The Gate Misadventures

by Chara-the-Heart

Summery: Who knew The Gate had a sense of humor? Follow Ed and Al Elric's journey into a world that actually bends to complement Alchemy as they know it. A Fullmetal Alchemist crossover! Marader era XP

Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist (Hiromu Arakawa) or Harry Potter(J.K. Rowling)

Chapter One: Half Complete

Edward 'Fullmetal' Elric already knew he hated The Gate. It was the 'power' that kept all alchemic exchanges equivilant and on top of it all, it was seriously creepy. He had seen it a grand total of five times now. Once during he and his brother's attempted ressurrection of their mother, the second when Envy stabbed him and his brother sacrificed himself to keep him alive, the third when he skipped out of the demension to keep his brother Alphonse alive, the fourth when he returned to his world and last when he and his brother helped put the Nazi's back in their own world. And thus they now stood before The Gate again, knowing this would be the last time the saw the gate due to Alchemy.

What the brothers hadn't quite caught onto yet was that The Gate was a sentient being and at times had a rather macrabe sence of humor. The Gate wondered if Edward Elric's sense if empathy towards it was as small as his stature. The Gate actually liked Alphonse Elric, the only reason it allowed his soul to return to the living world for simply the price of an arm. So with a quirky 'smile' it decided to have a little bit of fun with the brothers and send them on a little vacation journey threw time and demension. It would return them to their proper home at the right time. Besides, with the Elrics in that demension, the law of Alchemy would follow and those magical people would have to work for results.

The Elric brothers suddenly felt strange arms pulling them from the Gate. The black arms had for some reason, changed into silver colored ones but that didn't stop them from struggling against them. In horror Edward looked down at his body, watching his automail limbs dissolving into nothing, leving even the bases for them gone, 'Winry's going to be pissed.' Was his only thought.

"ED! My eyes! The Gate's taking them!" Ed wreched his head over and watched the horrible sight of Alphnse's eyes dissolving into nothing, "What the hell, you bastard Gate! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM US!?" Ed roared in complete rage.

The Gate of course did not reply but finally spat the two brothers out into the newly opened demension, right into the living room of the most advanced Alchemist of that world. What could it say, the Elric deserved a break for once.

"Oh dear. It looks like you two boys have been Spliched." Ed, though his head was throbbing in a migrane and his stumps of previous automail lims were bloody and painful, looked up towards the speaker of the unknown language. It was a middle aged man with graying auburn hair and dark blue eyes staring down at them. A middle aged woman with blond hair and green eyes stood up from a chair and gently began to comfort his shivering brother.

"I don't know what the hell you just said but you've got to help my brother. That bastard Gate took his eyes!"

"Ah, you speak a strange dialect of German I hear. My name is Nicolas Flamel. Of course my wife and I will help you and your brother, but would you tell me where you were Apperating too before you two got Spliched?"

Ed loosened his scowl, but his eyes still burned with anger as he said, "Nowhere. My brother Alphonse and I were finally finished dealing with The Gate but it took us, even though we wern't Exchanging anything and it dropped us here. Will you send my brother and I to a hospital or not, old man?"

The man looked stunned, "You don't mean the legendary Alchemy Exchange Gate do you? I've spent nine decades reserching that thing and there was no litteral way to open it from this side. Are you really from the other side of The Gate?"

"Alchemy Exchange Gate. The Gate. I suppose it's the same. Now quit changing the subject and tell me if you'll send us to a hospital or not."

"Of course we'll help you boys. My wife, Perenelle here, is an expert healer and will set you up with special prostetics in no time."

Ed crawled over to where Perenelle had his brother laying flat on his back, gaping holes where his eyes used to be staring upwards. The woman was filling a cup up with liquids, strange herbs and continuously stirred it with a gold stemmed spoon. Not even ten minutes passed before she placed to blobs of blue goop into his brother's eyes and covered them with a silver colored cloth. With a smile she turned to Ed and said, "He'll be ready in twenty more minutes. You said you're brothers name was Alphonse didn't you? Any what about yours, young one?"

"Edward Elric. Will you use automail for my limbs?" The golden eyed teenager asked.

"I'm not sure what 'automail' is young man. But I will make you the best functioning methril arm and leg I've ever created."

Edward looked intregued and asked, "What's the chemicals making up 'methril'? Is it metal or mineral? Will it crack or shatter easily, because I don't like dealing with shattering limbs."

Nicolas laughed heartedly and said, "My you certainly have an Alchemic mind, young one. Methril is steel inlayed with diamond fibers, somewhat like fiberglass in that it is light but very, very strong. If you'd like she can put an enchantment on it to make it able to channel magic."

Ed snorted in distaste, "I don't believe in magic. Things like miracles and magic can be explained by simple alchempc principles."

"Fine then, young Mr. Elric. I should also add that Perenelle's addition will probably give a boost to your Alchemy skills."

"Well if that's the case than add it. I'll owe you two something big for helping Al and me. Equivilant Exchange and all..."

Nicolas smiled at the young boy and nodded, "I'll be sure to keep that in mind."

An hour later the two brothers were sleeping soundly and Perenelle notice an unusual glint in her husband's eye, "That boy is stubborn as any alchemist I've ever seen, Nicolas. I don't think he'll want you taking care of him."

"You never know, 'Nelle. He might just come to like us and I have been looking for the right person to pass my knowledge onto."

"I just hope you know what you're doing. You're not as young as you used to be after all. If he decided to wail on you with his new arm he'd probably damage you beyond even what I could repair..."


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