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Inuzuka Kiba couldn't help but sigh lovingly at the sight of the new student. She was just so… adorable. Kiba blushed when she made eye contact with him and smiled shyly. His heart thumped loud and fast as she approached his direction.

"Kami! She's coming towards me!" The girl stopped directly beside him. Kiba flushed. She was going to seat beside him.

"Sorry for intruding." Her voice was soft and sounded melodious to his ears.

"Oh no, you're not! Let me help you!" In a clumsy and awkward manner, Kiba accidently knocked down the chair he was going to offer her. Awkward silence were all there were.

"You idiot." Aburame Shino muttered. Kiba flushed again, the girl probably thought that too. Kiba cowered at that thought as he sneaked a glanced at her. Instead she was giggling softly.

"Thank you."

Kiba felt as if he was in love.

She like Kiba and Shino. They made her feel welcomed and comfortable in this new environment. They were her sanctuary from all the whispers and stares she'd received every time she steps into a new environment. Hinata felt discomfort when she felt cold onyx eyes on her. As much as she knew that she was safe with Kiba and Shino, if she stayed with them and away from the onyx-colored eyes' boy nothing wrong would ever happened, she couldn't help but be drawn to those eyes.

They were beautiful.

And sad.

But maybe she was just wrong. She was going to keep away from him. She promised Neji.

His eyes narrowed at the sight of Hinata with Shino and Kiba. Sudden anger flared in him when he saw Kiba's hand on Hinata's shoulder.

Why was he angry?

He didn't know.

"I have to go." He heard Sakura talking to him. He felt her lips touching the surface of his cheek. He wiped his cheek. There were traces of pink.

He hated pink.

Sakura noticed how Sasuke wiped away her kiss. She noticed the scowl on his face. She would do anything just to make him happy. Just to make him smile at least once. But she didn't know how. The beginnings of her hook-ups were just to make Sasuke started pay attention to her. Sasuke did noticed but he didn't care. Sasuke was heartless. But she still had him so it didn't matter.


Aburame Shino was aware of how in love his supposedly best friend Kiba was acting around the new girl. Shino usually wouldn't care for Kiba's crushes and love but somehow he felt the need to stop Kiba from falling in love with Hinata.

Both of them watched as Hinata disappeared into the sea of people at the train station.

"Kiba. You're not in love with her." Kiba snapped back from his reverie to glance sharply at Shino.

"What's your problem?" Kiba growled at Shino.

"I am not interested in her. You're not interested in her. She's interested in neither you nor me." Kiba stared hard at Shino.

"Why?" Shino merely blinked before answering.

"Can't you tell she's been hurt?"

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