

Haku laighed and nodded. "This way." he said as he smiled down at Sakura and they made there way out of the feild.


"Thank you for letting me stay but I must be on my way now." Sakura said bidding farewell to Tanzua, Inari and Tsunami.

"Shall we?" Haku said as he and Sakura walked out of sight, of the small family.

"Lets." she said chearfully. And they both ran off to see other countries.

Three months later the pair of them walked, well rather Haku with Sakura on his back, into a rather large village.

"Sakura-chan" Haku said nudging her lightly to make sure she wasn't asleep.

"Hai, Haku-kun?"

"Were here." He said, Feeling her nod on his back, he turned back to the street and looked aorund. "Many of these people have hair like yours, Sakura-chan."

"Really?" She said lifting her head up to see all around her. "Your right!"

"Sakura-Sama! Sakura-Sama!" someone started saying as she and Haku walked down a street in the village, less than a second later an elderly women came up to Sakura. The pair stopped.

The old woman had long hair that was tied up in a loose bun, and they both could tell that she had vibrant pink hair like sakura, once upon a time, but was now faded. however she was much shorter than them both and she had yellow eyes that did not betray her age.

"Do I know you?" She said with a confused look on her face.

The old woman just smiled and tears started coming down the lady's face. "You have finally returned to us. Come, Come. I will explain everything." the woman said. Haku started following. He knew that Sakura felt a bit uneasy about this so he held her calfs a bit fimer to let her know that everything was alright.


"What are you saying?" A unsure Sakura said to the elderly woman sitting across the table from her.

"I know this may come as a shock to you but it is all true." her voice calm, the older women had expected this."You have a kekkei genkai, a very rare one, you are the last of your clan I'm afraid, other tham myself. Your parents, your real parents, had died last year in a fatal attack. They died protecting this village." her face was grim. "They loved you but they had to give you away for your own protection. your adoptive parents and your real parents where cousins, you see, but they didn't have your kekki genkai, like your parents. They both decided that on your eighteenth birthday your where to be told, but your parents died last year, and as I understand your uncle and aunt died just a few months ago."

Sakura nodded, and looked to the ground. her hands in fists in her lap. Haku noticed this and put a reasuring hand on her shoulder. Which made her loosen up a bit.

"This may be hard for you to take in. If you would like to learn about your kekki genkai, I myself will train you. But there is one thing you must know. If you would like to learn it in a short time, you will have to work hard and when you leave this village,which you may do at any time, I will give you scrolls that can only be activated by your blood, even if you are not finished your training." The old woman said and looked at Sakura with kindness in her eyes.

Sakura looked up to the elderly woman. "When do I start, and may I ask the name of my kekki genkai?"

"Tomorrow morring." The old woman said with a happy smile. "And it is called 'Hinsei Yousei' (nature sprite)"

Sakura smiled and looked to Haku, who also had a smile on his face.


Eight months later Sakura hugged the older woman. "Thank you for training me and teaching me all about my kekki genkai, baa-chan." Sakura said with a smile.

"Just remember to come and visit, and practice with your scrolls every other day, you don't want to whear out now do you?" she said with a loving smile.

Sakura smiled at the loving attention and nodded, "Hai. We must go now. I will miss you, baa-chan." Sakura said with one final hug.

Haku nodded and bowed to the elderly woman.

"Now you young man, be sure to keep my grandaughter out of trouble. " The old woman pulled him closer to tell him. "And make sure that you keep an eye out for her and her happyness. I mean it."

Haku nodded a chukled. "You have nothing to worry about, I swear."

"Good, now you two go off on your own little adventure to where ever!" the older lady said as she shooed the pair away, smiling. She was sure going to miss the both of them, and that was for sure.

Three months later.

"Hey, Tsunade-baa-chan! when is Sakura-chan going to come back!" a blonde shinobi said.

Tsunade took a swig of her Sake and let out a sigh before answering Naruto. "I told you Naruto, it's up to her when she comes back, that is, if she comes back at all." The past nine months have been hell for Tsunade and she was about to loose her mind, Naruto couldn't, and wouldn't stop bugging her.

"NANI!" he yelled at the top of his lungs."B-but Sakura-chan said she would come back!"

