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As mist swirled in front of Roxas, his mind felt a bit numbed, or maybe not so much because there was a certain redhead in the room with him. Sitting close to him, half naked, and utterly desirable. When life sticks you in a small, tight room, with the person that you love more than anything you've ever known, but you are completely unable to tell them how you feel… Well, life tends to be a bitch that way.

How Roxas ever got himself into this situation was beyond him. He was just spending the day with Axel and the rest of their friends off on vacation, staying at the Highwind Hotel. Their days consisted of chilling by the pool, being yelled at by the cleaning ladies for running in the halls, racing in the elevators in which Roxas took the stairs and beat them all somehow. You know, normal friend stuff. Next thing he knew Roxas was inside the sauna room with Axel.

Honestly, what gives?

And Roxas had tried getting out, but he was threatened with dark promises of blackmail if he'd leave. Or more specifically, "Take one step with his white boy foot out of this sauna," Axel himself declared, and settled himself down on the top bench with a full-blown smirk on his lips.

So Roxas was stuck in this sweltering room, his perspiration gathering in little beads over his arms and legs. It wasn't that he was uncomfortable; he honestly loved the heat to death. It was just being this close to Axel, well physically at least, made him restless. The electricity that was constantly running through his veins when he was around Axel was incredible, and it seemed to be amplified in this little room.

It wasn't exactly fun, but Roxas would take it. He was Axel's best friend; he knew basically everything there was to know about the guy. Like that Axel is 6 foot 5, lanky but built body, and even to this day sleeps with a stuffed llama named Muffins. But hey, that's what happens when you grow up as childhood friends.

Roxas glanced over at Axel.

The redhead was laid across the top bench with his towel propped underneath his wild red spikes, his bathing suit riding below his pale white waist a bit. Axel had some beads of sweat strewn across his forehead and his tattoos under his eyes looked quite... sexy. Roxas was never sure why Axel had gotten the tattoos though. He assumed it was just some right of passage Axel delved into when he turned 18 (he was now 21), not unusual.

Axel looked like he was comfortable though; Roxas supposed he didn't feel the electricity like he certainly did. The blond sighed and closed his eyes. He was in love with the guy, but that didn't ensure that Axel liked him back.

Roxas had "come out of the closet" last year, officially on his 18th birthday. He had been denying it for years, not understanding just what it was he felt for Axel. So in a cheesy sense Roxas had come out of the closet for Axel. But to be painfully honest, nothing had changed in their friendship. Except now Axel tried to hook him up with other guys instead of girls. Like that one date he had, with Seifer, and he… well, that's another story, for another lifetime.

So Roxas had come out of the closet, he was being true to himself, and all his friends were supportive, and didn't demean him in the least. It was his choice to be who he wanted to be, and his friends were going to stick by his side for whatever path he'd choose.

The only person he'd told everything to, including his problem of loving Axel, was his sister Naminé. They had an extraordinarily close sibling bond. Roxas was protective of his 'baby' sister, and Naminé was the emotional mouthpiece for the both of them. Roxas was never good with saying what he really felt on the inside. The compulsion to just say how he felt seemed to skip his genes.

Naminé was supportive of Roxas; she thought that Axel would be perfect for him. How they're so very alike, yet different in some ways.

Like how Axel was definitely straightforward and attentive, and Roxas was more reserved and attentive to those he knew best. How Axel always seemed to know what to say at just the right time, and Roxas sometimes struggled for the words he needed to say.

She had told him that they complimented each other, they went together perfectly. Roxas didn't know what to think. He only knew that he loved Axel, and that wasn't going to be changing anytime soon in his eyes. No one he ever met had the same flawless charisma that Axel had; no one had the same pull for Roxas like Axel. There was no one for him except that redhead.

So as fate would have it, when they had checked into their rooms upon arriving at the hotel, the roommate pairing began. But Roxas didn't have to worry about finding a roommate. As soon as Riku had gotten all the room keys Axel deftly plucked the first card from his fingers and pulled away quickly as everyone else trampled over Riku to get a key.

Axel chuckled and looked at Roxas, his eyes seeming to shine with excitement, who couldn't help but laugh back.

