My first PoTC fic. Not much plot, just an idea I had. Hope you guys like it.

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To Relieve a Burden

Elizabeth laid beside her husband, committing to memory every aspect of his body knowing that she wouldn't set sight on it for ten years. He was no longer the lanky, naive boy who insisted on calling her Miss Swann, but she loved him no less. She remembered this morning, watching as Bootstrap came upon her husband, the promissory knife in hand. She hadn't seen him plunge the knife into her lover's body, but she still felt as if her own heart had been gouged out. Seeing him still alive as Captain of the Dutchman gave her a fleeting glimmer of happiness for while he still lived, they would be separate for ten years. It wasn't fair though; Will had done nothing wrong. He shouldn't have to bear this burden. There had to be a way to break the curse.

Rising up, she blurted, 'There has to be a way Will. I know there is. Somewhere in this world there's a way and I'll not rest until I've found it and we can be together forever.'

'No,' Will said, rising up to meet her. He'd already given this thought. As the Dutchman sank to the depths of the sea, so did he. As he felt his father cut his heart out, he began cursing life and whilst the changes occurred, he fell into depression. For an eternity, he would be separated from his wife save for one day every ten years. Davy Jones was right: life was cruel. And then it hit him, the real cause for this.

'What?' Elizabeth was stunned. Surely he still loved her.

'I love you Elizabeth and it will tear me apart to not see you but once every decade. Those ten years in themselves will be an eternity. But someone must fulfill this task. No one has cared for the dead in so many years there are so many souls to attend to. It isn't a burden, Elizabeth, but someway I can do good, that I can help. Do not look on this as a curse I do not see it as such. We may only have one day together, but we shall make each one seem a lifetime.' Will could see that she would not accept this yet.

'Elizabeth,' he continued, sadness coating his words, 'I can't do this without you. I need your help to get me through this. Please, don't leave me.'

Will's words got to her, she couldn't help herself as the tears began to stream down her face. 'I'll never leave you, Will. The thought, though is so hard, I hate what happened, but I love you no less. And I'll try to accept it, but I'll always long for you and never give up hope to have beside me forever.'

'As will I,' Will agreed, 'but let's not dwell on the future, for we still have today.' He reminded her.

'Aye,' she agreed, a devilish look appearing in her eyes as she pull him back down on to the beach. They would make the best of each one day.