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To Josh this was just another day at the theater, He was wiping down the counters and stealing popcorn every time Helen wasn't looking his way. He hated these days, the days when pretty girls just pass him by, not even look at him twice. Their short skirts and tight tops, mostly college students, again they never looked at him twice. Josh may have lost weight but he was still viewed as kind of a nerd. That's when it happened, Karma smiled on him. That's when she came up to the counter. She was wearing a plaid skirt, white blouse, uniform knee high socks, sneakers, her long platinum blonde hair pulled back into a neat ponytail. She had a school emblem printed on her shirt. She came up to the candy counter, and waited patiently, leaning on the counter, wallet in one hand Ice Pop in the other.


She asked in a simple and clear voice. She bent forward a little.

"Oh yeah, can I help you?"

Josh asked kindly, at first this girl just seemed like any other, baiting and playing and just waiting to be stolen away by his womanizing brother Drake.

"Yeah, Thanks. How much? It didn't have a price chart on the freezer."

She smiled at him, her shiny pink lips reflecting light.

"Oh uh, what brand?"

"Frooty pop."

She said so sweetly that it gave Josh a tooth ache.


"Haven't I seen you before…Josh?"

She asked leaning forward to look at his name tag, Giving Josh a sideways look. Josh thought about it, he was here almost every night. He noticed his brother Drake sitting in the food court section, leaning so far to try and see up her skirt he was nearly breaking his neck.

"I'm here every night and my brother Drake is trying to look up your skirt."

She looked back at the brunette.

"Is he now?"

She said sweetly, just as Josh thought. She too would succumb to the evil powers of Drake Parker, not caring if he looked up her skirt or raped her senseless. Just wanting to keep that guy at her side because of his shallow powers of attraction. Drake smiled at her, leaning back in his chair cocking his eye brow seductively.

"Yeah, I guess you wanna go talk to him like every other girl."

She just smiled at drake, lifted up her hand as if to wave and ever so slowly and gracefully, she flipped him the birdie. Drakes face fell from smile to a look of utter shock, and he fell out of his chair. Josh's jaw fell loose as he gave her a look of wide eyed shock. No girl could ever resist Drake Parker, maybe Mindy but Mindy was a whole other story. This was a perfect blonde that looked like she would be shallow as a shower and does pinups for a playboy special. Bu there she was flipping Drake Parker the birdie.

"$1.99? Here you go and…"

She too his hand in her very own lip stick wrote down her number on his hand. She made the phone symbol with her hands and mouthed the words "Call Me." Josh stood there dumbfounded, the money was on the counter, her number was on his hand, and his brother was on the ground. Did this just happen? A hot girl, hotter than any girl Drake had ever dated to his knowledge, rejected Drake and accepted him? No way, this couldn't be happening. Josh looked down and wrote the number in pen before it would get washed off. Drake had pulled himself up and wiped himself off before coming over to the counter.

"What was that?"

"I don't know."

"I'll tell you what just happened, A girl just asked you out. A hot girl! How did you do it? Did you pay her? Is this some kind of cruel joke?"

"No it just-just happened!"

Josh said in his usual spastic way. Using his whole body just to say it, moving his hands and arms and craning his neck. Drake glared.

"What did you do? This is a sign of the apocalypse!"

Josh hit Drake over the back of the head with a candy bar.

"Chill, a girl gave me her number it's no biggie."

"No biggie!? No biggie!? Huge biggie! I mean she-she's hot and you- how? And me the birdie!? How the hell?...I must claim her!"

Drake said rambling. Josh hit him over the back of the head again. The first good thing to happen to him and Drake feels the need to have it himself; maybe it was just because Drake was a shallow, stupid, womanizing creep who felt that he needed to have every girl at his disposal.

"No. I haven't had a girl give me her number without me having to ask for it since... well… Ever."

"Yes but she's way out of your league, I mean how could something like that happen it's like giving a Stratocaster to a music dabbler."

"Excuse me?"

"You don't know how to handle pretty girls! You've only had Mindy and maybe some other ones...no wait you've just had Mindy."

Josh it him again, this time hard enough to break the candy bar.

" Mindy was very pretty! And she gave me her number, it's nothing, maybe she's just teasing to get back at you for looking up her skirt."

"Yes, that's the only logical explanation."

"Yeah…now you owe me 80 cents for that candy bar you made me break."

"Shaw. You hit me with it."

Drake said strolling away leaving Josh with a broken candy bar and some wounded hope. How would a girl that pretty actually be interested in him. He didn't even take the tickets, he sold candy. He would just have to wait and call her after he got off shift.


Josh started his car and drove out of the lot. He had watched the girl leave and wave at him as she walked out of the theater. She really was pretty, blue eyes and creamy pale skin, a little eerie if she hadn't been a blonde. He picked up his cell phone; Drake had left the theater with one of his many friends and went off to party somewhere. He dialed the girl number, checking his hand to make sure he got it right. He listened to it ring and there was pick up sound.


"Hey you gave me your number, I'm Josh the guy at the candy counter."

