Author's Note: This is my first fan-fiction, so if there are any mistakes, please tell me. Okay, this is a NaruSaku fic. Might end up just being a one-shot. This story is AU.

Summary: Sakura was captured, returning from a mission, by demons and her team pretty much abandoned her there. Naruto, a wandering demon, rescues her and she decides to go with him leaving her village. What happens during their travels? Let's find out.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto... Oh well, it would be too troublesome anyways...



'Inner Sakura'

"Demon Speech"

Naruto Wandering Demon

Chapter One: Come With Me?

Haruno Sakura was a typical fifteen year old girl from the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Konohagakure. She shopped, she talked with friends, she was obsessed with Sasuke, and she was a ninja. Yep your typical Konoha female.

Why is this normal you may ask? Because, Konohagakure is a ninja village. One of the five superpowers in the ninja world.

A ninja village receives several mission requests each day, ranging from simple D-rank missions, such as catching lost pets, to complex B-rank missions to assassinate someone. Then there were 'S' and A-rank missions to destroy demons that were terrorizing villages.

Demons are also ranked in classes. 'D' through B-class demons could be taken care of by ninja of low jonin or lower, while A-class demons needed mid-jonin and higher to be destroyed. Also there were demons so strong they were classified as S-class demons. Demons such as the One Tail Raccoon demon, Shukaku, and the Nine Tailed Fox demon, Kyuubi. Those types were almost invincible.

As a ninja, Sakura has had her fair share of battles against demons. Hell, she was almost raped by one on her last mission, but her substitute sensei saved her just in time. That's were we find her now, on her way home from her mission with her teammates, Uchiha Sasuke, Sai, and their substitute sensei, Gekko Hayate; since their regular sensei had an A-rank mission to go on.

"Hey, Sasuke-kun, you were so cool during that mission. You want to go on a date with me when we get home?" Sakura asked. She was dressed in a red shirt, the slightly loose article of clothing was unable to completely hide her fair sized breasts, and dark blue spandex shorts, revealing long slender legs, a white skirt over her shorts. Her pink hair reached just a little below her chin, a headband with a metal plate engraved with a leaf held her hair from hanging in front of her face, instead framing it, and her eyes were as green as emeralds.

Sasuke, who was getting annoyed by her constant date requests, answered with a simple, "No," and continued walking, leaving a dejected Sakura behind. He was wearing a black sleeveless form fitting shirt, a red and white fan displayed proudly on his back, and a pair of loose gray shorts, reaching slightly past his knees. His kunai holster was on his right hip and his shuriken holster on his left. His right arm was wrapped in bandages and two belts, covering his fist and reaching to a little past his elbow, his legs were wrapped similarly, from the ankles up to just below his knees. He had black spiky hair, spiked at the back with two long bangs on the sides of his face, and charcoal colored eyes.

Sasuke was an Uchiha, which meant he had a blood line limit, or kekkei genkai, called the sharingan. This was a doujutsu that allowed him to copy and hypnotize his opponent, whether they were human or demon, making him a strong ninja who was expected to do great things. His entire clan had been killed by his older brother, Uchiha Itachi, leaving him to avenge and rebuild his clan. That was the main reason why he never accepted any date requests, since he was too busy training to kill his brother.

Their other teammate, Sai, was watching the short almost one-sided exchange while wearing a false smile on his face. He wore a black shirt had one sleeve reach his wrist, while the other only reached to around his elbow, and only covered his upper chest leaving his stomach exposed, plus he wore black pants and had a katana on his back. His face looked remarkably similar to Sasuke's. The only difference being his hair was short and went down while Sasuke's was long and spiked to the back.

Sai was, unknown to the rest, an undercover ANBU from ROOTS assigned to protect the Uchiha, should he ever be in danger. He decided to help Sakura with Sasuke, since she could be used to help reproduce the Uchiha clan so he said, "Come on, Sasuke, give her a chance. She's been asking you to go out with her for three years, it's obvious she really likes you so you should give her a chance."

"No," Sasuke responded without missing a beat, continuing to walk ahead of them.

'Huh, did Sai just try to help me?' Sakura thought to herself, not surprised when she received a response.

'Yeah, but too bad it didn't help at all!' yelled inner Sakura inside of Sakura's head. Inner Sakura was a manifestation of Sakura's pent up thoughts and emotions, since while she was around Sasuke, which was almost all the time, she behaved how she thought Sasuke would want her to behave.

