A/N: Thanks to Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber for all characters associated with The Phantom of the Opera. Some of these vignettes were inspired by particular actors/performances, others just by the show in general. There is no particular order, though the first few are chronological.


Christine's heart beat so wildly that she was sure she would faint. Her Angel had promised to show himself at last! He instructed her to turn, to look at her reflection in the mirror, but she could not make herself move. He would be radiant, she knew it—an angel must surely carry with him the light of heaven!—and she feared that as a mere mortal she would be struck down by his glory. Finally she summoned the courage, sure that her Angel would not ask her to do something which would harm her. She turned, and he was there, inside the mirror, just as he had said! Without knowing her own actions she held her arms up to him, beckoning, begging for him to come to her.