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Josh was euphoric all morning, singing even. When he was actually just singing not playing around, he wasn't half bad. But Drake still hated it, to him it was the sound of death itself; A bringer of the apocalypse, a horrible sound that should be wrenched from the earth and destroyed. He had the bitterest face that even Scrooge himself couldn't compare to. Josh just went on singing and dancing, even dancing with Drakes mom in the kitchen. To Megan this was the funniest thing she could ever see. Josh and Audrey were singing 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' and dancing along with it. Megan was filming it on her camcorder.

"This is going straight to You Tube!!!"

Megan said after they finished the song and were still cooking breakfast. Josh chased her out of the Kitchen and Drake just poured himself another cup of Coffee.

"What's the matter Drake? Got no, Date?"

"I hate you…I really do."

"Yes, I know."

Josh said flipping an Omelet; his mother was busy chopping chives and tomatoes. But she still managed to slip in a few 'Stop being so bitter's and a couple of 'It's Joshes turn to finally have some luck in the romance department.' S. Drake just snorted and drank his coffee black. Josh checked his watch and made an odd yelp of surprise.

"Oh I gotta go! Enjoy breakfast, my dates waiting!"

He said leaving quickly after kissing his step-mom on the cheek, patting Megan on the head and Drake on the back, little harder than he should have. Josh was on cloud Nine, he leisurely made his way to 8th and Ward where a beautiful blonde with a very tired look on her face was leaning against a stop sign. He pulled to the curve.

"Hey Leenah?"

"Hey Joshy!"

She said getting into the car, smiling. She was wearing a tight black top, black Mini skirt and a pair of white leggings with little hearts printed on them. Her hair was brushed to the side, falling onto her shoulders, hiding one of her bright blue eyes.

"Hey, how are you? What's this place we're going to?"

"It's on Appalachia Drive. The small place, between the Ice cream Parlor and the bookstore. I'm fine."

Josh decided after a few moments of awkward silence that he'd say something off the top his head.

"So last night when I called you, you were a little…Giggly."

"Oh that, that was nothing, I was just really out of it and I had too much sugar."

She said smiling sincerely at him. Her response seemed a little forced and her smile was a little too sugary but Josh in his naïve self believed her honestly. She really did seem very tired and lots of sugar the night before would do that.

"Okay…Well anyway, what's this school you go to again?"

"Belleview Catholic School for Girls, very prim, very strict. I'm not much of a Catholic myself but the curriculum is adequate enough to get me into a good college. How about you?"

"I'm doing okay, I go to Belleview High, I'm not much for homework or stuff like that but I wanna go to a good college."

Leenah nodded acceptingly and smiled at him.

"Yeah, I'm thinking Harvard."

"I'm more of a Stanford or possibly Cal kinda guy, it'd be pretty awesome to be on campus of Cal with Berkeley and Telegraph and all that."

"Yeah, but Harvard has a more steady curriculum, Cal is rather tedious in my opinion. I'm studying for Law and Medicine."

She said looking out her side window empathetically. She drifted off to nowhere, her eyes glazed over and she immediately started to mumble things incoherently. This was cool for Josh because he could focus on his driving now. They pulled into Appalachia Drive and Josh shook her out of her daydream.


"We're here."

He got out and opened her door for her before she could even finish unbuckling the sea belt. She smiled up at him from her seat.


She stood and Josh gave her a quick look of amazement, she stood head to head with him and he looked down, she was wearing a pair of platform heels. He rolled his eyes and let her inside, opening the door for her again. She came in and one of the guys behind the counter of the small coffee house hailed to her by name. He was an attractive Cuban man with a dark shock of black hair covering his eyes and perfect muscles sculpted under his T-shirt.

"Leenah! Welcome back! Whose your friend?"

"Deryl, this is Josh, Josh, Deryl."

They shook hands and Deryl kissed Joshes hand. Leenah smacked her forehead.

"A great pleasure to meet Jou sir."

"My date not your's gay boy! Remember what happened last time I shared with you!?"

"Hey what do they say? Jou can never go back."