'Yeah too bad,' thought Sakura. 'Still we'll keep trying until he finally cracks.'

'Yeah, don't give up!' cheered inner Sakura.

"Come on, please Sasuke-kun. Just one date, and I'll never bother you again. Huh? What do you say, just one. Please?" begged Sakura hoping he would finally crack.

Sasuke was getting fed up with her and decided to end it once and for all.

"Look, I don't like you, okay? So quit asking for a date, because you're not going to get one. Just leave me alone. You're annoying. And another thing, you're useless, you can barely even fight, and that makes you a burden on all of us." He stated, his voice dripping with held back anger, causing her to stop, turn around, and run off crying.

As she was running, Sai and Hayate looked at Sasuke with disappointment on their faces.

Even Sai, who was normally emotionless, felt sorry for the girl and angry at Sasuke. All she wanted was a date and he berated her, saying more than was necessary.

Sasuke, noticing their glances, looked at them and asked, "What," like he had no idea why they would look at him like that, before turning and beginning to walk again, not caring if they followed or not; they were close enough to the village that they could see the Hokage monument, so he thought he could go ahead. Sai just sighed and went to look for Sakura with Hayate close behind.

----- Near a lake with Sakura -----

Sakura had stopped running when she reached a lake and collapsed while still crying.

"W-Well, he finally cracked... just not the way I-I was... h-hoping for..." She cried, wiping her tears with the underside of her arm.

She just couldn't believe Sasuke, the boy she thought she loved, hated her. "Th-This day can't get any w-worse." she sobbed, only to be proven wrong when a fairly large red ogre looking demon came out from the forest, staring hungrily at her. As she was about to get up and run, five human sized demons grabbed her from behind and pointed their claws at some of her vitals.

'Oh, god, I'm going to die.' she thought, unable to believe her luck. 'No, I don't want to die yet, please some one help me.' Sakura mentally pleaded.

Just then, she heard someone call her name, making her turn her head to the side where she could see Sai and Hayate running towards her. To say Sakura was relieved would be an understatement. Then, Sai turned around and started to run of in the opposite direction

'Where is he going? He's abandoning me, that bastard! If I get out of this alive, and I see him again, I'm going to kill him!' the rosette thought, angrily.

'At least he sort of came looking for you, or didn't you notice Sasuke didn't even come - not that I'm saying Sai's any better, the way he just ran off like that - but he still came looking to find you.' Inner Sakura reminded her.

'Only to run away at the sight of demons.' finished Sakura for her inner, who just nodded inside her head.

While Sakura was busy thinking, the smaller demons had been fighting Hayate. As the demons charged, Hayate grabbed some shuriken and kunai and threw one of each at each demon, making a total of 10 projectiles flying towards the demons. Two of them didn't dodge and got stabbed in the head and heart, but the other ones dodged or blocked them and continued their assault.

When they were close enough, Hayate tried to slash at them with a kunai. While he did get one on the arm, the other two just jumped over him and stabbed their claws through one of his lungs each. Sakura watched in horror as her substitute sensei was killed right in front of her. Then the demons pulled their arms out of the lifeless Hayate and turned to look at her. Sakura, through that whole experience, was being held down by the bigger demon, his large hands grabbing her shoulders. As they got closer one of them began to speak.

"Hey, boss, what should we do with her?" asked the one to the left; he was nursing his wound on his arm, the purple blood leaking out slower with each passing second..

"Hey, maybe we should eat her." suggested the one to the right, smiling maliciously and licking his lips, his long tongue almost reaching his nostril.

At this, Sakura grew scared. 'Crap, I really am going to die," she thought.

"No, we're going to have some fun with her, boys." said the bigger demon, the one who was holding her, one of his thumbs rubbing up and down her back.

Sakura began to panic when she heard the demon leader's intentions, trying to move herself away from the offending thumb as it began circling over her back. 'No, anything but that, I'd rather die,' she thought.

"Good idea, boss. May I get her first." questioned the one in the middle, a slight bulge protruding from the cloth he wore around his waist.

"Sure, why not." the larger demon responded, lifting her up and holding her out, like some sort of present. Here's where she started to struggle as hard as she could against the large demon.

"No! Let me go! Please don't rape me! I'd rather die!" She yelled at the top of her lunges. As she yelled, they only started laughing.

