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Summary: To what extremes would Sasuke go, to show that Sakura is his.

Property of Uchiha Sasuke

I can't stand it, the action of another guy even speaking to her. It just annoys me and I know she is aware of it.

Sure she is my girlfriend, but every guy around her seems to forget that. The gifts, the callings, even how they look at her angers me. I always have to be wide awake to guard her from her fan boys.

Yes, fan boys. At the age of 18, Sakura had bloomed quite nicely, thereby capturing the attention of several guys in Konoha. Her rose-hair once again long and silky reaching down to her waist, her jade orbs sparkle even more which drives me crazy, her skin as smooth and creamy as ever, and her voice comes as a beautiful melody that just makes me go insane.

Yes I've fallen in love, and I don't regret falling in love with her. She is just perfect. And just because she is flawless and because I love her, I have to protect her.

And protection was all year round.

Holidays are always a nightmare; Valentine's day, Christmas, New Years, even her own birthday. Fan boys go wild around her, waiting always outside the hospital for her. They used to wait outside her apartment, but …I arrive earlier, so tough luck.

Speaking of holidays, Christmas is just three days from now and I have to plan something special for just the two of us, otherwise it will be running all day from her fan boys and my fan girls.

Now speaking of which, fan girls are more annoying. Like the time one of them went to Sakura's house and demanded for her to stop seeing me, all the screaming and yelling she did at Sakura's just for her to ignore me was simply pathetic. Ah, but fan girls never travel alone, she had brought her whole herd of crazy girls who were at the point of almost slaying Sakura. I grew tired of the yelling I had to come out with my annoyed expression and a simple cold glare to scare them away. Once they saw me they stopped screaming until one of them spoke, pointing accusingly at my already pissed off girlfriend. With a "Get lost or next time I see you I will forget you're a girl" they ran off as quick as their legs permitted them to.

Now fan boys haven't done that to me, but I'm just waiting because once they do I'll beat the hell out of them. I admit is not the first time when I wish I could kill someone for just the mere reason of looking at Sakura. Just to say, I wanted to kill a relative of her, Haruno Kensuke. I made a fool of my self that time, is just too embarrassing for me to remember.

Now back to my problem to keep those fools off my girlfriend. What should I do?

Just as if on cue she comes out of the hospital's double doors, she looked tired I can tell, probably so much use of chakra on patients and Tsunade's laziness for paper work. I look around and to my surprise only a few of her fan boys, some of them glanced back at me before thinking twice before leaving with their heads downcast.

'That's it, leave my girl alone' I can't help but think as a devilish smirk plays on my lips.

Next thing I knew, she was in front of me with a huge smile plastered on her beautiful face. She stood on her tip toes, seeing as I'm a head taller than her, and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. I return it but not so gentle, instead I snake my arms around her small waist and pull her closer deepening the kiss. I smirk when I hear her gasp, seems it surprised her. At this point, my possessiveness shouldn't shock her at all.

Taking that as an advantage I slip my tongue inside her cave, exploring every corner of her mouth. I give a little push to her tongue with mine, inciting for her to play with me. After a few seconds we started to battle against each other's tongues. We separate from each other taking in a big gasp of air.

Any of those fans that stayed behind for the show didn't have much to say anymore. I wasn't fond of PDA, but now it came in handy.

"Ready to go home?" I start to gently kiss and nibble her neck, waiting for any response that dares to come out of her. In that moment she moans.

Bingo! I adore that. To make her moan or giggle faintly and want more of my touches, seeing as I'm also stubborn. She takes a hold of my face and turns it so that now I'm facing her, I quickly quirk an eyebrow questioning her actions just to be welcome by her lips on mine once again.

"Lets go" she pulls me by an arm and we began to walk down the road.

I look around, and all eyes on us.

Perfect! Learn people. She is Uchiha Sasuke's and I don't share.

