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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our scene is set at a bar, where Kurogane and Fai are gathering more information on a feather. Well, Kurogane was at least. Fai ran off a while ago. The information was obtained with no problems and Kurogane was ready to leave, but his blonde companion had other things in mind…

"Kuro-rin, I want to dance!" He did a spin to emphasize the statement. Kurogane crossed his arms and sat back down.

"Ten more minutes." Fai apparently took this as a "I don't want to stay here, but I can't leave you alone because you'll find some stupid way to kill yourself and then the kids'll be mad at me" so he ran onto the small dance floor. Kurogane sat there, stone-faced and bored out of his mind as he let his eyes wonder over the dance floor and set on the mage, who was gracefully moving to the music. Kurogane felt his cheeks heat up as he watched the blonde, eyes closed as he rocked his hips to the beat. He tried to find the right words for the movement in his head. 'sexy…alluring…' 'What's alluring?" He turned to come face to face with the object of his thoughts and immediately turned a fluorescent shade of red. Fai smiled as he got that teasing glint in his eye. "Could Kuro-pon possibly mean my dancing? Do you think I'm alluring?" Kurogane scoffed.

"Che, who would ever think you were sexy or alluring?" Fai smirked.

"I didn't say anything about sexy, Kuro-wan." Kurogane's blush deepened.

"Weren't you dancing?" Fai pouted his lips as his eyes went big and glossy.

"Its no fun without you, Kuro-chan…" Kurogane looked at the man like he was the craziest thing on the planet.


"But Kuro-sama…"

"No." Fai pulled on Kurogane's arm like a kid begging for an ice cream cone.

"Please, Kuro-chi?"

"I am NOT dancing with you." Fai crossed his arms and huffed.

" Fine, I'll find another partner!" With that, he walked away. Kurogane sighed in exasperation. A few minutes later, his eyes wondered back to the dance floor. He looked to see what kind of bitch Fai had eyes for.His eyes widened when they landed on Fai, who was grinding his hips into another guy's. A guy. Fai was dancing with a guy. A man. A male. Fai couldn't be…he isn't……gay, …is he?' Kurogane didn't know why, but he got a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach watching the stranger's face contort into forms of pleasure at every move Fai made. 'What's the matter with me? I'm acting like a jelous girlfriend…What do I care if the guy looks like hes going to eat him up, or that Fai's arms are around his neck,…or that his hands on Fai's butt……' Kurogane's eyes widened when Fai smirked in his direction. He decided this had gone on long enough and he'd just kill both of them. He got up and walked over to the two dancers, and, for a reason unknown to him, put a possessive arm around Fai, who just smiled up at Kurogane saying "Hi, Kuro-puu!" and snuggled deeper into the hold. The guy glared at Kurogane, and Kurogane sent it right back tenfold. Apparently the guy treasured his life more than a one night stand.

"Come on, Baka, lets go." Fai put his arms around Kurogane.

"Okay, Kuro-chi." With that they walked back to the hotel. The walk back was fairly quiet. Kurogane was having an inward battle on how to ask Fai if he was gay. He settled with the simple one.

"Hey, stupid mage," Fai stopped to turn ano look at him.

"Yes, Kuro-pi?"

"Are you gay?" Fai smiled and tilted his head.

"What's that?" Kurogane gave him the how-stupid-are-you look, and, remembering they were from different worlds, decided to reword the question.

"Do you like men?" Fai opened his eyes.

"I like people. I don't descriminate genders, so I guess I like both." He started spinning around crazily…right into a nearby pole. Kurogane had went on ahead, so all he heard was a thump and turned to see Fai sitting on the ground. "Ow." Kurogane sighed in frustration.

"Are you ok?" Fai smiled up at him.

"Yeah," He tried to get up. "Ano, Kuro-san…it seems I can't walk…" Kurogane walked over to him.

"I thought you hit your head, not your foot."

"I guess I sprained it when I fell on it…it shouldn't take that long to heal, but I can't walk to the hotel." Kurogane sighed, crouching down in front of Fai. There was a pause.

"Are you going to get on or what?" He froze when he felt Fai's long arms wrap around his neck. He quickly snapped out of it and picked him up by the thighs, baing careful not to hurt his foot. "You're more trouble than you're worth."

"Aw, Kuro-rin does care." He felt Fai wrap his arms around him tighter and snuggle into the base of his neck. He blushed.

"Shut up." And surprisingly, he did. Not a word was spoken as they entered Fai's room at the hotel. Kurogane went in an sat Fai on the bed, and turned to leave, but suddenly stopped with his hand on the door and turned back around. "What were you doing back there?" Fai gave him a questioning look.

"You mean dancing?" Kurogane grunted walking over to the blonde.

"Don't do it with another person again." Fai got the same seductively teasing look in his eyes.

"Is Kuro-ran jelous?" Kurogane looked Fai in the eye as he declared,

"Yes, I'm damn freakin' jelous, okay?" Fai's eyes widened as he gasped.

"Kuro-muu,…why?" The word was whispered, but Kurogane heard it as he grabbed the pale man's chin. He whispered back,

"Because next time I might not be able to control myself." He brought their lips together in a breathtaking, searing hot kiss. He pulled away after what seemed like two seconds, even though they knew it was much longer, and walked out the door. Leaving Fai in a state of shock. If he had stayed a few more seconds, he would've seen Fai unconsciously bring a hand up to touch his lips as he whispered


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