"Sure, okay, we'll kill you… after we've had our fun." Said the one in the middle as he reached for her skirt, ripping it off roughly, making it snap from the straps. Then he reached towards her shorts to pull them down, trying to ignore her legs as they swung wildly, but as his hands were nearing her, they were suddenly cut off. "What the fuck!"the demon screamed in pain as he fell to his knees. The other demons began looking for whoever had done that when they all heard a cold voice come from behind them.

"I suggest you get out of here, and leave the girl alone, before I decide to kill all of you." Said the figure behind them, well, now in front seeing as they had turned around. He was wearing a dark gray cloak with the hood over his head, covering the upper part of his face with the shadow that was created, however small fangs could be seen coming out from his upper lip.

When Sakura saw him, she was instantly happy. 'Yes, someone came to save me!' She thought.

The stranger lifted his head and spoke again in the same icy cold tone. "Hey, didn't you hear me? I said leave, and let her go, or you die." One of the demons laughed mockingly.

"You act like as if we're scared of you, fucking human. You only hit him because we were distracted!" Yelled the larger of the demons, laughing at the newcomer, shortly joined by his little henchmen.

Said newcomer just sighed before disappearing, only to reappear two seconds later, followed by the thumps that signified the death of the three smaller demons, their purple blood spraying into the air from the holes on their necks, where their throats were supposed to be.

After that display of power and speed from the new comer, the larger demon was overcome with fear. Slowly, he put Sakura down and backed up a few steps. Once he was a good distance away, he spoke, "Alright, she's free, and I'm leaving, okay? Everything's cool, rig—"

His sentence was cut off as he grunted, coughing up a bit of blood. Looking down, he saw the stranger's arm was impaled in his chest."I thought you sai-" He was again interrupted, this time by the stranger's cold voice.

"I know what I said, but the moment you thought yourself stronger 'cause you assumed I was human, was when sealed your fate." he said, smirking as he pulled his arm out of the large demon.

"Wait... are you saying... that you aren't human? Then you're a demon?" Asked the dying demon.

"Of course I am, not like you. You guys were so weak, you should consider yourselves human." the stranger answered before shaking his head. "It's pitiful, really. Such a waste of demon blood. Oh well, guess it can't be helped." He said as the large demon took his dying breath, falling face down into a pool of his own blood.

Sakura, who had been watching and listening, was shocked to hear her savior was a demon himself, and that he called the demons that killed her substitute sensei weak enough they should consider themselves human

'Those other demons had to be at least high 'C' to mid B-ranked or higher if they took down Hayate-sensei so easily.' she thought. She was beginning to grow scared again that maybe this demon might try to kill her, or worse.

She knew she'd be no match if he did try this, as she couldn't even beat the other demons and this demon was in a whole different league. 'Probably high B-rank… at least, I hope that's as strong as he is because if he's A-rank I'm screwed.' she thought. 'I've got to get out of here qui—' she was brought out of her thoughts as she realized the demon had asked her a question. "W-What did you say?" she asked cautiously.

"I asked if you were okay? Do you have any injuries?" he asked, with what sounded like concern to her.

She quickly checked for any cuts or bruises, and found one on her left hip from when one of the demons had ripped off her skirt. She put her hand over it and found it really hurt; she must have not noticed it before since she was too worried about getting raped.

'Huh. Twice this week I was almost raped by a demon, and twice I was saved.' she thought to herself. Then she noticed the strange demon was applying some sort of ointment on her wound. She also noticed he was touching her softly, delicately. Then he finished and pulled his hand away, seeing as the wound had closed, at which Sakura was a little disappointed, as she like how his hand felt as he touched her hip.

She quickly snapped out of it when he lowered his hood revealing the most human looking demon she had ever seen. He had spiky, bright yellow hair, long enough that his bangs almost covered his eyes, while his ears were completely covered, three whisker marks on each cheek and the most beautiful blue eyes that she had ever seen. As soon as she looked into those eyes, she was lost in them.

He seemed to notice this but he didn't seem to mind as he just grinned, and when he grinned, she could feel the butterflies in her stomach begin to flutter out of control and she could also feel blood rushing to her cheeks. Then he spoke, but not with that cold voice he used with the demon, but with a nice calm voice that just increased the fluttering in her stomach.

"Hey, so... what's your name?" he asked.

Sakura, startled by his question, responded by asking, "Why?"

He merely shrugged, "I dunno, just curious."

Sensing no deceit in his voice, she answered him. "Sakura, Haruno Sakura."

