He is a bubbling thing, full of life in a sleepy sort of way, drawing eyes like all of his kind and making those who love him most crave for even a moment of his attention. A baby, the very symbol of life and innocence...his baby, their baby...

She is downstairs, bustling about and carrying on excited conversation despite her exhaustion -- James knows that, even with sleep hanging heavy on his eyelids, the stress and joy of their newborn is felt tenfold by his wife. It saddens him, how Lily could be feeling all the worry, all the sadness and reminiscence that he is.

"I look at him," he whispers to no one, ignoring the laughter that streamed from downstairs as he watched his son sleep. "And I wish I was more."

It a crisis, he realizes, and a craving for invincibility and immortality, so that he may watch little Harry grow and have many other little-Harry's with his lovely Lily...but something knaws at his stomach, and his teenage confidence is gone, replaced by excitement and anxiety -- symptoms of a new Father.

James continues to no one.

"I look at him, and I know that the bliss of a baby is the peace that visionaries speak of...and little Harry is something more than all of us, right now, because he's untainted..." He sounds like an old man, and his inner, cocky self is laughing as he touches his son's little cheek. "We're all just foolish humans." He decides, not fully understanding what he is saying, but liking it all the same.

"Most of us are, the rest of us are foolish half-humans."

James straightens from his position over the crib, and a smile adorns his lips as he turns to face his old friend, who looks even more tired than James feels. The new Father rests his hands on the edge of the crib, his eyes following Remus behind his glasses as Moony comes to his side. Both smiling, they look down together at sleeping Harry.

"You're acting strange," Remus says after a moment of silent coddling over the little boy. He shifts his hazel eyes to look at his long-time friend, ignoring the ache of his temple.

"Am I?" James chuckles, his voice hushed. Harry is asleep, yes, but only just, and James plays the dutiful Father, keeping watch over his son. "It's the coffee, although it's quite the life-saver." His smile turns to a full-out grin as Remus shakes his head, and they are sixteen again, joking with one another -- but with the beginning of a new story asleep in front of them.

Author Notes: Here are the comments I, like so many others, usually place before a story, just so you dear readers have a slight explanation of what's going on. However, it was necessary for me to name and complain about this little story after I wrote it, or else the crazy inspiration I had would dissappear.

Mind the grammar and spelling, please. If you notice something, anything, tell me. I'd like to try and fix it.

Anyways, this was a little piece I did when the random thought of James complaining popped into my head. Plus, there's baby Harry -- how can you go wrong?

I had planned to fit a little SiriusxRemus in here, but this wasn't meant to be long. I hope you enjoyed, and review. : )