Leenah glared at him heavily and stuck her tongue out. Josh felt he had entered a Romantic Comedy, soap opera thing. Maybe Oprah.

"Well Jou can go back to Jour work, Jou Son of a bitch!"

She said badly imitating his accent; the words were sharp but playful. They both laughed and she ordered two espresso's with an orange twist on the side. They chose a table at the back of the Café and resumed their conversation on Life, the Universe, and everything. Their drinks rang up and Leenah picked them up hurriedly, the drinks were served in bowl like cups with a small white pot filled with a thick orangey substance that Leenah dumped into the cup and stirred in, Josh followed her example though he had never had one before and wasn't exactly sure what it would be like. He looked at his cup oddly.

"Don't worry it's good, it won't bite."

She said sipping some and dabbing her mouth with a paper napkin. He sipped some, it was like coffee-zilla he felt a crackle of caffeine in the back of his head as he downed it. It tasted like a bitter orange with some milk stirred in, it was good. But if you drank it too fast all you'd get was a motor mouth and a burnt tongue, which is exactly what Josh got. He was talking a mile a minute, pausing every few words to say 'Ow' when he bit his already burnt tongue. Leenah started laughing, he sounded like a squirrel on crack.

"Take it easy, Jesus, that's the last time I give you espresso."

She said sipping hers ever so delicately. Josh shrugged, he had been rambling on about how his brother annoyed the crap out of him with all the girls he goes out with.

"Your brother sure does sound like fun."

She said sarcastically.

"Yeah, right he can't even play a proper game sphere without dying on level one!"

"That sucks, I'd make a much more formidable opponent, my cousin has a game sphere and I was at her house all summer last year."

"Can you beat bog of a thousand terrors?"

"With my eyes shut."

"It's on!"

Josh said happily and Leenah paid for the drinks, they raced to the car and Josh may have broken a few speeding laws on the way to his house. Not getting caught of course. They burst in the door and occupied the empty couch, Josh charging up the Game Sphere and putting in the game. Not paying attention to the fact that everyone had stuck their head out of the kitchen to listen to the commotion of threats, virtual threats of course, as they struggled to beat each other at Bog of a Thousand Terrors.

"Ha! Only five more willow roots before I advance to level 3!"

"Oh no way sister! You're going down!"

Drake came up behind them and flicked them both in the back of the head.


They said at the same time, looking back at Drake. Leenah glared at Drake.


"Me. What are you two doing here? I thought you were off on a date?"

"We were but Leenah said she could beat me at Bog of Terrors with her eyes shut."

Drake shook his head and went back into the kitchen wordlessly. They shrugged and went back to their death match. The Harpies waiting in the kitchen immediately started pecking at Drake asking things like, ' what's her name?' ' where'd she come from' ' Is that really Joshes date?' Drake snapped.

"I don't know go ask her! I'm not the magical genie of-of information!"

He said crumpling away back to his 5th cup of coffee. They obviously weren't going to get any more out of him. They went to go harp on Josh instead. They gathered around the back of the couch, Mr. Nichols, Mrs. Nichols- Parkman, and Megan Parkman. Josh and Leenah kept playing until their fingers slowed to a halt and they both turned around slowly to face all three of them. Leenah grinned nervously.


"Can we help you?"

Josh asked looking at his parents and little sister confusedly.

"Who's your date?"

Megan asked bluntly. Leenah leaned close to Josh and whispered in his ear. They were both kind of freaked by Joshes family's harpish nature.

"Your family's weird"

"I know."

Leenah smiled again and held out her hand.

"Uh Carols, Leenah Carols. Nice to meet you?"

She said weakly holding out her hand. Mr. Nichols shook her hand first.

"Nice to meet you Ms.Carols. I'm Joshes father as I'm sure you can tell."

Leenah smiled brightly and blankly, playing stereotype blonde, a delicate art she had perfected.

"I can't."

The family took in a collective breath of air as if to say And I Thought Josh Liked Smart Girls. Leenah laughed.

"I'm Joking Mr. Nichols, The genetic variance between you and your son is positively striking, though I do hope taste in hair styles is not genetic."