"Dobe, no she didn't! She just left, with out any notice or anything." A frowning Sasuke said, arms crossed over his chest.

"Shut up, bastard! She wouldn't have left if you didn't go and break her heart by going out with that, that two face, prepy, stupid, ignorant, rude, pig faced,cheating blonde you call a girlfriend!" he yelled.

"What did you say!"Sasuke growled, shoting a deth glare at Naruto.

"You herd me!" he shot back.

"Now, now boys. No need to fight over Sakura." A calm voice came from the back of the room.

"Kakashi-sensei!" they both said in unisin, and both looked twards the door.

"Yo!" his reply cam and he put up his hand.

Tsunade chukled to her self, over the boys reaction. Boy would they be schocked.

"Baa-chan, what are you laughing about?" The blonde said giving a little pout.

"Both of you think that Sakura left, because of Sasuke?" that was then she started to laugh.

"She didn't?" Sasuke said, sounding a little dissapointed.

"No of course not! The reason why she left is because she wanted to become stronger." She shot a glare a Kakashi. "She left because she was left feeling weak, too protected, and always left behind."

All of the boys looked down at there feet, now they knew that it was mostly there fault.

"I know your a very good teacher Kakashi, but if you don't start paying attention to ALL of your students, your going to be retired, and you may never teach again. Naruto I now that you have helped Sakura in the past but stop thinking that your the best and the strongest! Just because you have the kyuubi inside of you does not mean your un-stopable.

And you Uchiha! Are the worst of the bunch, you always ignored her, always rejected her, never seen her for trying to bring you out of the darkness, but you just didn't want to see it and only felt about killing that one person. I know that he killed your whole clan and I know what your going through, but you need to get over it, or else you will be all alone for the rest of your life and live as an old man with out any way to rebuild your clan." she stoped there she had so many reason to screech, and preech to them but they would never get it throught there thick heads if someone didn't tell them.

The blonde Hokage folded her hands together and placed her head on them. "I know the truth hurts, but you all needed to hear it. I said the same thing to Sakura about how she always thought that she was the weakest, but if you ask me she has great potential. much more than you Uchiha."

The boy glared at her, but she shrugged it off. "Now that you know the truth, will you all get out of my office! I have work to do and I don't need anyone bugging me."

At that instant they all started for the door, when the door was closed she sighed and turned to the window. 'Sakura where are you?'

Sakura sneezed as she walked a bit further in to the forest, with Haku by her side.

"You alright? your not catching a cold are you?" he asked a bit with concern, but not enough so she would notice.

"No, I'm not. I just think someone was thinking about me. Thats all." she said as she looked to Haku and smiled.

"Well thats good to know."

Sakura nodded her head and they both continued on there way.

They where just comming out of Suna. Haku didn't really like it all that much but since Sakura wanted to see the sand siblings, he thought he may as well tag along.

Sakura didn't really get to see Garra, but she was fine with that. She said hi to Temari and was given a tiny fan that was just a bit small than the common ones but was just a bit larger than the palm of her hand, she also taught her a move that comes in handy for surprize attacks.

Kankauru just gave her a small wooden pupet and told her to try puppeting, he also told her that the puppet had some hidden weapons but she had to find out where they where on her own. 'Such a Kankaru thing to do' Sakura though to her self as they once again bid there farwells and left.

So here they where once again, wondering around, not knowing where they're going.


"Hey Sakura-chan, how about we make camp, and rest a bit?"

"That sounds like a great idea." she said as she nodded and they soon started to make camp. when they where done thay both sat around a warm blazing fire.

"Sakura-chan, in these months, we have been all around visiting countries, people, traning and learning new techneics. but I always wondered. Do you ever want to just go and live in a village with out traveling?" He said looking into the flames of the fire, watching there dance.

"What do you mean Haku-kun?"

"What I mean is have you ever felt that it's time to just stop traveling around so much and just settle down and live in a calm, village?"

"oh." Sakura nodded. "Yeah I have, but the thing is, I lived my whole life in a village, and got nothing in return besides people thinkning that I was always the weak one. I don't know if I could go back to that.

"But you have grown strong and you are no longer weak, you never where." he said reasuringly.