He nodded, closing his eyes, smiling. "That's a nice name," he said, causing her to blush again. Then he continued "Mine's Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto."

As soon as he said that, inner Sakura came out again. 'Uzumaki Sakura. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it.' she asked, to which Sakura mentally agreed before she even thought about it. Then, realizing what she'd done, she tried to argue about it, only succeeding in making inner Sakura laugh.

'It really does have a nice ring to it.' Sakura thought, afterwards.

'I heard that!'yelled her inner self, making Sakura blush lightly.

While she was talking to her inner, Naruto took off his cloak to reveal a black sleeveless shirt, over which he wore an orange jacket, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, with fire patterns traveling up the sides, and a pair of orange pants that fit him loosely. He also had what seemed to be a back pack that looked pretty filled up. When Sakura noticed his muscular build she couldn't help but blush. Especially with the images her inner kept sending her. She shook her head slightly to rid herself of the images.

She looked up towards Naruto, watching him as leaned against a tree, a carefree expression on his face. She smiled at him. "Hey, Naruto?" she asked carefully to gain his attention before she continued, "I was just wondering, if you're a demon how come you saved me; not that I'm complaining, just curious."

"You know what, I don't know why." he answered, noticing that her face seemed to sadden a bit.

'I knew he didn't save me cause he liked me he saved me cause he just happened to be walking by.' she thought sadly, not knowing why she felt sad. She looked up when he continued.

"I guess it's 'cause I hate demons that rape people just 'cause its 'fun.' They're a disgrace too the rest of us demons... Plus I would hate seeing such pretty girl in pain." he said, looking at her smiling, blushing face. 'At least she isn't sad anymore. I hate it when girls are sad, especially if it's my fault. Why did my mother have to teach me to 'respect' girls?' Naruto asked himself, mentally groaning.

'He called me pretty... Maybe he does like me.' Thought an ecstatic Sakura, making she her face wasn't as red when she asked her next question. "Also, how come you helped with my wound, Naruto?" She asked to see if he just wanted to have an excuse to touch her.

"What's with all the questions, huh?" he asked, acting annoyed, but still smiled and answered her truthfully. "Well my mom kind of brain washed me into 'respecting girls' and protecting them and stuff," he began and once again she saddened but what he said next made her scream on the inside since he finished by adding, "and I kinda wanted to see if your skin was as soft as it looked.

"You know, my mother's remedy works as soon as you apply it, I just liked the way your skin felt." When he finished he looked away trying to hide his smirk, as well as a slight blush. This was new territory for him.

'G-girls are so easy to trick.' he thought to himself. Then he thought of a way to get back at her for all her damned questions. "So… why were you out here all alone? Were you trying to get raped?"

Sakura got extremely sad after his question, which was a surprise to Naruto, as he was just going to mess around with her, not make her so sad, but just as he was going to say something, she began to speak.

"Well, as you can see by my headband, I'm a Konoha Kunoichi... And while I was returning from a mission, some really, really, really dumb guy made me sad, so I came here to think about stuff... but then those demons attacked me. Then I saw some of my teammates coming to help me then as soon as one of them noticed the demons he turned around and left," here, she noticed Naruto was a little upset, "but my substitute sensei kept coming to help me, and managed to kill two of the demons but then, while taking on the other three, he was stabbed through his back and killed."

At that moment, Sakura got teary eyed, unable to hold back the guilt, which made Naruto get up and hug her, trying to calm her down, whispering in her ear. "It's Okay..." he soothed, allowing her to cry on his shoulder, "it wasn't your fault." His comment only served to get her even more depressed.

"Y-yes it is m-my fault. B-because of m-me, Hayate-sensei is d-dead." she sobbed. She continued to cry for a good ten minutes on his shoulder.

Naruto was fed up with her crying for two reasons. One; it wasn't her fault that that 'Hay-something' guy was dead since he chose to help her, and two; her crying was hurting his sensitive ears.

"Shh... Sakura it isn't your fault, he chose to help you. He could have chosen to leave with your other teammate, but he didn't. So remember, it's not your fault. He chose to fight five C-class demons and a B-class one alone. No one made him do it. Now please stop crying, it hurts me when you cry."

Sakura stop when she heard that. She turned and saw that Naruto had a pained expression. "Really?" she asked, softly.

"Yeah. I mean, you have to remember, just cause I'm a demon, doesn't mean I don't feel anything." he answered. She looked up at him in awe, that was, until he continued, "When you cry, you make so much noise it hurts my ears." he let go of her to cover the side of his head, over his ears, making Sakura's eyebrow twitch a little as she smacked him on the side of his head.

