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My Replacement

Once again team seven was training in the forest on an extremely hot day. And even though they felt like dunking themselves on cold water, they had to remain on the training grounds until Kakashi said otherwise.

The team was by the river just outside Konoha. Sakura was shooting on targets, Sasuke was on the middle of a spar with Naruto. And their beloved Kakashi-sensei was busy reading his perverted book.

After a while of hard training the young shinobi decided to take a rest. Naruto and Sasuke were equally beaten and were tired, no point debating who won over the other.

Luckily Sakura had brought some snacks with her for the day, she knew that they all had to keep their fluids up from the dry day, so fruits was a better snack at the time. She handed Naruto and Sasuke two pealed oranges, and to Kakashi an apple. She just ate the same as her teammates and drank mostly water.

"Thank you, Sakura-chan"

"Thanks," it was a bit hard for Sasuke to let those words out.

"No problem guys" she drank some more water and laid on her back, watching the leaves of the trees gently being blown away.

Kakashi was now more into his book that he constantly began to talk to it, either complaining or giving some kind of advice; "No don't go there, it's a trap" "He doesn't like you, you idiot" "I'm a way better guy than he is"

Naruto and Sakura tried to keep from laughing, but it was too funny to watch their sensei being overly protective to some made up character.

Later that day when they were all done training, they were dismissed by Kakashi, who all too quickly vanished with his precious book.

Sensing a sudden awkward air between the remaining three. The Jinchuuriki container opted to shyly end the silence, "Sakura-chan, would you like to go –"

Naruto was interrupted by a rattle from the bushes just behind them. The three turned towards the sound in mild expectation. A boy about the age of them submerged from the bushes. He had short dark purple hair and matching eyes, creamy skin and well built body. He had black baggy pants and a white fitting plain shirt with a wide open black vest. His Hitai-ate over his forehead ,while his hair was all messy but it suited him. Sakura's eyes widened when she saw the guy walked over to her, a big smile immediately lighting her features.

"Hey Sakura-chan, long time no see," the boy answered with a big grin.

Sasuke and Naruto stared at the guy with confusion marring their faces, still looking as if they were waiting for the guy to attack. But Sakura surprised them more when she jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly.


"Uhm, Sakura-chan?" Naruto mumbled, while Sasuke folded his arms, looking away like he didn't have a care in the world.

Sakura whispered something in Kensuke's ear, which was impossible for Sasuke or Naruto to hear. The young boy chuckled in response for whatever she told him.

"Sorry Naruto, this is Kensuke, Kensuke this is Naruto," she said then turned over to Sasuke, "and this is Sasuke-kun. Well they're my teammates."

"Oh the famous Uchiha boy, been wanting too meet you for a long time," Kensuke smirked at Sasuke. It seemed like Kensuke was at times just like Sasuke; cocky and arrogant. Sasuke turned around to face him, the part that said 'been wanting too meet you for a long time' made him some how curious.

"Do you want to go somewhere Ken-kun?" she asked him, as she picked her bag from the ground.

"I was thinking on staying here at the river to cool down for a bit, if I can. My journey was not so relaxing and swimming for a while could be fun."

"Sure, then let me go to my house and I'll go grab my swim–"

"All taken care of, I passed by your house and grabbed the needed things"

Naruto was now more curious than ever, and was angry red from the smiles and the sweeping of his hand against Sakura's hair. Sasuke was also curious, but he did not care much about how he kept touching her head or smiling at her.

'Could he be her boyfriend?' Sasuke thought. He stood up and did as to walk away. Naruto remained frozen on his spot guarding on Sakura and Kensuke talking and laughing.

"Wait guys don't you want to swim too," she smiled sweetly at the pair who was now on their way of leaving the pair alone.

"I got to do something else," stated Sasuke and kept walking. Sakura raised an eyebrow unsatisfied.

"Liar," she muttered, "What about you Naruto? Will you?" she looked at him, debating whether to use her puppy face to convince him or not. Sasuke was already glaring at Sakura for calling him a liar.

Yes indeed he was lying, but why should he give explanations to her anyways?

