Geeze, Sango, Kagome thought impatiently. How long can it take to go to the bathroom? Kagome wanted to get out quick, because standing there, holding Sango's Wet Seal and Victoria's Secret bags, were causing some rather interesting stares from passerbys. It was rather unnerving, the way some boys looked at her, watching her squirm in discomfort.

"Mattaku," Kagome muttered irritably. "What the hell is Sango doing in there anyway?" Kagome glanced upward toward the ceiling, as if hoping she could find some comfort there. Kami-sama, please, do strike dear Sango-chan if she does not suffer my wrath by the end of this, Kagome prayed silently.

Suddenly, from a few yards away from her, she could hear one boy muse aloud, "Wonder if she's single…?" And that's when she started to panic. What was she going to do? The boy was heading her way, and it didn't look like Sango was coming out for awhile.

And guess who comes to her rescue.

"Kagome, baby!" The deep, thundering but familiar voice was heard from behind Kagome, who jumped, very startled. Turning around, she smiled a vary thin and tight smile.

"Oh, Kouga," she replied stiffly. "What a coincidence." Kagome subconsciously took a wary step backwards, a bit shaken by his abrupt closeness.

"How's my woman today?" the wolfish grin replied, wrapping his arm around her waist, possessively rather then protectively.

"I'm doing fine, Kouga," Kagome replied sincerely, silently thanking the gods, as she watched the boy that had commented earlier slowly take in the scene, and walk off in the other direction. "And again, I am not your woman. You know I'm dating Inuyasha now," Kagome reminded the dense demon.

"Yeah, whatever," Kouga said offhandedly, brushing off the comment like dust. "Dog-shit's got his own problems," he continued, tightening his hold on Kagome's waist. "And—oh, ho! What have we here?" Kouga's eyes sparked a bit, fingering the letters on the bag Kagome was holding, ignoring her stillness. "Victoria's Secret… what's sweet lil' innocent Kagome got in here, hm?" Kouga teased lightly, showing his upper fang.

"Uh, well, you see," Kagome began awkwardly, blushing quite profusely, still trying to tug out of Kouga's tight grasp around her waist. "It actually belongs to—"

"Aah, Kagome, my dear," Kouga voice spoke huskily, now an octave lower. As sexy as his voice sounded, Kagome was quite disturbed. "Anything for me in here? Anything… sexy?" Kouga suggested slyly, wiggling his eyebrows high. Kagome flushed a deep red.

"No, Kouga, really—" Kagome said urgently, trying again, but failed poorly.

"Come on, Kagome, I trust none of this is for dog-crap, is it?" Kouga continued cheerfully, now digging into the bag, despite Kagome's loud protests. "Lingerie? Lacy bra? G-string? Maybe some—"

Kouga was then stopped in mid sentence as he grabbed out one of the items. "…shampoo?" he finished quizzically, just as Kagome managed to slip out of his loose grip.

"See, that's what I've been trying to tell y—"


Both black-haired teenagers twisted toward the fierce and dangerous roar, which was most sadly directed at the taller and more male one.

And as Kagome left Sango to chase their wolf friend across the mall, Kagome looked down at the Wet Seal and Victoria's Secret bags, and realized that Kouga had almost found the thong hidden in her back pocket.