Summary: Oneshot. The Doctor's train-of-thought at the end of Utopia. MAJOR SPOILERS.

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who or anything related to it.

Author's notes: The subtext is only there if you want it to be.



By Dagniro Vanaliel


"Use my name!"

And the Doctor knows. He knows who this is. His nemesis, a man who has tried to kill him countless times. Who likes homicide and conquering. Who has currently locked himself in the Doctor's TARDIS.

He feels like he's going to explode. Rage and hatred flow through him because of who this man is, but at the same time there's something else.

Because the Doctor's not the last Time Lord. Someone else survived. And he wants with all his heart to embrace this man and make him understand that everyone else is gone, and they have to survive and go on. Together.

At the moment that's all he wants. He wants to talk with his enemy, and not about potential evil plans, either. He wants to talk, Time Lord to Time Lord, about anything and everything. But it can't be, and it pains him, and all he can do is go along with the request, demeaning as it is.

His voice cracks as he fights back tears of overwhelming emotion. His words are heavy with pain and a slight glimmer of what might be hope. But he remains strong, for Martha and Jack and most of all for himself, because he can't bear to appear weak.