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Chapter 15: Living Happily Ever After

Deserai had passed out blissfully, but I was still rearing to go. I didn't go to sleep. Shukaku wouldn't be able to get his turn with my Deserai if I didn't give into that urge. She was mine! I may sound like some possessive, overbearing jerk but that's just how much I cared for her. No one has ever stayed by my side for so long.

Yashamaru was the only exception. But in the end, even he hated me. During that time, he had coddled me and my defenses had been brought way down. And then he tried to kill me.

My siblings didn't count. They were stuck with me. Temari cared about me out of fear for her life. Kankuro hated me but went along with whatever I said. Even after all this time... fear was still enlaced in their eyes.

But Deserai... oh, my sweet Deserai... after less than two days, she has let me touch her, taste her, and even consume her blood. Everyone feared my blood lust... and she seemed enchanted by it.

Now I want to take her again... and again... and AGAIN! But it was time that I exercise self-control in my blood lust. Actually, in lust-period.

Though I really did want her.. I could wait. Using Shukaku's instincts, Deserai was marked. She was mine... forever. Perhaps this is what they mean by 'happily ever after'? At least... in my book it is.

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