Sakura looked at Haku then the fire. Did she really want to stay in one place? she had to admit it she did miss going home and just lie down in her own bed, to be in her own room, with her own things and have a steady friendship with people. "Your right, I have grown strong." She pulled her knees to her chest and reasted her head on them. "I also think that I do want to live in a village agian. Mabye I could go back to Konoha."

Haku nodded, ever since he was little he never really stayed in one place, even when Zabuza died, he travled to get his mind off of it. "It would be a nice change for me."

"I think I will go back to Konoha. will you go back to Wave?"

Haku finally looked up to Sakura. "I was wondering if I could come back with you?"

Sakura smiled "That would be great!"

"Glad you think so." He said with a smile "Mabye we should get some rest now."

Sakura nodded and they layed down on the bed rolls they had put out. Sakura was soon fast asleep, but Haku wasn't. he could get to sleep, he didn't know why but he just couldn't. He placed his hands behind his head and looked up to the stars in the sky. 'will they like me?' He thought to him self. He looked to his side and saw Sakura sleeping. 'of course they will, She'll make sure of it.' Haku closed his eyes and soon drifted off in to sleep.


"I can't beleive that in one year, I learned that I have a kekki genkai, that you where alive, and had been to so many different villages. It almost seems as though we didn't spend enough time looking around, and rushed to see everything." she said as she and Haku walked through a too familar forest.

"Hai, it does seem that way, but we have gotten to see your home country and you do have a hitai-ate, to show for it."

Sakura's hand reached up to her neck and she felt that hitai-ate around it, she still had her Konoha one, which was still on her head. but now she wore her grass protecter around her neck, much like Hinata. "Your right, lets hurry brfore I turn around and forget about returning to Konoha."

Haku nodded as they continued onward. With in half an hour they reached the gates of Konoha.

"Well were here."sakura said as she stoped at the gates. It had been a full year and then some, since she was last this close to Konoha. She took in a deep breath and looked at the gates still not sure what to do.

"It's going to be all right." Haku said as he took his hand in hers."I promise."

"Your right." Sakura looked at him and smiled. they walked up to the gates, and where stopped by the guards.

"Papers please." said one guard with spikey hair and a peice of cloth comming across the bridge of his nose. Sakura knew him, and she also knew his partner.

"Hai, Kotetsu-san."

The ninja looked up from the papers and a sly grin crossed his face. "Well if it isn't Sakura-hime. Hey Izumo Its Sakura." He said kicking his partners chair and jerking him out of a sound sleep.

"What was that for?" he grumbled as he looked to Kotetsu, then to where he was looking. "Oh Sakura-hime, glad to see your pack in Konoha! Hokage will be glad to know your back! will you stay this time?" he said jokingly.

"Hai, this time I'm back for good, I hope."

"Well your papers are all good, now your friends next." Kotetsu said handing passport back.

"Well you see he doesn't..."

"Here you go." Haku said as he handed them over. and cutting Sakura off.

"Ok your all clear, both of you may go." Izumo said waving goodbye to them as they walked away from the little hut and into the streets.

"So where to know?" Haku said.

"Well I wanted to go to the hokage tower first and tell her that I'm back in Konoha and will be staying" Sakura paused."but putting that aside, when did you get a passport?"

"In Suna, temari was kind enough to make one for me."

"Ahhh." was all she said till they reached the Hokage tower.


"Hello Tsunade-sensei." sakura said as she and Haku walked through the door to her office.

Sudden'y Tsunade spun her chair around so fast it would have one first place in a hot rod race. "Sakura!"

She gasped at the sight of Sakura. Her once shoulder length hair was now down to her lower back, she had a small green leaf with vines wraping around the sides of her forehead, some would say that it looked like a crown placed on her head.

"Sakura..." she stared to say before the door burst open and a blonde shinobi came through the door.

"Tsunade-baa-chan! when is Sakura..." he stoped at the scene he was seeing.

"Naruto you know you shouldn't burst through the door like that unless you knock." Kakashi said as he walked through the door soon after. "Well this is a pleasant surprize." he smiled beneath his mask at Sakura.

"Dope." muttered a cirten Uchiha.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled and sprang for her, but was stoped by Haku.

Over the year they had gotten closer, though they would never admit it, he seemed to protect her. He helped her fight off fanboys, and she helped him fend off fangirls. Yes they both had fans. but anyways they both looked out for each other and over the year, without them knowing, they had become each others special person.

