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I would like to say early on there are two OC(original characters) in here and they will not be set up with any cannon characters dispite how things may look early on, I have other plans for them as they will later be an importaint part of the story.

Main pairing is ShikaTayu right now but will have some naruto relationship later on.

High gusts of wind ripped through the forest as it was being shredded apart by the kunoichi know as Temari's attack quick beheading dance, decimated everything in its path. In a matter of moments the entire surrounding forest was leveled, Temari, along with Shikamaru, the ninja who she just saved from being defeated by the Sound Four's Tayuya, stood behind her and scanned the area as the dust and ruble cleared. What they were looking for was Tayuya herself, who after awhile was found by Temari under a tree dead.

"Well, it's over" Temari said aloud as she turned to Shikamaru who was still stunned at the destructive power of Temari's attack and that the only opponent who was able to both out think him and beat him in combat was laying dead so easily. "We better head back Shikamaru. Do you intend to waste time burying her, or do you wanna return to the village and heal up and see how the others are doing?"

Shikamaru remained silent for a while. He felt that it wasn't right to leave her body like that even though she may have been his enemy, he did respect her abilities. However, he knew Temari was right; he needed to get back and check on his team. "Let's go Temari," he paused for a brief moment before finishing, "This was far more trouble than what it was worth." They soon left the scene, making their way back to Konoha to see how the others were doing.

Tayuya's body remained under the fallen debris; her last moments were slow and painful, as she was too battered and beaten by the force of the attack, thus rendering her unable to guard against the debris that fell on her, she lay there as she slowly lost consciousness and began to drift asleep as her body cooled.

The battle didn't just level the forest; it also attracted the attention of two passerby who couldn't help but look into the blast sound and the dust cloud that arose in the middle of the forest. Two figures over looked the battlefield, one being a tall 17 year old looking teen dressed in grey padded armor unassociated with any village, swinging a kunai around his middle finger on his right hand. His eyes were bright red and his hair a dirty grey, spiked and long, nearly blocking out his eyes. The other was a short hunched figure; he wore what appeared to be a rain coat and heavy, baggy clothing. Not much could be seen of his actual appearance or age at a glance.

"Well well, well, would you look at that Kamui? The crap really hit the fan there huh?" The tall figure said to the shorter one beside him.

"...heh..." The one known as Kamui responded cracking a smile out from under his hood.

"Well, it's good to see you're so energetic about it, want to take a closer look?" The figure laughed while beaming Kamui a smile and making a motion towards the devastated area, almost as if he were presenting a prize on a game show.

"...death," Kamui said pausing as he often did, "I smell death Kuroshi ... a female ... and very recent…" The hunched figure raised his arm and half his hand appeared lifting his finger to point out to the center of the destroyed area.

"Well well, well now, we really must go now don't we, Kamui? Who knows," a paused briefly, "We might even have a new friend if all goes well." With that, the one known as Kuroshi jumped off the edge of the mountain that they both stood on, and Kamui walked slowly off the edge to follow Kuroshi, who was now skipping down to the scene.

Kuroshi made his way to the pile of trees, being careful not to disturb them and cause an unwanted disturbance. As he nears, Kuroshi sees the girl's legs and lower torso dangling out from under the tree that lay over her stomach and chest. Kamui appeared behind him and stared at her legs. Kuroshi feeling Kamui behind him, turned around and noticed what held his companion's attention.

"Admiring the view ehh, ehh?" Kuroshi nagged

Kamui looked up, completely revealing his pure blue eyes as he grinned, "...their nice...looks...very...s-soft..." he stammered, a tint of lust in his voice.

"Indeed...allow me the honor of looking over the rest of her to assess the damage," Kuroshi said trying to regain his companion's attention. Again making a bowing gesture presenting the scene as if it was a prize that was won.

Kuroshi continued to carefully around the tree, but his movements stopped cold when her saw her face. He continued to look long at her face and body for a few moments; he felt such pity at the sight of her lay there dead. He was unable to take the look on her face out of his mind. She looked as if she was sleeping, as if she would wake up at any moment. He wondered what her eyes looked like, what her voice sounded like; her name, and even how she'd died.