"You idiot!" she yelled causing him to cover his ears again in pain. Of course she noticed this and took advantage of it. "I was hoping you said it hurt cause you liked me!" she yelled, not knowing what she said until after she said it, and covered her mouth. Lucky for her all Naruto seemed to hear at that moment was an annoying ringing in his ears.

Naruto was holding his ears, trying to no avail to make the ringing go away. He noticed that Sakura's lips were moving but he couldn't hear anything. "What was that, Sakura? I couldn't hear you. Damn, I think I've gone deaf. What the hell, Sakura, you didn't have to make me deaf." he stated in a whinny little voice that she thought was kinda cute.

"Shut up, I didn't make you deaf. And besides, if you were deaf then you wouldn't have to hear me cry anymore." she said with a smile on her face.

"What!?" he yelled at which Sakura sweat dropped. "Damn it, Sakura, stop taunting me and help me!"

"And what do you want me to do!" she yelled back at him.

"What!? Never mind I'm sure that was some sly comeback. Anyways, just go to my pack and pull out the small gray bottle that looks like dango, but without the stick." he requested. Another sweat drop later, Sakura was kneeling down near his bag, looking for the damned bottle.

It took a full three minutes to find it. Three agonizing, ear splitting minutes for Naruto, who suspected she was taking her sweet time. Then she finally came back and handed him the bottle, which he handed right back to her. She looked up at him; since he was a good 5 inches taller than her and gave him a confused look to which he answered, "I need you to do it since I can't see up there."

"Up there? But your ears are on the side of your head, aren't they?" Sakura asked, confused.

"What!?" he yelled. "Look just sit down on the ground and I'll put my head on your lap alright?" He asked in his normal voice.

Sakura blushed at the thought of Naruto's head on her lap, but before she could protest, an impatient Naruto set her on the grass and put his head on her thigh. The feel and sight of him there made Sakura blush as she opened the bottle and tried to grab his ear on the side of his head, but couldn't find it. She looked at him confused again and he simply pointed to the top of his head. When she looked at the top of his head she just had to squeal at what she saw—thankfully Naruto was already unable to hear..

There, on top of his head, were a pair of the cutest yellow fox ears which, since she was shorter than him, she hadn't noticed before. They just fit in with his spiky yellow hair so much that they didn't stand out too much. They were so cute that she just had to—but she didn't want to seem rude—but she wanted to—but what if he got mad?

'Ah, the heck with it!' and with that said, well thought, she reached down and grabbed one of his ears gently and began to scratch it.

Naruto was getting impatient and was about to tell her to hurry up when he felt something grab his ear and begin to scratch it?

'What the fuck?' he thought, slowly but surely beginning to fall asleep. After a while, before he was about to fall asleep, he opened one drowsy blue eye to stare at Sakura, who was just sitting there, smiling, while she looked down at him.

"Sakura... not that I mind or anything, but... is there a reason you're scratching my ear when you're supposed to be putting medicine in it?" he questioned sleepily.

'Busted!' inner Sakura shouted, laughing her ass off.

'Shut up.' Sakura mentally shouted back at her inner, who became quiet in a couple of seconds. 'Alright, one problem down. Now, how do I explain this to Naruto.' she thought frantically, but couldn't think of anything so decided to tell the truth.

"Well, you see ….it's just that they were so cute, I wanted to touch them and I couldn't resist. I'm sorry, Naruto. Please don't be mad, I promise I'll never do it again." she ended her apology, looking away sadly, waiting to hear his response.

"What? Um... Sakura, could you please hurry up and put the medicine in so I can hear want it is you're saying." he said in an impatient kind of tone, after which Sakura got the bottle and put it close to his ear. Then she realized she didn't know how much or how little to put in so she sent him a questioning glance, which he caught and understood immediately as he responded by saying,"Three drops each."

After that she carefully put in exactly three drops in each ear. "Alright, now we wait about an hour or so and I should be able to hear again," he paused before chuckling, "unless I really am deaf, in which case I'm screwed."

During that hour, Sakura just sat and thought about what had happened that day, and how she met the handsome blond demon currently using her lap as a pillow. Eventually, she remembered the incident about the ears, and how she'd have to explain again. She wasn't looking forward to that because if he found it stupid, he could kill her. Or rape her. Although the more she thought about the latter, the less she feared it, if it was done by the blond haired demon using her lap as a cushion.