"Roomies?" Axel asked the blond, holding the card in front of him. Roxas shook his head in exasperation and grinned.

"You know it."

Because they had been friends basically all their life, sharing a master suite in a hotel wasn't a hard thing. It was almost too easy for them. They each came and went as they pleased, which wasn't a problem because Axel pulled Roxas everywhere anyways. But there was a problem that Roxas found too hard to overlook.

The bed situation.

As a master suite, there was a master bedroom. In said master bedroom, there was one king sized bed. Should've been no big deal right? Well, Roxas saw it as his own personal demise.

Life really got a kick out of Roxas' misery it seemed.

So by the third night of their vacation, Roxas had taken a liking to the couch that was in the semi-living room area. It was soft and comfortable, which was more than what Roxas was hoping for. He didn't bring up the subject of himself sleeping on the couch, instead of the bed, so Axel didn't push Roxas for any reasoning. Another reason of why it was so easy to be around Axel.

But that didn't mean that Roxas slipped up, keeping his façade that he didn't like Axel anymore than as a friend. If Axel had minded, he didn't mention anything to Roxas.

It was the first night at the hotel. Axel and Roxas had already unpacked all their things and Axel had gone into the master bathroom to take a shower. Roxas was innocently sitting on the couch, clipping through the channels like the wind, he knew if there was something he wanted to watch that was on, he'd find it. But it didn't seem like there was anything that peaked his interest.

That was until Axel reentered the room.

Unknowingly Roxas turned around to ask the redhead what he wanted to watch. Needless to say Axel was dressing in nothing more than his favorite pair of navy blue sweat pants, which were riding low on his hips.

Roxas nearly died. Figuratively, of course.

His blue eyes scanned slowly from his waist and lustfully over the expanse of Axel's white skin, his chest... until their eyes finally met. And never before had he been so embarrassed, ever in his life. Roxas easily recalled the uncomfortable conversion they had next.


Roxas whipped back around, wishing that the couch would simply eat him alive right then. His face was plastered with a brilliant red, which hung shamefully in his hands, which was clearly visible to Axel, who smirked slyly, pleased by how he had made his favorite little blonde react.

"Roxas, were you just-" Axel started to ask until Roxas cut him off swiftly.

"A-asking you want you wanted t-to watch," Roxas stuttered out quickly. His eyes were clenched shut, just waiting for Axel to yell at him or something, waiting for the judgment.

"Really?" Axel questioned, his smirk growing as he closed in around Roxas on the couch. "I could've sworn you were just checking me out." Axel leaned over the back of the couch, very close to Roxas, breathing lightly on his neck. Roxas shivered as this all happened.

'Why? Oh, why me?' he thought desperately. He had to come up with something quick, something smart and witty, and something that Axel would expect.

"Your eyesight must be as bad as your hair then." Axel snorted and resisted the urge to put Roxas in a headlock, like he would anyone else that offended his hair. He mentally sighed and pulled away from Roxas, ruffling his hair good-naturedly.


Roxas blushed fiercely again remembering the scene. He opened his eyes to see if Axel was still lying down with his eyes closed, and he surely was. The blond fought to control the blush covering his face, stuffing the feeling of embarrassment deep inside him.

He leaned back against the wall behind him, staring listlessly at the ceiling. Everything seemed so hopeless. If Axel liked him back, surely he would've said something by now to him. And this waiting was unquestionably driving Roxas slowly insane. It wasn't right, and it sure as hell wasn't fair to be subjected to the torment he was.

And Roxas just couldn't come right out and ask his best friend of 19 years whether he may or may not like him too.

No. Just no.

And don't the greatest things in life tend to interrupt at the worst moments too? Because right now, Roxas had an overwhelming urge to go to the bathroom. As in it felt as though if he moved too quickly, his bladder would surely explode. And nobody wants that.

Mentally he cursed the fates messing with his life and sighed.

Roxas shifted, and apparently for his bladder it was much too sudden of a movement, because he winced as he felt his muscles clench. So instead he took to sliding slowly towards Axel on the bench. It was something that didn't require too much effort on Roxas' part and pleased his bladder as well. But his stomach clenched this time for a different reason.

"Axel," he whispered. He stopped when he was leaning over Axel's head. "Axel, wake up…"

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