"OK," Naruto grinned.

He quickly took his pants off, then he reached for his jacket and last but not least his net shirt. He dived into the water, splashing out to his surroundings. Sakura ran towards Sasuke, leaving Naruto and Kensuke talking by themselves.

Well not much talking, considering Naruto favor talking to the new guy, instead he kept glaring at Kensuke who was right in front of him. Sensing that heprobably wouldn't get to see a good side from the blonde, the purple headed ninja submerged underwater to avoid his gaze.

"Sasuke-kun, are you sure you don't want to stay a while?" Sakura asked him with a hopeful smile. Briefly, Sasuke looked back to Kensuke and decided that if he wanted to know what was going on between him and Sakura he definitely had to stay with them for now.

An alarm suddenly turned inside his head in warning. Did he really want to find out who that Kensuke guy was to Sakura? He couldn't really care if she got over him and got a boyfriend already.

Did he?

"Alright" he answered flatly, Sakura smiled and turned around grabbing the red bag Kensuke was carrying with him earlier.

She found that indeed there was everything needed for the time. She found her baby pink bikini in there and some sunblock. Sakura hid behind a tree to change into her new attire, when she came out Sasuke was already in the water with Naruto and Kensuke.

Both were glaring at Kensuke, their eyes looked like daggers. The murderous intent in them was clear as water.

Sakura sweet dropped at the scene before her, but joined them none the less.

Both her teammates looked at her with their mouths wide open and blinking as if trying to believe that was really Sakura. They could clearly now see her curves, her hair was held back away from her eyes which made her beautiful jade eyes visible. Their reaction was golden, and Kensuke couldn't help to laugh.

"Don't tell me this is the first time they see you like this?" Kensuke asked with a raised brow, "I see you like this every summer"

Sakura giggled.

Sasuke shook his head as he turned around and held his nose tightly, trying to prevent the nosebleed he knew it was coming. Naruto blushed fiercely and sunk his head quickly underwater.

'Every summer? How long have they been going out?' Sasuke thought in shock. And there he goes again not knowing why does he even care, how long or does she now have a boyfriend.

"So Kensuke, how come we have never seen you here before?" Naruto inquired, mumbling against the surface of the cool water. The Uchiha mutely thanked Naruto for being the first to ask the question. Or the only one for that matter.

"Because I go out on missions and spend my time on training camps"

"Training camps? For what?"

"Before I can enter Anbu I have to go training and if I don't pass I stay as a jonin"

Sasuke's attention snapped back to the young man.

He said he was training to enter Anbu, how old is this guy? Well for the looks of it he was their age, but why is he training so early to become an Anbu couldn't he wait until he became a jonin?

"What rank are you?" Sasuke spoke up.

"Didn't I say jonin?"

"What!" Naruto yelled out surprised. "You don't look that old"

Kensuke laughed, and Sakura just rolled her eyes for her oblivious teammate.

"Kensuke is the same age as us Naruto, but he passed his tests no problem. When he became a genin he was ten, he was trained and taught several jutsus. When he was eleven, just a year after becoming a genin he became a chunin, his sensei knew he had several qualities and decided to let him move on. When he was third-teen several ninjas opposed on letting him become a jonin at such an early age, but his sensei said the contrary and let him anyways. They thought he had a lack of intelligence, but from being on the– " she paused a while thinking carefully how to say the next. "–but from being on the best team at the time, they considerate and let him move on with his jonin examination, he became a jounin and has been training in those camps ever since, although he does come back to Konoha to visit every once in a while."

So it was a long range relationship? Sasuke was somehow impressed about Kensuke, he was strong apparently, and smart since he became a jonin at the age of third-teen.

"Then how do you guys keep it up?" Naruto asked Sakura as a small blush colored his cheeks from being so close to the girl. Oh how he wished she went back to her regular attire.

"Keep what up?" she asked the boy who was obviously trying not to blush and pass out right in front of her.

"You know, such a long relati–" Sasuke slapped a hand over Naruto's big mouth. Sakura arched her eyebrows, looking confusedly at the two. Time passed and it was getting dark, Sakura once again got out of the water revealing her self.

