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Sam looked at Dean out of the corner of his eye. It wasn't that Dean looked any different. He was wearing his usual jeans with a t-shirt covered by his leather jacket, but to Sam he was the most beautiful person in the entire world. He had protected Sam from everything when they were children. As they got older the dangers changed. It stopped being the thing under the bed to the ghoul or spirit they were hunting. However Dean was always there, to protect him and make it all better.

Sam wasn't sure when he had fallen in love with his brother. He supposed that it was during high school. All he could say for sure was that that was what had caused him to run to college. He was so scared of Dean's rejection he felt better running away than he did staying and possibly revealing it to Dean on accident. Sam loved his father, but if John disapproved of something Sam could've cared less, but if Dean rejected him he didn't know what he would do. Dean's opinion mattered more to him than anyone else's he cared about. So he did the only thing he could think of doing. He pushed his family away and went off to college. It hurt to push Dean away, but he thought it was better that way.

While he was at college Sam had managed to bury the feelings and make some friends, especially Jesse. He went on a few dates with some guys but nothing serious happened. When Dean appeared in the middle of the night everything changed. Everything he had been suppressing came back in a whirlwind and all he wanted to do was keep away from him so he wouldn't reveal his secret. But destiny had handed him a different card and here he was, staring at his brother like a lovesick schoolgirl. He wished Jesse had still been alive. It hurt to lose his best friend like that. She was the only person who knew how he had felt for Dean. She had supported him and gave him advice when she could. Whenever he would go out on a date with a guy she would always cover for him. She was like a sister to him, but closer. Everyone thought they were lovers because of all the time they had spent together, but there relationship was more than that. They were the only person in which the other confided in and Sam had lost the only person who knew everything in that fire.

"Take a picture. It lasts longer. You know you keep staring at me right? I know I'm a sexy as hell, but you could at least be discreet."

Sam's train of thought was broken by Dean's voice. He didn't even know Dean had noticed.

Fumbling for an excuse, Sam tried to make up something that was believable.

"I'm not looking at you. I'm looking at the scenery."

"You know you have your own window right?"

"Yeah, but I'm tired of looking out this window. I thought yours might be more interesting."

"So I'm more interesting than the country scenery? I'm touched Sammy. I really am"

Sam turned his head to look out his window and to hide his blush from Dean.

"You wish. And it's Sam"

"Looks like you're the one who's wishing, seeing as how you keep staring at me, Sam", Dean said putting great emphasis on the name.

Sam took a moment to answer, surprised at how close Dean came to the truth even if he was joking. Sam replied, "Fuck you"

"You wish"



Sam tried to change the subject to something he was more comfortable with, hoping Dean would just let the conversation go.

"So, Dean, any idea where Dad's sending us?"

"Far as I can tell it's just some backwater town."

"Figures", Sam said under his breath.

"Apparently it's an easy job. It looks like it's just a haunted house. Probably some lonely spirit or ghost looking for company. Either that or a spirit protecting its haunting grounds. All we gotta do is figure out who the spirit is, unbury the bones, salt and burn them, and we're on our way. Easy right?"

"I guess", Sam said turning his attention back to the scenery to avoid looking at Dean.

"What do you mean 'you guess'?"

"I'm just saying that it seems too easy. When something seems so easy there's usually some kind of catch"

"You think too much. You know that geek boy?"

"One of us has to think since the other one doesn't. And call me Sam"

"Great wisecrack smartass. In any case, we're almost there. The map says there's a motel around here somewhere."

"Great. I'm tired. All I want is a good night of sleep"

"Yeah, I'm sure sitting in a car doing nothing all day must be exhausting", Dean said, his voice dripping in sarcasm.

"Sorry," Sam answered back, "But I'm not the one who doesn't let ANYONE drive his car"

"Can't have anyone messing up my baby, Sammy"

Sam rolled his eyes at the remark.

"We're here" Dean said after a few moments of silence.

Dean parked the car and the two of them got out of the car. The sun was still out, but was beginning to set. Dean opened the trunk and they got out some duffel bags filled with clothing. Dean closed the trunk and the two entered the motel. It was nicer than most of the places they had stayed at, but it was nothing fancy. They approached the counter. There stood a woman who seemed to be in her mid-thirties to early forties. She was wearing a yellow blouse and a pair of blue jeans. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail held by a blue ponytail, she had on some fake red painted fingernails, and she was wearing a shade of red on her lips Sam had never seen before. She smiled as they came closer.

"Hello, how y'all doing? My name is Margaret. I own this motel. So what's brought you to our little town?"

"Oh, nothing", Sam said putting on a smile. "We're just looking for a place to stay for a few days. It's nice to meet you Ma'am"

"Oh what a well mannered man. Margaret is fine. Anyway, so let me set you up. So let me guess, looking for a lover's retreat right?" She said taking a look at Dean "Is a king sized bed fine with y'all?"

Sam's eyes widened when he realized what Margaret was implying. He felt his face flush slightly. However before he could calm himself down enough to correct her, Dean appeared at his side. Sam felt Dean wrap an arm around his shoulders in a loving looking gesture.

