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P.S.S. Bold are the screen names and the actions. Not bold is them talking err well what they typed.

P.S.S.S. I will only put in 2 characters at the time so it will be less confusing for me.

Born2Shop- Alice

EmotionMess- Jasper

Born2Shop- HI JASPER!!!

EmotionMess- Hi Alice

Born2Shop- Jasper you need to lighten up some more

EmotionMess- I don't want to

Born2Shop- Come on Jasper. DANCE WITH ME!!!! XD

EmotionMess- Alice have you taken your medicine yet?

Born2Shop- Silly Jasper. Medicine is for humans

EmotionMess- Uh huh...

Born2Shop- So Jasper mah man. Wanna go shopping with me? Hopes you do

EmotionMess- NEVER!!!!!! O.O

Born2Shop- Oh Jasper you're no fun :(

EmotionMess- I will never go shopping with you again! Not after last time

Born2Shop- Oh come on. Just because the people in the store got scarred for life it doesn't mean anything

EmotionMess- NO! Especially since you're hyper

Born2Shop- You big...DOODY-HEAD!!!!! Runs off crying

EmotionMess- sigh What did Edward do this time

-MasochistLion has logged in-

MasochistLion- I didn't do anything

EmotionMess- YES YOU DID!

-MasochistLion has logged off-

EmotionMess- Damn. Well at least Im now alone in peace

EmotionMess- What the hell Alice?! Ahh! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!! O.O

-EmotionMess has logged off-

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