'What am I saying? Of course it would still be bad.' she thought.

'Stop lying. You know you would throw yourself at him if he even mentioned 'sex' and there is no point denying it.' inner Sakura commented.

That statement made Sakura blush a deep red blush that had gone unnoticed by Naruto as he was currently concentrating on trying to listen with his ears again. 'Come on… I can hear faint noises… the river…some birds… Sakura's breathing…wait, what?…Yeah I can hear her breathing, her heart beat... I just heard her gulp... Yeah, I can hear again!' thought an ecstatic Naruto.

As soon as he found out he could hear again, he opened his eyes and found that Sakura looking down at him, apparently anxious to see if he could hear again. He smiled and just nodded his head which in turn made her smile too. Then, Naruto remembered the ear thing from earlier.

"Okay, Sakura, now that we know I can hear, I want to hear why you were scratching my ear earlier." Naruto said, grinning slightly.

As soon as he said that she looked to the side, a bit hesitant but then took a deep breath and began telling him.

"Well… um.... you see…. it's just that your ears looked so cute, and I just wanted to see how they felt and I couldn't resist… I'm sorry, Naruto. Please don't be mad at me, I promise I won't do it ever again." she said, a really sad look on her face as she looked down.

She wouldn't let him see it, but by the salty scent in the air, he could tell she was tearing.

"Don't cry Sakura. I'm not mad. I liked it when you were scratching my ear. It was just cause my ears were bugging me and I wanted the beeping sound to stop. Trust me, if it hadn't been for my ears, I wouldn't have said anything." He finished, sitting up, grabbing her chin with his thumb and index fingers, and pulling her face up to see him.

As soon as she felt his fingers on her chin, her heart began to beat faster than ever. When she met his eyes they looked softer, and every second they seemed closer and closer, until their lips touched for the first time. They closed their eyes and after a while she could feel something wet along her bottom lip. She knew it was his tongue asking permission to enter and she happily let him.

She felt his arms encircle her waist and she responded by wrapping her arms around his neck, one hand moving through his unruly golden hair, the other going to scratch his ear, which caused him to growl into the kiss. While she was preoccupied with that, his hands started to move downward until he reached her soft yet firm ass, and he gave it a light squeeze causing her to moan into the kiss. After a little longer they separated for air; mostly for Sakura since Naruto could go an extra three minutes.

Sakura couldn't believe it. Her first kiss, and it was with a hot demon no less. 'Wait till everyone at home finds out about this.' she thought, blushing.

That was when it hit her… home! She looked up to see the sky already at sunset. It was beautiful, but she had to get home. Her parents were probably worried sick about her, especially with what Sai must have reported by now about the demon attack, and Hayate-sensei left alone to fight.

They were sure to worry… right? If so where was the search party, the reinforcements, at least a small recovery group? It had been about three hours, give or take a few minutes, since Sai left towards Konoha. Yet still nothing, was she really that much of a burden to them that they didn't care if she was alive or not? She felt herself get teary, again.

'God, no wonder they want me gone, all I ever do is cry all the time.' she thought miserably as tears escaped her eyes and slid down her cheeks.

Naruto had just broken the kiss to let Sakura get some air while he thought about some things; mainly her. So imagine his surprise when she started crying and, of course, he thought it was his fault.

'Damn. I thought that she enjoyed it, but I guess she just went along with it cause she thought I would kill her. But I wouldn't be able to do that, not after falling in love with the girl.' he thought sadly.

Naruto got up, walked to his stuff, and started to get ready to leave.

"I'm sorry, Sakura. If you didn't want the kiss, you should have told me instead of trying to bear through it." Naruto spoke, his back to her while he packed. Sakura just looked on in confusion as he spoke. He turned around and smiled sadly, "I didn't mean to make you cry."

Suddenly it made sense why he would think that she didn't want to kiss, and that made her feel worse. She had to tell him that it wasn't the kiss that made her sad.

"Wait, Naruto!" she yelled. That stopped him, and he gave her his undivided attention. "It wasn't the kiss that made feel sad, it actually felt really good and I liked it very much." she said and noticed that made him smile, which made her smile too.

She liked that smile it seemed to represent pure happiness, so she continued. "It's just that it's been three and a half hours already and they haven't even sent a search party, or anything, to look for me. I guess that dumb boy was right, I am a burden. So m-much that they don't want m-me back." she said as she began to break down.