She said honestly and truthfully. Mr. Nichols bit his lips on the inside, now everybody had told him he had bad hair, He liked it wasn't that enough? His wife and her daughter were snickering at that and Mrs. Nichols-Parkman shook Leenah's hand.

"Nice to meet you, it's such a nice change to see Josh as the one with the girlfriend."

Leenah had kind of a pout and she hugged Josh tight.

"How could that be true he's to so cute and huggable!"

"And I'm about to be sick and pukeable."

Megan said when Leenah hugged Josh. Josh had a tint of red creep up the side of his face, Mindy had hugged him, kissed him too but she was a more serious person, not nearly so playful. Leenah reminded him of a puppy, one who had unconditional love. Mrs. Nichols-Parkman rolled her eyes and left saying something about getting them some snacks.

"You want one next?"

Leenah asked Grabbing Megan and giving her a squeezy hug then reaching into her pocket and pulling out a caramel See's lollipop, she handed it to Megan.

"Por Vu, oh adorable one."

She said with a smile, Megan looked at the lollipop for a second and smiled.

"I like her!"

She said unwrapping the Lollipop and sticking it in her mouth. She turned and walked away briskly, Josh raised his eyebrows. The key to Megan's heart Josh had thought was through her wallet, but somehow Leenah had found it through lollipops. Maybe it was girl thing.

"That's odd, Megan doesn't usually like anyone."

"that adorable little thing? No."

"Yes! She's Satan in a little girl's body."

"No, she's just a little…High maintenance. She's going to have a lot of boys coming after her if she keeps her looks straight. As long as she has a charming outside the inside doesn't matter to most men."

She said looking back to the paused screen, Josh gave an aback look. Was that really how it went? He had always been sensitive, but never really heard much about the real inner realm of women, he had actually not understood it at all. He knew how to sing and cook and clean and offer advice but he never knew how it all worked.

"No, men don't look for that…at least I don't."

"yeah, your not them, you're you. You're sweet."

She said smiling at him softly.

"I won't let Megan date guys like that! I'll make sure she has a boyfriend that'll take care of her!"

Leenah let out a snort of laughter.

"Shaw, like you could tell the difference, they are excellent liars, they make everything seem okay when it's not. Just let Megan go through her world and find out herself. Do not meddle in the affairs of women for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."

She said jokingly, breaking the tension with a bumper sticker quote. Josh laughed and they went back tot their game, Eventually Leenah beat him but 10 points. Megan beat her in arm wrestling, Audrey and her had a long conversation about girl stuff that neither Drake nor Josh could make heads or tails of. At around 7:00 she had to go home, they all said goodbye and Megan got another lollipop and a hug. Josh sat on the couch happy as could be.

"I'm walking on sunshiiiine!"

He sang out, Drake glared down at him from behind the couch.

"Hello my brotha from anotha motha. What up?"

Josh said jokingly and drake hi t him on the head

"Ow! What was that for!?"

"Do you enjoy making my life a living hell?"


Josh asked, surely he was all bent out of shape because he brought Leenah here? That would just be immature and childish…

"Why'd you have to go and bring Leenah here!? Now I seem like a loser!"

…Then again this is Drake we're talking about here.

"God, is that what this all about? You've had tons of girls but you've never really liked them for anything but their looks, now maybe I'm just getting one that's pretty and with goals because karma is smiling upon me. Maybe because I'm actually a good person I get someone like Leenah."

"Yeah, maybe she's blind."

Drake said with a 'Shaw' attitude.

"You know what I'm not even going to argue because I know I'm better than that."

He said with a smile, looking at drake and then switching on the T.V. Drake just stomped off and he could hear loud angry sloppy guitar chords blasting from their room. Josh laughed in a satisfied manner and turned up the volume on the T.V. and surprisingly that night Megan didn't torment him that night, only Drake. Leenah had brought a lot of good into his life, but he had a hard time choosing between which was better; Drake being frustrated or Megan not torturing him. He made a compromise and decided they were equally good and that he just shouldn't question it.


Sorry I was late with the second chappie sleeping in and summer cleaning and all that!