This is just a little thought I had as to what may happen if Tohru had actually always been a manipulative person. I know I am not the first person to do this, but hopefully I'll be the only one to have it done in this way. It will switch off between Tohru and Shigure's POV, and the chapters may not be long, often repeating some of the same lines as seen in this first chapter. I hope you like!

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Have you ever seen how people will just sit around talking about each other? It seems everywhere I go I run into the same types of people... but I'm not like that. No, I am the innocent. I am the one who believes in the good of people.

Shigure sits there everyday, watching me, calculating my every move. It seems he's always watching, always waiting. I can not be certain, but I've never let slip my true thoughts. He wouldn't know I watch him as much as he watches me.

At the grocery store people constantly talk about me. Every time I go I go with either Yuki or Kyo. My friends know I am uninterested in either, but the two boys seem to have other plans. Yuki is too quiet, too unsure of himself. Kyo is too tempermental, and though he is improving, it's not fast enough for me.

As it is, Shigure is too perverted, too egotistical. Yet there is something about him that attracts me. Something is exciting me every time I see him. It's that excitement he arouses in me that made me ask him to go to the store with me.

"Hmm?" he looked up from the newspaper he was reading, giving me a questioning glance. "Why not ask Kyo or Yuki?" I'd planned for that question.

"I would but Kyo has karate and Yuki has student council activities." So far so good. My plan all along was merely to get him out of the house.

"Well, if they're both gone, I'll accompany you, then." I hadn't planned on that response, not this early. I must admit it almost made me lose my poker face of smiles. I'd planned on him arguing, complaining even. "I'll go get ready." With that he left me standing alone in the dining room.

His behavior was unusual, to say the least. Could Shigure be onto me? No... he can't know. He has only seen my sides of smiles and worry. He does not know of my manipulative side, nor can he know that I may be equal to or superior to him in that arena.

Shigure's POV

She came up to me asking if I would go to the store with her. Does she honestly think me that stupid? I have seen her watching me. I have watched her try to calculate my every move. Tohru believes to have me pegged to the dot. I wonder... what will she do if I play along?

"Hmm?" I pretend to look up. "Why not ask Kyo or Yuki?"

Her expression did not change. It didn't take her but a moment to say "I would but Kyo has karate and Yuki has student council activities."

So that's it. She wants to get me out of the house, where Yuki or Kyo could likely come hopme at any given moment. The fridge and cabinets have already been stocked, and she wouldn't have asked me along to buy groceries. Besides, she'd have been fine going by herself.

Instead of continueing this charade, I told her "Well, if they're both gone, I'll accompany you, then. I'll go get ready." With that I left her standing dumbfounded, though she probably believes me to be fooled. Tohru may play at manipulation, but she has yet to be in complete control of it. Before the night is over, maybe she'll have learned something from her master...