"I'm hungry do you know of any place that sells good food?" Kensuke asked Sakura. At the mention of food, the blonde jumped out of the water excitedly.

"Let's go for Ramen! Ichiraku's is the best!"

Kensuke looked back at Sakura, waiting to hear the opposite.

"Yeah, let's go for Ramen," she smiled. The boys changed into their clothes, as Sakura went behind a tree and changed into other shorts and a red sleeveless shirt.

Sasuke's jealousy began to grow when he noticed Kensuke had wrapped once again his arm around Sakura.

'OK, calm down Sasuke, you don't care about that–' he though silently, trying to convince himself 'Tch, the hell with this. Yes I'm jealous so what? And if he does not retrieve his arm, I'm sure I have the right remedy for that to happen' he tightened his fists, but they had now reached Ichiraku's ramen shop.

'Damn you, sanctuary for you. But you are not safe, I swear I'll kick your jonin ass'

Sasuke seemed he was about to jump from his seat and murder Kensuke, who was having a good time playing with Sakura. Naruto just stared at them and ate his ramen.

But Sasuke, oh Sasuke was another story.

"Well Sakura, you were right this guys are fun to be around with," said Kensuke as he stretched his arms behind him. That smile of his that he directed only towards the roseate was irritating the young Uchiha the most.

'Wanna see fun? Come and let me kick your ass, now that is fun'

Sasuke's anger was growing by the minute. And he almost jumped up screaming when Kensuke hugged Sakura.

"Well I'll see you at the house," Kensuke stood up and waved bye to team seven.

"Doesn't he have a place to live?" Naruto asked with hints of irritation in his voice.

"He stays at my place whenever he comes to Konoha" Sakura was trying not to laugh, but it was helpless. She noticed Sasuke's angry expression, and she knew it was different from its usual. And Naruto, well Naruto it was strange to see him angry, so for her that was the sign of the Apocalypse.

"When did you start dating him?" the blonde asked out of no where, this time Sasuke didn't have time to slap his hand against his mouth.

"Date him?"

"Yes, how come we never knew about you dating him," by that time Sakura burst out laughing.

"I'm not dating him"

'He hugs her and kisses her…of course she is dating him' Sasuke thought thoroughly annoyed.

"But then why all the snuggling?"

"Naruto, he is–"

"He is your boyfriend," Sasuke answered flatly. He sounded different, jealousy was obviously involved in his voice.

"He is not my boyfriend"

They remained in silence for a while. Naruto was angry she did not admit it and Sasuke was angry because he though Kensuke was indeed her boyfriend.

"Agh! You'll say it sooner or later" Naruto stood up and walked out of the shop, leaving Sakura and Sasuke on their spots. Sensing the killer glare, she turned to look at the steamed Uchiha.


"I didn't say anything"

"Then stop looking at me," She frowned, facing her bowl of cold ramen.

'I can't, damn it!' his eye narrowed, wanting to scream it out loud.

"Why don't you just admit it?"

"Admit what?"

"That Kensuke is your boyfriend," Sakura burst out laughing once again.

"What's so funny?"

"I told you he is not my boyfriend"

"Of course he is he" Sakura covered his mouth with her hand and looked into his velvety dark eyes with pure amusement. She didn't know anymore whether to laugh or slap some sense into the man.

"Sasuke, how can I go out with my own cousin?"


Sasuke surely didn't expect that. His face instantly blanched.

"Of course, that's why I said he couldn't have the lack of intelligence. Since he is a Haruno, he has to be smart"

Sasuke surely felt like a total dunce, he looked away to hide his blush.

'No wonder he went to her house, no wonder he said he looked at her in swim suit every summer. Damn it I'm such an idiot' he thought, while kicking himself mentally.

"But Sasuke, I'm surprised that came from you. I understand Naruto, but you? Asking me if he was my boyfriend," he turned around and with out thinking it twice he kissed her on the lips.

"I thought he was my replacement"

The End...

or is it?

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