"Oh hey, Your brothers a real imbecile you know that yeah?"

She asked in a semi sweet tone that would melt butter in the snow.

"Yeah, let me guess, you gave me your number to get back at him for peeking up your skirt?"

"No, that was genuine."


Josh smiled, he smoothly took a turn in his parent's car, and he had perfected the delicate art of driving with one hand. He felt really awesome right now, kind of how he felt after beating his game sphere for the first time.

"Yeah, you kidding, you're damn cute. Your brother looks too much like all those other rock stars I've seen out there."

"I know his look is pretty worn."

He said in mutual agreement, he hated to bash his won brother but hey Josh was horrible liar and he did think that Drake had gone on with the stereo type rock star image a bit long now. They talked on and on and on about small things like School, Celebrities, Game Sphere. That's when Josh realized he didn't know he name.

"My name? Leenah."

She said sweetly.

"Leenah…Leenah…I like that."

He had been trying the name out a few times and decided that he liked the roll of it on his tongue.

"I'm glad 'cause it's the only name I got unless you wanna call me by my middle name."

"Yeah and what's that?"


"I like Leenah better, it suits you."

He heard her giggle on the end of the line.

"Thanks, you wanna get together sometime? I know this great little Café."

Josh nearly dropped the phone, she wanted to go out. It was all he could do but jump, and that was hard in a seat belt.

"Yeah, I'd love to, when?"

"Tomorrow, meet me on 8th and Ward."

"Okay see you then."

"Yeah, I gotta go, it's getting late. See yah."

She hung up the phone and Josh turned on the radio so he could do his victory dance to some music. He was grooving side to side in his seat and smiling, he couldn't wait to rub this in Drakes face. When he pulled into his drive way it was around 9:00 and he jumped out singing and all.

"I'm walking on sunshine!!"

He burst into the front door and shouted.

"Guess who's got a hot date!?"

Megan looked up at Josh and scoffed. Megan was a sadistic, sarcastic, and all around evil little sister.

"Better make sure Drake doesn't steal it."

She said going back to her magazine, she had a pair of headphones on her head and was nodding her head to Coldplay. She was reading an issue of Teen People and surveying and rating Celebrities by their hotness.

"He won't she flipped him the birdie in the snack lounge today."

Megan laughed at that and Josh strolled into the living room, closing the door behind him. Joshes father poked his head out from the Kitchen.

"You, Josh? You have a date? A hot one? Your not yanking my chain are you?"

"Nope! And she doesn't like Drake."

Joshes mother came in, and stood hand on hip. Looking at the two men with one eye brow raised.

"Who doesn't like Drake?"

"My date. And she is hotter than any of drakes Ex's."

"Is he Joking?"

She asked Her husband with an odd look on her face. Joshes father shrugged .

"I don't know."

"She's a blonde, she goes to some private school, and she doesn't like Drake. It's a Miracle! I knew being nice all these years would finally pay off! Thank You Karma!!!"

The parents sighed and went back to their business, leaving Josh to rant about how he had been waiting for Karma to finally reward him for all his kind deeds. It was rather comical to watch him do this but it was late and the parents had no patience to appreciate the humor in it. Josh decided to rub his date in Drakes face, all these years of Drake rubbing his date caching abilities in Joshes face were about to end. He opened the door to his room.

"Hey Drake!"

He said ever so brightly. Drake was strumming over his guitar, and barely looking up.


"Guess what."


Drake said flatly, still not looking up.

"No go on guess."

"You found a dead rabbit in the trunk of mom and dads car?"


Josh said giving Drake a look of disgust, how morbid of him to say such a thing.

"Good then Megan was bluffing."

"Okay….But, guess who's got a date with the hottest girl alive?"

Drake stopped strumming in a dead halt. He looked up.

"You're bluffing."

"Nope, she asked me out."

"I still say you're bluffing no way that chick would ask you out."

"Want proof?"

Josh said whipping out his Cell phone. He pushed a few numbers into the phone and put it on speaker.


A girl's voice asked on the end of the phone sounding giggly and euphoric.

"Hey it's me Josh."

"Oh hey-snrk- Josh baby, how-how are you!?"

They could hear hysterical laughter over the end of the phone, Drake raised and eyebrow.

"Fine, listen uh where is it you want me picking you up tomorrow?"

"Oh uh 8th –snrkle- 8th and Ward"

More Laughter, Drake had to stop himself from laughing.

"Thanks, see ya then."

He pushed disconnect and looked at Drake like he was gonna murder him.

"Shut it!"

"Dude your date is insane, no wonder she's single."

"She's perfectly sane! She was probably watching Americas Funniest Home Videos!"

He said in a matter-of-fact voice.

"yeah, not!"






The Not- So argument went on all night until Megan came in with a set of super soakers and soaked them to their underwear. Telling them to shut up of She'll Castrate them. They pretty much shut up after that and went to sleep in a bitter and silent argument of eye language.


Cool first Chappie done! This is my release for Comedy to break the tension of my other angsty stories!