My smirk widens when I notice some of my fan girls and her fan boys gawk at the view of us walking together and by hand. '

Yeah this is perfect'

I know I sound mean, but come on can't they learn?

Even Naruto is like them, but I understand him, he is Naruto after all. I admit I feel jealous when he hugs her and began to whine about why did she even rather hang out with me than him. And Speaking of the devil, here he comes. Oh and look he brings a rose.

What? He brings her a rose? Okay now you are dead. Sure when he talks to her and hugs, and whines, and makes her laugh every once in a while is sort of OK, but come on. Why give her the flower of love when she obviously doesn't like you in that way. It rather stupid to be jealous of him, but I couldn't help it.

"Hey Sakura-chan!" he shouts even though he is just a few feet away from us. I flinched then shot a glare at him which clearly read 'Shut the hell up'

"Oh hey teme" the obnoxious blonde spares me a glance and a shrug before turning to look back at Sakura, she only smiles and waits for Naruto to keep talking.

"Hn." I answer him just because I don't have anything else to say to him.

"Neh Sakura-chan" he fidgets both of his index fingers a habit I only see on the Hyuuga girl, leaving the poor red rose to wobble back and forth in the movement. Sakura looks at him questioningly, still smiling patiently. I gotta hand it to her, for being able to hold back and not just strangle him.

Or maybe that was just what I wished.

"I need advice" his head drops in a manner that made Sakura giggle, it was a show like when he complains and fake tears run down his eyes.

"About what?" she asks grabbing my arm in the process. She, as well as myself, was ready for the unexpected.

"About, asking a girl out" he looked up at Sakura, I can tell he was embarrassed he said that in front of me. Red began to color his cheeks and his eyes seemed to shrink in a manner that he looked about to pass out.

"Who?" I ask. Because if it is Sakura, you are wasting your time.

"Hinata-chan," he mumbled.

"Who?" Sakura repeated.

"Hinata-chan," he spoke a little louder. A devilish grin quickly spread in her lips, I can tell she is having a plan. A very very evil one.

"I'll help you ask her out, you just have to go up to her and say…" she began throwing an arm around his shoulder and whispering closely to his ear, "would you go out with me?"

'Wow was that evil'

Naruto shot his head back looking at Sakura as if she just grew another head. I couldn't help but do the exact same.

"Come on Sakura-chan, even I could have thought of something like that"

A vein pops on her forehead that clearly shows she is pissed off. The least he could do is appreciate her help.

'That dobe'

"Believe me Naruto, that is the only thing you need to tell her," with a wink she took her arm off his shoulder and walked towards me, giving me a peck on the lips before we took off again, leaving a stressed Naruto behind.

I've been thinking and my last option was to make a party at my place, a big one, where I will spend my time with her while the people are too busy dancing and congratulating each other. Yeah, is the close to a better plan I have.

Today is the Christmas celebration and now it just hit me.

'How the hell am I suppose to come up with a party in less than 8 hours?'

Forget just the planning, the inviting, the decorations. Like way to go, I think this was the only time I didn't think of something twice. But I won't give up, this is my only chance.

I quickly jump off the bed and run towards the phone, flipping through the phone book I find Yamanaka's flower shop number and began to dial.

"Hello, Yamanaka's flower shop how can I help you?" I hear a voice from the other line, I know that voice.

Damn. It's her, please let her be over me. Please let her be over me. Please let her be over me…

I repeat over and over again inside my head.

"Hello, I need flower sorting, and some invitations to be given out by today. All should be delivered, for a party today" I answer on my harsh tone as always.

"Er, sure can I get your name please sir?" I look around the room. Well what ever she knows you are going out with Sakura anyways.

"Uchiha Sasuke"

"Oh my god! Hi Sasuke-kun!" she screams from the other end as I held the phone away from my ear.

