My wallet could not afford the cost of a motel room, but it didn't seem to matter. Shigure just popped his head in at the clerk and a key was thrown to him. I've no idea how many times he has been here or done this, but apparently it was enough to get him his own tab started.

As our clothing left our bodies, I found I could care less about how many times he'd been here. With his every caress the thought of how many women he'd spent, possibly in this very room, just faded away.

It started out the way I thought it would in a real love story. With the gentle caresses and the way he just glided our bodies together, it felt more like magic than anything else.

Of course I would forget the reason we were there to begin with.

"Are you ready, Tohru?"

I moaned, his hand squeezing ever so gently upon my breast. "For what?"

"The fun part." His hands drooped low upon my body, easily slipping the white thong I wore down my legs. His fingers traced the outline of my folds, after a moment plunging deep within me.

It was an amazing feeling, yet so foreign I had no idea as to how I should take it. As his fingers slid in and out of me I felt my breath catching, and even more so my body writhing beneath his ministrations. A knot was building up deep within my belly, and as he went faster the knot just grew tighter. When it seemed it would burst the fingers left me empty, and the bed just as much so.

"Shigureeee..." I moaned, frustrated, "you stopped..."

His chuckle could be heard coming from the side of the bed on my left, and turning over I found his bare backside poking out, his head and upper torso pulling something out from under the bed. "I did."

"Why? What are you doing?"

He leaned his head up just enough to see me. "I have been waiting for this for a long time, Tohru. And now that you have so marvelously blown your cover, I'm going to enjoy it." As he went back to digging around beneath the bed I sat back, sighing.

Of course. I did blow it. Now he was going to enjoy it by showing me the ultimate form of manipulation. He was going to bring me to the top and leave me hanging just to bring me back up again.

A small smile played upon my lips as he pulled a pair of handcuffs out. Tonight would be fun...

Shigure's POV

The furry handcuffs I had stored in the room came in handy as Tohru writhed beneath me. She squirmed so much that had it not been for the thin restraints I'd have lost my place buried deep within her thighs, my tongue expertly poking within her folds. The screams of pleasure that issued forth from her small form only pulled me further within her, and the way her legs tightened their grip let me know just when to stop, further tantalizing her from lack of release.

"Shigure..." she groaned, the third time I let her come back down on her own, "you're starting to really become mean."

From my position, she was the one being mean. With her arms pinned over her head, breasts heaving with the harsh breathing I'd left her with, and her legs open to my greedy eyes, she was every bit as torurous to me as I was being to her. The only difference, I wasn't tied up.

Using my arms to pull myself forward, I moved to where I laid with my chest over her core, my arms on the opposite side of her legs and my face even with her chest. "I can become even worse..." I threatened, moving my lips to the small area of skin between her breasts, "I could keep doing so much more to you and leave you tied down for it all..."

"Don't you dare." she spoke so quickly, bringing her face right up next to mine, that it surprised even me, if only for a second.

Instead of letting it get to me, however, I just leaned in further and captured her lips with my own, thoroughly tasting her before moving my lips down her chin and throat, eventually landing on her breast. As my lips teased and nipped at her left nipple, my fingers gave a similar treatment to her right. The more I sucked and tweaked, the more she would squirm beneath me. I was glad while I played that I was so much taller than her. Had my member been up closer to her core as she squirmed I'd have lost it way too soon.

As it was, by the time I finished with her chest I knew I had to end it soon or never be able to start.

Bringing myself back up her body, I pulled Tohru in for another sweet kiss, relishing in the feeling of her lips. As we kissed, my hands slowly undid the handcuffs above her head. I could torture her for hours on end later, but for her first time, as I knew it was, that at least must be done right.

When her hands were at length freed, they slowly wrapped themselves around my shoulders, her fingers threading themselves within my hair, much as mine were ensnared within hers.

"Tohru..." I mumbled between kisses, "for now the game is over."

My body over hers, I cradled her within my arms, making certain that she was comfy before entering her depths. She winced in pain as I filled her completely, but slowly her body grew used to me, and at her urging I moved again. As I pumped she moved her hips to match my own momentum. As we joined together in the most intimate of ways the truth became obvious to me.

Did you know? You did, didn't you? Yes, there's no way you could have missed it. It was just as obvious in your eyes as it was my own. We laughed at everyone and praised ourselves above them all. We were certain that we had everything in control, that we were the masters of manipulation.

How very wrong we were.

As my body moves in yours I can see the look in your eyes. In the throws of passion it is impossible to lie anymore. Neither of us were ever in control. We were the pawns in this game all along.

Yet, even now as we come down from the high of lovemaking, I find I can not end this game just yet. Instead, I shall continue to play with you until we each grow bored of it. That, I believe shall be a day we never see.

Author's Note: Ok, I know this doesn't fully match the rest of the story, but I'm hoping it ended well enough to keep with the original flow of the story. Hope you liked!