Before she fell, Naruto was embracing her, letting her cry on his shoulder, not minding that it hurt his ears, because it hurt his heart more to see her like that. She continued to cry, until she remembered what happened the last time they were in the same position. "N-Naruto," she sniffed, "what are you d-doing? I thought your ears... were sensitive and couldn't take the noise of me crying?" she asked.

Naruto just looked down at her, and gave her a small kiss. "It does hurt but," he kissed her lightly again, "it's nothing to the pain in my heart when I see you cry." he said, smiling; she returned the smile, plus the kiss he gave her when she smiled. "Sakura... I know you have family and friends in your village but... I want you to come with me, please?" he asked.

Sakura gasped at the request. It had been less than half a day since they met, yet she really wanted to go with him. Still, there was a small part that wasn't sure if she should go or not. That small part was bound and gagged by inner Sakura.

'Go with him, girl. It's obvious he loves you. If his answer to your last question doesn't mean true love, then I don't know what does. And besides the feelings you have for Naruto make that Sasuke crush seem like you hated him all along. Even though you hate him now. So I say you go!'encouraged inner Sakura.

Sakura nodded mentally. She made a good point. The feelings she had for Naruto were strong, stronger than anything she had ever felt for anyone else, and she just met him a little while ago. There was no ignoring these feelings, she was going to listen to them, and since all but one seemed to tell her to go with him, she obeyed.

Sakura nodded her head in a 'yes' manner. "Okay, Naruto," she answered him. He smiled wider than she'd seen him smile so far, before kissing her passionately and she returned it with just as much passion.

When they broke apart he took of his back pack and turned around so his back was towards her and got down on one knee. "Hop on," he said. Sakura now figuring out what he was doing and shook her head in a 'no' manner. "Hop on," he repeated and, again, she shook her head but also spoke.

"No, Naruto, I can walk."

"I know you can but I'd rather carry you. It's getting late and you've had a very eventful day, so I want you to rest. Now, hop on." he said.

She tried to stifle a yawn but failed miserably, so she let him give her piggyback, but before she got on, she took off her headband and dropped it near Hayate-sensei's dead body, in case they came for him.

Then she ran towards Naruto, got on his back and they jumped away.

----- Twenty minutes later in the clearing -----

Two figures land near Hayate's dead body. They seem shocked, but then one notices something.

Near his body is another headband. They recognize it immediately as their missing teammate's head band. They pick it up, and then take a look around the rest of the field. Demon bodies lay around. Six in total.

'It's obvious someone else did this, as Sakura-san is too weak to do all this.'

'What the hell happened here? I wonder if she's still alive. Probably not, she's too weak to deal with whoever, or whatever, did this. Question is, who did this?'

They looked at each other and nodded, silently agreeing to look for their missing teammate.

'Poor Sakura, she's either dead, or being raped right now. Maybe she's getting tortured by an enemy, or demon. Either way, I wouldn't want to be her right now.' Thought a certain Uchiha while doing one final search for his teammate before returning to the village.

----- Same Time, six miles away -----


"That's what you get for dropping me, you idiot." Sakura said, smirking, to a figure on the floor with a large bump on his head.

"It was an accident! I was thinking of where to go next when you slipped off my back. It's more your fault than mine. You should have been grabbing on harder, Saku—!" Naruto's response was cut off, when an irate Sakura hit him again, sending him sprawling onto the ground again.

"I was sleeping, you dolt! I thought that's why you told me to get on!" Sakura shouted at a now very dizzy Naruto.

"Ow. Damn, Sakura, you hit hard. And here I thought I was the demon." Naruto commented, laughing at the end causing Sakura to laugh along with him at the stupid situation.

Somehow, they ended up on the floor, making out until they fell asleep in each others arms, waiting to see what tomorrow would bring to them. More laughs, more punches at Naruto's head, kisses were a definite and whatever else that may come. But it didn't even matter to them, as long as they could have more moments like this one during their travels, they'll be okay.


Author's Note: Yeah… I don't know, it's my first fan-fic so criticize all you want or help me out. If at least ten people like it I'll keep going if not… Oh well, I tried. But I do have some ideas for more. Oh and I'm sorry Kakashi wasn't in here but I needed a replacement to be killed by the demons… Sorry. Hayate. But seeing as you died in the show and you were the first name that came to mind… so again, sorry you had to die like that.