"To how many people do you want me to deliver the invites to? Hey can I suggest you something? Invite only cool people, you know? so the party won't be a total downer. Oh, oh, and that could be a perfect time for you to–"

"Ino, just get them ready. Invite everyone in Konoha, I know some will go and some wont and that is fine, just invite people." I was irritated. I give her all the info and hang up as soon as I'm done before she could began another one of her rants.

Two hours passed and I'm done with the decorations in the ball room.

I just needed 30 clones of me and we finished in one hour flat. I jump from the stool which I was currently on top tying some golden ribbons on the edges of the walls. Taking a last glance at my work of art I turn around to leave the room when I'm met with two identically dressed girls. It was Sakura and Ino.

"Hi Sasuke-kun!" they both said in unison. They were wearing a very similar outfit to Santa Claus, although theirs were dresses and they looked better than the old man himself. Their hats were a bit tilted to a side away from each others, they were carrying big red bags that for the looks of it had boxes inside. Sakura walks up to me and kisses me on the lips gently before stepping back.

I smirk down at her, how daring of her to do this in front of Ino. My attention goes to the blonde girl in front of us who was blushing like crazy when Sakura did this.

"She is coming on a date with Sai" Sakura whispers in my ear. My smirk widens, with one girl distracted with another boy, his plans of alone time with Sakura came to shine. If Ino is no longer a fan girl, than thank you Kami. One down, half the entire girl population of Konoha to go.

Both girls helped me finish on something I couldn't have done, not even with all the clones I could summon.

Cooking. I can't cook, sure make me do a salad or some instant ramen and I will gladly do them. But put me to chop some vegetable and then cook them on a stove and try to season them, and you will ruin your grocery by just that.

With everything set and I felt tired, great couldn't I have thought of this days ago?

I lean back on my chair, closing my eyes tightly and trying to ignore the noise coming from the front doors of the house. The guests were here. Sakura pulls me by an arm so I can get up, and my thoughts right away are 'Darn it woman, can't you see I'm tired?' But then it hit me, I did all of this for her; because I want to spend time with her.

Listen to me, six years ago and no one would have believed me, I wouldn't even believe myself.

Finally I'm up, how I don't know but I'm on my feet and been dragged out of the ball room towards the front gates where almost the whole village had come to say merry Christmas or other sorts of things they say on this times of the year. Some even gave me presents, which I took since I didn't want to look ungrateful.

"Sakura-san!" came a voice, his voice. Sakura's stalker from her childhood.

Rock Lee.

"O-Oh hey Lee-san" she stuttered, quickly tightening her hold on my arm.

"Here!" he hands her a small red box with dark green ribbons tied to it and a big green bow on top. I glare at the package. Oh come on! I did all this so all you people can exchange presents towards each other, not so you can come and try to woo my girlfriend.

"Thank you Lee-san" she took it from his grasp, her fingers delicately playing with the olive green bow. Lee stood there, probably waiting for a gift or kiss from her. I clear my throat intensifying my glare on him, which he quickly returns and turns to leave. And that's my luck that another one comes right after Lee. What? Where they making a line or something?

I let them make a fool of themselves and try to keep my self from punching those who dared to touch her, just letting some get a hug as a Christmas greeting.

Wait! Did that idiot just touch her butt! Oh he is in for it. I leaned in to punch him but Sakura pushed me back, next thing I knew we were out of the ball room and into the gardens. I look down at her, my breath coming in shallow gasps, my anger was at boiling point and I know she can tell.

"Sakura– "

Doesn't she know I was about to kill that guy for touching her in places he shouldn't have.

"I know Sasuke-kun" she stuttered, clearly trying to calm me down.

"But that guy just– "

"I know Sasuke-kun, that is why I took you out of there before you start a fight." she looks up at me, stroking my left cheek gently as my eyes softened once again.

"I can't help it– "

I can't help to feel jealous.

Yeah, jealousy is my problem, specially since I only make Sakura worry over me.

