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Yamanaka Ino felt her body go tense as Uchiha Sasuke sat himself in the empty seat behind her.

"Are you still crying Ino?" Ino clenched her fist hearing him whisper into her ear. "Don't cry." Her body shook with anger. "I'm not here to comfort you."


Ino made a run for the girls' toilet. It was empty what with students rushing to get to their classroom before the last bell rang. Ino didn't mind. She needed to be alone now. She needed to cry alone without anyone seeing her.

"I hate you Uchiha… I hate you Sakura." She could still remember. She could remember how Sasuke had asked her out and she had rejected him at first. She would have jumped at his offer but wasn't Sasuke and Sakura a couple? She wasn't about to backstab her ex-best friend even though Sakura had done it to her. She had persisted against his constant offers only to cave in when Sasuke had forced her to look directly into his eyes and told her that he wanted her.

"I want you."

To be told that, she just couldn't resist rejecting him anymore. She had sought out to search for Sakura the very next moment to clarify with her and had found her pink-haired ex-best friend kissing Naruto.

Ino was caught of guard by the scene in front of her. Were Sasuke and Sakura no longer?

Sakura had flashed a smile and told her that she was with Naruto now.

"So you're…okay with me going out with Sasuke?"

"Of course Silly! I can't be going out with two guys at once right?"

"… Thank you Sakura."

She had turned to get back to Sasuke but stopped short.



"Can we be best friends again?"

Sakura had winked and told her yes.

But she had lied. So had Sasuke. They had played her. They had played Naruto. They had played with other people's emotions.

It was just a game.

Ino cried.

"I hate the both of you…"

The door of the toilet opened abruptly. Ino snapped out from her tears. She wouldn't show whoever it was that she was crying as much as she was hurting inside. A petite girl with midnight Prussian blue hair entered the toilet. The girl looked at her tear stained face with concern eyes.

"Are you okay?" her voice was soft as she whispered those words. Ino stared at the girl. Who was she?

"I'm not." And with that Ino ran out of the toilet knocking the girl out of the way.

Ino could feel the girl watching her go as she left the school building with her strangely colored eyes.

The slap had stung Sasuke's face. But he felt no feelings of humiliation or embarrassment. Instead Sasuke felt smug. His words to Ino had caused something to trigger inside her. Sasuke had hurt Ino.

And he reveled in the power. He was able to control and manipulate emotions. He was able to break people. He felt powerful.

Sasuke stared boringly at the classroom. The girls were giggling and staring pointedly at him. Even though he was known for breaking girls' hearts, they were still willing to be with him.

They all believe that they could 'tame' the heartbreaker.

Sasuke now stared as the door opened and Sakura his "girlfriend" came in. She gave him a peck on his cheek and proceeded to sit next to him, her arms wrapped around his waist to show the other girls that he was hers. Sasuke began tuning out as she started to talk. Sakura was more of a girl with privileges instead of a "girlfriend".

He was not going to submit himself to weakness because of a girl.

It was the third time he was skiving off from school.

If he were to continue so, it was going to remain as a bad habit. A platinum blonde walks past him in a hurry state. She was wearing the same school uniform as him.


"Ino! Oi!" Uzumaki Naruto slid down the slide to run after the girl.

"Go away Naruto." Her voice croaked and trembled badly. Had she been crying?

"Are you hurting?" She had stop walking abruptly. Naruto walked up to Ino. Her eyes were puffy and downcast. "So am I…" Ino looked helplessly at him. "So am I…" he repeated sadly now. Sakura and Sasuke had hurt him. Ino collapsed into his arms breaking down. Naruto awkwardly patted her back.

She fit perfectly in his arms though.

Haruno Sakura brushed her thick pink locks. She leaned into Sasuke to blow him a kiss. She knew how the other girls were staring at her in envy and how the boys were longing to be in Sasuke's position. She likes the feeling. She likes being the centre of attention.

The door of the classroom opened. The attention was no longer on her. Sakura turned to the front of the classroom, annoyed.

A petite girl entered the classroom with the teacher. She was nothing special. The girl looked up at the class. Sakura heard the class drew in their breath. The girl seems to have taken away their breath. Sakura rolled her eyes. She didn't think that the girl was special.

What Sakura didn't realize was that she was holding her breath as well.

Sasuke watch disinterestedly when the door opened. It wasn't Ino but the teacher with a new student. Sasuke looked away but stopped when his eyes locked with the new girl's.

Such interesting colored eyes.

He could hear the class drew a sharp intake of breath and began to whisper.

"Did you see her eyes?"


"Kami! She's blind!"

"Can she see?"

"She's wearing contacts."

The class silenced as the girl opened her mouth to speak.

"Ohayo, I am Hyuuga Hinata." Her eyes were lavender-hued and blank. Sasuke felt a knot in his stomach as Hinata and he locked eyes once again.

He couldn't read her.

"Sasuke-kun" Sasuke broke the eye contact with the girl.

"What is it?" Sakura was reapplying her pink lip-gloss. Sasuke glanced distastefully at the color.

"Are you up for another game?" He watched as Hinata smile at his classmate, Inuzuka Kiba.


Ino and Naruto were seated at opposite ends of the seesaw.

"Hey…Naruto "


"Thank you."

Naruto grinned at Ino and gave her a thumb up. She blushed at his antics.

Naruto was adorable. Sakura didn't deserve him.

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