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A/N: I'd like to thank my sister, Miba. for helping me write this. Jack's thought's are in ~....~


There was a Shi'ido named Jack. He had broken into Jabba's palace to steal his treasure, but was seen. Jabba put a bounty on him. When Boba Fett came to get him, he tried to shoot down Boba Fett's ship. He knew it was over for him, so he went to Coruscant. On Coruscant, he stayed with his cousin, John.
One day, John said, "Why don't you just change into something else? You are a Shi'ido."
"Oh. Why didn't I think of that." Jack changed into a Wookie.
The next day, he was out shopping when he saw him. Boba Fett, walking down the same sidewalk as him. So he ran back to John's apartment.
When he arrived, he told John what had happened. After he'd finished, John said, "Why did you run..."
He never got a chance to finish, for just then, the door exploded and Fett walked through.
Jack screamed, "Ahhhhhh......It's Boba Fett!!!!"
Fett spoke, "There's a Bounty on you, and I've come to collect."
Jack somehow overcame his paralysis and bolted for the back door, but John wasn't so lucky. Fett thought he was Jack's partner in crime.
Jack ran to the spaceport, thinking John was right behind him. When he got to the spaceport, he found out John was no where to be seen. Thinking he'd been caught by Fett, he found a halfempty cruiser and bought a ticket to Cloud City and boarded the ship. As it was leaving, he looked out a window and saw Slave I. It was following the cruiser.
He decided just to give up. He started wondering, ~Is Fett a ghost? How does he just seem to appear where I am?~
The ship landed and as he was getting off, he heard a ship landing, it was Slave I. He ran back onto the ship. It took off and went back to Coruscant. When he got there, he ran back to John's apartment. When he got there, he saw blaster burns on the walls and furniture.
Then Fett walked out of the shadows. ~How does he DO that?! I saw his ship on Cloud City! It must have followed me again.~ Fett walked toward him, slowly. He pulled his blaster and pointed it at him.
"The bounty's been changed to 'dead only'." He was pulling the trigger...

Jack suddenly sat up and looked around. He was in the extra bedroom in John's apartment. He thought for a minute, then sighed, "Nightmares." He shook his head and went back to sleep.