Kakashi, Sasuke, but most of all Naruto stoped at the sight of Haku.

"What is he doing here!" Sasuke growled while reaching for a kunnai.

Kakashi reached for his forehead protector and Naruto just looked at him not knowing what to do.

"No! don't hurt him!" Sakura cried as she steped infront of Haku and stoped Kakashi cold in his tracks, same with Sasuke. Naruto just looked at her.

"What do you mean Sakura!" Sasuke said looking at her with a glare, she knew that if looks could kill shand Haku would be in a pool of blood on the floor right now.

"He isn't bad! trust me, I met him a year ago, a month after I left the village. If he was bad I wouldn't be here right now, you all know that"

"Didn't Kakashi kill you on the bridge?" sasuke remarked coldly, then looked at both of there hands and then crossed his arms.

"Sakura what do the mean?" Tsunade said bringing everone out of a trance like reunion.

Sakura let out a breath and started the story, It took little over an hour and by the time she was done.

Tsunade nodded. "since you have earned the trust of my only pupil and she if fond of you, you may stay with her in this village."

Sakura flashed a smile at Haku, who smiled back.

"Ah so thats what happened." Kakashi said as he tilted his head to the side and nodded his head in understanding.Naruto did the same, but sasuke just snorted and stalked out of the room. mumbling something about girls being too weak and always trusting everyone.

"Whats his problem?" Sakura asked, Naruto just snickered to himself and Kakashi let out a sigh.

"Now what's with the leaf on your forehead?" she asked. "And the Grass hitai-ate."

"Well this leaf is a symbol of my own kekki genkai, I found out that I had one a little over eight months ago, I haven't fully mastered it yet but I will soon, and the hitai-ate, was given to me since I was born there. the only reason why I was given away is because my clan is very rare and in that time where in so much trouble, so they had given me to my aunt and uncle to watch over me. My parents died two years ago, but my baa-chan, my real mothers mother, taught me who to control my kekki genkai, and had also given me scrolls to help me master it.

"You will have to give me the whole story some time, it sounds very long story."

"Oh it is."

"As I was saying earler, you are granted permission, and may become a citizen of Konoha, but you also must bare one of the protecters, to let people know you are a ninja of Konoha, you may take tests to find out your rank amung us also. That is allI have to say.

Sakura smiled and hugged Haku, which caught him off guard, he wasn't expecting a hug from Sakura, but he liked it so he hugged her back.

"Hey, hey, hey, get your hands off Sakura-chan!" Naruto whinned

"Naruto, hes allowed to touch me."


"No. Naruto I trust him with my life, he's allowed to touch me anywhere." Sakura blurted out. After realizing what she had just said, she blushed and quickly let go. Sakura moved her hands in front of her. "I didn't mean it like that!" she shouted.

Everyone's eyes were widened. Kakashi chuckled at Sakura's blush.

Sakura looked at Haku from the corner of her eye and noticed he too, was blushing, but only the faintest, that even the most trained ninja could have missed, but she didn't.

Tsunade smirked and winked at Kakashi.

Naruto took this moment and laughed. "Alright Sakura-chan doesn't like Sasuke anymore!" he punched his fist up in the air out of joy."Lets go out for Ramen Kakashi-sensei. "And the rest of team seven left out the soor leaving Sakura, Haku, and Tsunade alone.

Sakura just nervously laughed at him, she wouldn't correct him. She still felt something for Sasuke but she knew that it would never be, so she just ignored it.

"I'll be seeing the both of you later. I need to do some work."

"Alright, Nice seeing you again Sensei."the pink haired kounochi said as she and Haku waked out the door.


"Yeah I mean she was all over him!" said a shaded figure, who was talking to another person.

"I thought that Kakashi killed the damn guy." The other figure said.

"Yeah me too. Now I just have to make sure that he's killed. For good!" the first man said as he took a drink of his tea.

"Thats fine, but I'm not going to have his blood on my hands. Your on your own, Uchiha."

Well I hope you all liked it.

and please do not flame me, I again repeat, that I adopted this story from Kisshi-chan, and yes it was alright with her.

But to those who have read the original story, I hope you do not mind that I have changed a few things, but do not fear , it will stay along the same lines.

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