This is when me and my friend Alain decided to role-play as Emmett and Bella after I read some stories of them bonding. This is a real conversation.

KlutsForLife6786: hi Emmett

MuscleMan5673: BELLA!! HEY!!

KlutsForLife6786: how come u didn't go hunting with the others?

MuscleMan5673: Edward put me on this boring guard duty

KlutsForLife6786: so Emmy, im pretty bored. r u planning ur revenged on someone?

MuscleMan5673: Bells... do you have something... wild... planned?

KlutsForLife6786: no. tats y I asked

MuscleMan5673: I was thinking of attacking Edward with vampire peaches... Don't you agree?

KlutsForLife6786: vampire peaches?

KlutsForLife6786: 1. he's also a vampire 2. They might try to get ME instead and 3. WTC?!

MuscleMan5673: Ah! But wouldn't it be funny! It would be so fun to see Edward get ticked off...! Hahaha!

MuscleMan5673: Just think! Vampiric peaches buzzing around Edward! But I need your help... Where would I get some human peaches...? Hm...

KlutsForLife6786: uh the super market?

MuscleMan5673: Want to go to the supermarket bells? Hopefully Edward won't find out what evil plans we're up to!

KlutsForLife6786: hmm sure

-We get into Emmett's jeep and drive to the super market and come back with peaches and Emmett bought some poptarts-

-In the Cullens living room while Bella eating the poptarts Emmett found and Emmett trying to make Vampiric peaches-

MuscleMan5673: Hm... Now... how are we going to make the peaches go after Edward...

MuscleMan5673: Any... crazy ideas?

KlutsForLife6786: hmm we make the peaches like perfume and when Edward gets back we spray him with perfume!

MuscleMan5673: Oh was thinking of showing them a picture of Edward, and making them think Edward was food... But that's pretty good too! How'd you think of that?!

KlutsForLife6786: I don't know

MuscleMan5673: Okay... smarty... how do we get them to like perfume?

KlutsForLife6786: we...give them a taste of it

MuscleMan5673: Well... im definitely NOT putting my hand anywhere near their teeth!

KlutsForLife6786: well I cant! Im a human!

MuscleMan5673: Hm... True... that's no fun!

KlutsForLife6786: lol

MuscleMan5673: puts all the peaches in cage with a rope

KlutsForLife6786: -.-

KlutsForLife6786: ill go get the perfume

KlutsForLife6786: goes away. Comes back with 2 bottles of perfume

MuscleMan5673: I still don't understand how you humans really LIKE that stuff.

KlutsForLife6786: it smells good

MuscleMan5673: Sure it does... lol.

-We were waiting for Edward to come home when he FINALLY came home-

-As Edwards walked in we sprayed him with the perfume-

MuscleMan5673: RUN!!

MuscleMan5673: Did you bring the camera Bella!?

KlutsForLife6786: yup

MuscleMan5673: Hehe... this'll be so funny!

KlutsForLife6786: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Look at Edward run!

MuscleMan5673: Oh crap... he's throwing some of those peaches over here... you didn't happen to wear any of the perfume today... bells?

KlutsForLife6786: no

KlutsForLife6786: but don't u remember me accidentally spraying a bit of it on u?

MuscleMan5673: Oh crap...

MuscleMan5673: You're... so... evil bells..!

MuscleMan5673: RUN!!!!

KlutsForLife6786: RUN EMMETT RUN!

KlutsForLife6786: Emmett look out! There's one behind u!

MuscleMan5673: Accidentally trips over a half-eaten poptart

KlutsForLife6786: oops?

MuscleMan5673: NO!! Their all eating me!! AH!!


KlutsForLife6786: watching amused

MuscleMan5673: runs around in panic... running into Edward, we both fall down hitting our heads

KlutsForLife6786: ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!


KlutsForLife6786: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KlutsForLife6786: FREEDOM!!!!!!

MuscleMan5673: Thinks of revenge toward Bella

MuscleMan5673: MUAHAHA!! I'll get you one day BELLA!!

MuscleMan5673: OW! gets bitten by peaches

-20 minutes later the vampire peaches r all dead-

MuscleMan5673: me and Edward are covered in bandages and ice

KlutsForLife6786: good thing I taped this

I think ill put more chapters if I like the reviews I get. Well hope it was funny.