Warm Me

She was wearing leg-warmers. They warmed your legs, he suspected as he looked at the fabric that only cared to cover her ankles to her knees, leaving her thighs un-warmed under her pink miniskirt. Why didn't she wear pants if her legs were cold? And if she was cold why didn't she just wear more clothing?

It was winter and they were in Orihime's apartment, or to be more precise, Matsumoto was with Orihime in the kitchen and he was sitting on the couch, thinking about these odd "leg-warmers" that deceived people into thinking that they were useful.

"Eat this!" She chirped, holding something in front of his mouth. He frowned, still looking at the wine-colored cloth that was wrapped around her calves.


"Oh come on! Orihime and I made it! Please?"

"Do I have to repeat myself, Matsumoto?"

"No... say yes!"


She groaned dramatically and pranced back into the kitchen. He watched her wine-colored, covered, legs. She took the leg "warmers" with her a few weeks later.

"You should give them back," he advised her because they were just sleeves to put on your legs.

She admired them as she walked, brushing her legs against each other, relishing the softness of the material. "She won't notice, she said she only wore them once!"

"For good reason."

Her brow tightened and she looked at them again. "You just don't understand--"

"I don't."

But he understood once he noticed that they were so much easier to remove than pants.

Gah! hope you liked. Short, but too the point...a very steamy point. lol. And if you didn't understand the last chapter it's practically... he's walking into his office, it's dusty and it still has things the way they were before matsumoto died, then he wrote her name unconciously, burns the paper, sees her, then follows her "into the dark". aw.