Kamui grunted at to Kuroshi to get his attention, snapping him out of his thoughts. "How is she ... brother?"

Kuroshi turned around swiftly after hearing the impatience in Kamui's voice and responded coldly to his brother's question. "She has been dead only for a few minutes roughly; her cheeks are still colored and…" he placed his hand along her cheek flinching as he touched her, "…still warm with life that barely exists... Many cuts are all over her body, quite possibly a defensive stance before death from the looks of it... Her death being caused by... that tree there ... crushing her chest, breaking numerous ribs, crushing internal organs. It was a slow death from drowning in her own blood, more so then the impact of the tree..."

Kamui nodded and paced around her body; slowly looking her over and mentally agreeing with Kuroshi's assessment. "...she can be...salvaged...with little..." the shorter of the two started.

"I know... but do you want to, and is she acceptable to you? It would'nt take much to bring her back" Kuroshi questioned; face showing signs of cheerfulness once more. "It would be a waste to let this poor thing die so horrible." He finished while beaming Kamui another wide grin.

"...heh..." Was all Kamui mustered as he began making hand signs, signaling he was readying his special forbidden jutsu.

Kuroshi smiled at him and positioned himself standing above the tree then picking it up with moderate effort, so to make sure not to cause further damage the young woman's body. He lifted the large tree then threw it aside, afterwards he carefully picked up her body and disappeared with her.

Kamui jumped back away from the center of the mass of fallen forest and continued jumping backwards up the mountain to the spot he knew where, instinctively, that Kuroshi would take the girl; he continued making hand signs as he did so.

Tayuya's body lay carefully set out on leaves that had been presented in a bed like fashion by Kuroshi. They stood on opposite sides of her, perfectly matching each other handsigns. They had both preformed extensive medical jutsu to heal her body's physical wounds so they'd require less chakra and life energy for their special jutsu.

Both remained perfectly still, while still matching their hand signs perfectly and quickly as they continued mumbling. They finally broke from their indecipherable mumbling by screaming "Shini no Totte Kai no Jutsu"

As if the air itself pushed down on Tayuya's body, a loud pulse could be felt pressing down on the area. In a single instant, Tayuya's eyes popped open as she inhaled then sprang up. Tayuya screamed, "ARRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuu..." for all her worth, before she fell back passing out, with her fingers dug deep into the dirt.

Kuroshi and Kamui stared at her, then at each other before Kuroshi broke the silence. "It worked...heheheh and her eyes were red!" Kuroshi smiled and laughed at their success, Kamui smiled back, but then fell back against a nearby tree in a heap. "That's right," Kuroshi then paused much in the same way as his brother did, "Take it easy and rest Kamui ... I will stay here at her side till she wakes up." Kamui nodded and hung his head low and was quickly sound asleep.

Kuroshi moved his gaze down to the young kunoichi and after a quick pause he said to her knowing she couldn't hear him. "You're a frightening one now aren't you...," He took in a long, slow, deep breath then said, "And now, the wait."

I would like to say here that the two character's Kuroshi and Kamui are original character's I created and are not based off anyone.

Jutsu descriptions.

Name:Quick beheading dance

Description: A powerful Summoning jutsu used by Temari where she summons Kamatari a small weasel who carrys a massive scythe, the attack is extreamly fast and extreamly powerful due to the fact in mere moments the attack becomes unseen by human eyes(without vision enchancements such as kekei genkei) and can level entire forests in mere moments.

Type: A-Rank, offensive

Current user: Temari

Custom jutsu:

Name:Shini no Totte Kai no Jutsu: Forbidden Technique: Hand of Death Release.

Description: A ressurection jutsu both Kamui and Kuroshi posses that can ressurect a dead corpse with out a sacrifice. However the jutsu appears to put a massive strain on the caster where as one of the side effects is exhaustion and possibly chakra depletion, other side effects are unknown. This jutsu requires said corpse to be in good enough conditions so that the body can work unhindered by fatal wounds that would re-kill subject upon rebirth, these safe conditions limit use to relitivly lightly damaged bodys, usage on damaged beyound repare corpses is currently unknown.

Type: Forbidden S-Rank

Current users: Kamui and Kuroshi.