She smiles at me and pulls me towards one of the white benches by the frozen pond. We sat down and look at the dark starless sky, it was covered in grey clouds that expressed they were about to let some snow fall on us.

The rumor that snow would fall tonight, was apparently true.

"They won't come out here," she was still smiling even though it was freezing cold. I quickly take off the top part of my kimono and throw it over her exposed arms and legs, hugging her closer to keep her warm. She nuzzles closer to my chest and hugs me around my torso.

We stayed like that for a while, until the sound of fireworks woke us up. Over the fence sparkles and explosions of red, blue, green and other mixing of colors were displayed for our pleasuring view. Perhaps it was the warm sensation I felt deep inside of me, or the feeling that I had her closer to me. But the cold didn't seem to be my top priority, I knew my hands and legs were numb, but I couldn't find my self to get up nor make Sakura get up for us to take a warmer place. That is when I remembered about the tower in which I used to go each New Years to see the fireworks better, it was way warmer up there since it was caged by a clear crystal and it would be quiet and peaceful since it is far away from everyone else. I tapped her on the shoulder to see if she was still awake, she looks up at me, confusion written on her lovely face.

"Follow me"

She trembled when I let go of her, apparently I was the one keeping her warm.

We walked together through the halls of the dark mansion, when we passed one of the entrances to the ball room I noticed how Naruto kept the party up and going. Leave it to that dobe to be the center of attention.

We arrived at the entrance of the tower, the floor covered with tatami mats, candles lined on the walls in a consecutive row. At the end of the room was the glass window in which they would look out to the fire works. Besides the candles, the room was lighted by each cherry bomb, pinwheel, or girandole that exploded in the sky; giving the room a red and bluish color. We walk to the window, looking down at how the people prepared for the next rocket and how they were having their small snow ball fight with the first snow.

My top priority right now was to give her my gift; that one that would show how I feel about her. I noted how much she loved daffodils, but then again which flower she doesn't love? Cherry blossoms went pretty darn good with her name, but it would have been too obvious to give her a pendant in shape of a cherry blossom. So instead of one flower, I'll give her a whole potpourri.

I bring that little red box that is been stealing space under my sleeve, a small tag with her name in golden letters. I open the box to reveal my own Christmas present, which left her quite speechless.

"Sasuke-kun?" I can tell she is amazed. A white gold charm bracelet rested on the black soft surface of the box, not just any charms; they were all of each flower I knew she liked the most.

She loved it and that's all that matter, at least I hoped she loved it. I take the delicate object from the box, quickly tying it around her wrist. I was nervous I could see my self tremble as I did so; why? I don't know. Probably it is because I'm not use to this sort of things, but I should get ready since in a few months I know I'll be ready to give her the next accessory that would match the bracelet perfectly. As a matter of fact, I have a selection of those beautiful objects on hold, just trying to pick the right one.

"Do you like it?"

"Like it? Love it!" she pulled me quickly into a tight hug in which I answered quickly with a passionate kiss following the moment.

After our quick exchange of gifts we were ready to go back and spent the time left of the party with the rest of the guests.

Just when we were about to walk out of the room I remembered the one thing I was suppose to give her before the party even started. Once again I reach under my sleeve for a red silky headband, no plate, just the rag with a set of kanji words written on it: which I didn't let her read.

"What is this?"

"A small gift I was suppose to give you long ago"

I tie the red headband around on her forehead, adjusting it a bit so that the words are readable. A smirk creeps into my lips at the thought of letting people see this and actually digesting it without remorse.

As we walked inside the ball room I came to notice my thoughts becoming reality. People stared at Sakura, some shocked some angry, she looked puzzled on top of all but the reaction it seemed to cause on people only made my grin widen.

Sakura wouldn't know, just yet, what the headband said. I was simply having too much fun. But I know that when she takes it off tonight and reads it, she will be somehow proud of me.

For the headband reads something I want to make clear to everyone. She was and will always be…

'Property of Uchiha Sasuke'

The End

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