"I don't know about the king sized bed. What do you think honey? Can we afford it?" Dean said this as he began stroke Sam's shoulder.

Sam felt his face burn as it changed from slightly flushed to crimson.

"Dean… wha-what the hell!?"

Dean laughed without replying before moving away from the counter to let Sam clean up the mess.

Sam looked down at his shoes as he apologized to Margaret.

"Sorry about that. No, we aren't lovers. He's my brother. He also seems to enjoy making my life hell. I'm Sam. His name is Dean"

Margaret laughed before putting her hand to cover her mouth.

"It's alright. I remember what it was like to have older siblings. They do enjoy making your life hell. Anyway so y'all want two twin sized beds? Sorry for the mix up."

"It's alright Margaret. Yeah that would be great. Here just charge it to this Credit Card.", Sam said holding out a fake credit card.

"Alright then. No problem Sam" Margaret said after a moment. She returned it saying, "Here you go."


"Alright then boys follow me."

Margaret got out from behind the counter and headed up some stairs with Sam and Dean following behind. She led them up two flights of stairs before stopping at a room.

"Here y'all are. Your number is 12a. If y'all need anything don't hesitate to ask."

"Oh actually Margaret", said Sam, "I was wondering, is there any good bar around here or a diner?"

Margaret put a red painted finger to her cheek thinking. After a moment she replied, "Yeah. If you're looking for a good diner there's one just down the street. The only bar in town is about a half a mile east of here. Does that help?"

"Yeah thank you."

Margaret headed back down the stairs.

Sam turned and opened the door. Both of them entered quickly and sat down on their respective beds. Sam was silent for a moment before…

"What the hell was that Dean?!"

Dean, who had been rummaging in his bag for something looked up.

"What was what Sam?"

"Downstairs, when Margaret thought we were a couple. What the hell was with the 'honey' crap?"

"Oh that," said Dean laughing, "What, am I not good enough for you Sammy? It looked like I was enough in the car. I'm hurt."

Sam looked at his brother to see what kind of expression was on his face. He turned to see a cocksure smile on his brother's face.

'Well duh. What was I expecting?' Sam thought when he saw Dean's face. 'That maybe he would actually mean it? Yeah that'll happen.'

"Asshole," Sam said

"Damn Sammy, lighten up. Relax, it was just a joke. Anyway, I'm gonna take a shower. I'll try to leave some hot water" Dean said

As Dean headed toward the restroom he began removing items of clothing. Sam diverted his eyes so he wouldn't be tempted to look or worse get caught. Once he heard the door close Sam looked up again. There was silence before he heard the shower begin to run. Sam closed his eyes and imagined Dean in the restroom, naked, water running over his tan muscular body. Dean's hands moving over his body, lathering as they went by, cleaning his beautiful skin. The water pouring down on him washing away the soap, and leaving a fine sheen of water reflecting the light. Just thinking about it made Sam blush a faint pink.

'I better not even go there. If he catches me daydreaming he'll probably use it against me. Bastard.' Sam thought with a smile on his lips.

Sam busied himself with some things to get his mind of his brother, but no matter what he did, his mind always came back to the same thing, Dean, wet, sexy, and naked. Sam shook his head and sat down again as Dean came out of the restroom. Sam looked up and immediately regretted it. Sam forced himself not to gasp at the sight. Dean came out of the restroom wearing only a beige towel. The towel hung loosely on his hips seeming as though any movement would cause it to fall. The muscles under Dean' skin shifted with every movement. His tan skin still shone lightly with water. Sam reminded his body to breathe as he stood. He made his way to the restroom as quickly as he was able to. Once inside the restroom he quickly locked the door. He sat down on the toilet in order to get his body under control.

'Just breathe. Get yourself under control' Sam thought his breathing so fast he seemed near hyperventilating 'If this keeps up I don't know how long I'm going to be able to control myself. Damnit. Why does it have to be like this? Why did I have to fall in love with my brother?'

A knock at the door startled Sam from his thoughts.

"Hey, Sam, I think I left my razor in there. You mind handing it to me?"

Sam thought quickly to come up with an excuse to say no. Otherwise he wouldn't be responsible for his actions. He came up with the only thing he could think of.

"Sorry Dean. I'm already in the shower. I'll give it to you when I get out."

Sam quickly turned to turn the shower knobs.

"Alright Sammy. Anyway, hurry up. We gonna go get a bite to eat at the diner and then head to the bar. With any luck we can find out everything we need to know tonight at the bar, burn the bitch tonight, and be on our way the next day. Sound like a plan Sam?"

"Yeah Dean, that sounds good. I'll hurry up.", Sam said so he could think some more. "And it's Sam" he added as an afterthought.

"Whatever" Dean said backing away from the door.

Sam sat there for a moment before remembering why he was in the restroom. Sam turned the water as cold as he could. But even as he stepped into the ice cold spray his thoughts still turned to Dean.

'God I wish I could talk to someone. I guess this is my role in life. I should just get used to it and get used to wallowing.'

With this depressing thought set in his mind, Sam began to bathe himself, wishing things could be different.