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Peace. It was so damn peaceful as Tayuya stirred her head from her pillow as the songs of blue birds whistled sweetly into the air waking her. There was only one thing that caused the slightly cranky nin to be alarmed and that was the fact that her ceiling was so damned far away from her face.

"The hell?" Tayuya said aloud to her self in a groggy voice as she sat up to realize she had slept on the floor. It didn't take long before she remembered the last night and how she had ordered the rat to keep her company and the events that followed. "T-that damn bastard, he better not have gotten any funny ideas about me!" Tayuya mentally screamed to her self as she swiftly exited her room and busted his rooms door in with a huff of anger. To her displeasure it was completely vacant.

"Tayuya whats wrong?" Yoshino's surprised voice was heard by the red head causing her to turn and see the woman down the hall with a laundry basket of cloths in hand. "Are you looking for Shikamaru?" Tayuya turned to his mother and regained her calm, no sense letting on something was wrong.

"Yeah I need to talk to that stupid rat about something." Tayuya casually crossed her arms in front of her as if to signify the matter was of no grave consequence.

"Well unfortunately he left early today on some duty for the Hokage so I don't know when he will be back, I swear that son of mine doesn't tell me anything!" Tayuya only nodded briefly as Yoshino muttered to her self about his laziness. "Say Tayuya are you going to be busy until he returns?"

"Not like I can leave with out being killed right." Tayuya tilted her head back at the obviousness of being imprisoned in the house.

"Well if you like you can come with me to tend the deers out back, Shikamaru hasn't even done that once for me since he became a chunin." Yoshino signed softly into the laundry at his lazy negligence.

"How in the hell did he even become a chunin in the first place?" The sound girl kept her arms crossed in disgust in regards to the Nara's undeserved advancement.

"Well he was the only member of his team to make it to the end of the chunin exams and he almost won his match." Yoshino explained with natural motherly pride that took Tayuya back for a moment.

"Almost?" Tayuya inquired after suppressing memories of her own mother.

"Well in his match he outwitted his opponent then forfeit the match when he had the advantage. We found out the Third Hokage himself was impressed with his abilities and recommended him to become a chunin. Of all the genin to enter the exams he was the only one to pass." This information peeked Tayuya's interest.

"What was the match?"

"Well he got paired against one of the shinobi from Wind country. She was extremely skilled and kept Shikamaru on the ropes the entire match but while she was trying to beat him she fell perfectly in place to be caught by our families specialty jutsu the shadow paralysis then just like that he quit when he could have finished her off. Though he gave up me and my husband are very proud of him."

Tayuya could only blink in disbelief at this information. It was too damn similar to her own experience against the lazy shadow user. Sure he's smart for trash she had to give him that much, no other enemy she had fought has survived her deadly melody but that wasn't completely because of his own ability...he had help,

"Did his opponent wield a giant fan?" Tayuya stressed the question by scowling heavily at the mere thought of the sand bitch.

"Yes she that I think about it I seen her in the hospital with Shikamaru after the retrieval mission."

That information did not surprise the former Sound nin in the least, the fuckers were made for each other. He is a lazy bitch who cant finish anything and she is a psychotic bitch who loves to kill her opponents. The whole affair was only worth a cheap laugh to Tayuya.

"Any way I'll help you since that rat is incompetent of doing anything around here." Tayuya sighed aloud as she let her anger and frustration fade for a moment. "If I play my cards right I should be able to practice my flute outside and have some damn peace."

"Well this laundry can wait for the moment, lets go tend to the deers, you haven't been introduced yet have you?" Yoshino asked with kindness in her voice.

"Introduced?" Tayuya asked with mild confusion. "Do they talk or some shit?"

"Well not like we do anyway." Yoshino replied with a smile."You will see when we tend to them."

"How do we do that?" Tayuya asked with little emotion which was beginning to bother Yoshino deeply. The Nara housewife could hear the years of self sacrificing servitude that the young girl had dedicated to Orochimaru.

"I will show you when we arrive at their stables." Yoshino reassured her.

The pairs travel to the deer stables was spent in complete silence. Yoshino for her part didn't want to pry into the girls past, last time she had drudged up Tayuya's memories it had cost her due to the young girls immense strength while Yoshino had embraced her. Tayuya on the other hand didn't feel like talking at the moment. The kind woman unnerved her greatly since she was such a strong mother figure, something Tayuya was not used to being around.

It didn't take too long until the '"stables"came into few. There were no pens so the deer were free to enter and exit at will.

"How do you keep them locked up?" Tayuya asked as she watched a few deers in the distance over look the pair.

"We don't keep them locked up, their free to roam on our grounds as they wish. We find raising them naturally is the best for them and us as well." Yoshino explained as she began unpacking various tools and supplies from a carrying bag.

"Well what do you do with them, kill them for food?" Tayuya asked bluntly not seeing the point of tending deer.

"Heavens no, we don't kill them for food!" Yoshino protested waving her hands in a dismissive manner. "Our clan uses their antlers for medicinal purposes, me make and distribute many different medicine to other clans in the Fire Nation so by making sure our deer are healthy we get the best samples to use for medicine."

"That explains all those damn medical books in my room but still theres a freaking deer head hanging on the wall, how in the hell does that relate to medicine?" The red haired girl snapped at the memory of waking up to its image in the morning.

Yoshino signed and let the young girls vulgar mouth and disrespect slide for the moment, she didn't understand their clan at all which was no fault of her own.

"Well that deer and that room are special in our house Tayuya. That room belonged to Shikaku's father Shikajiro. He was one of the most well respected members of the Nara clan and one of the best deer raisers. Our house is practically littered with his books on medicine and deer raising." Yoshino paused for a moment as if respecting his memory. "He lost his life in the last great war when Iwa nins broke into our clans territory to attack Konoha, he had repelled their advances and defending our families. That deers head in your room came from a great deer who was at the time was the alpha deer of its herd. I remember it was a massive deer Shikajiro used to raise specially and on that night when Iwa attacked it gave its life protecting Shikajiro from their attacks so he could drive them husband and I still tell Shikamaru about his grandfathers courage and the necessity of raising strong healthy deer but he hasn't taken that well to the deer raising side of our family like we had hopped but he still is courageous non the less." When Yoshino had finished explaining she looked over to see if her house guest had been paying attention and to her surprise the young red head was actually focused on her.

Tayuya contemplated the information deeply. She had assumed the whole clan were a bunch of lazy, smell like animal shit deer fuckers. The fact that they actually had a deep family history surprised her and deep down she could feel a sting of enviousness towards them...she had no family history, no clan to call her own. All she had were bitterness and bad memories. Her first instinct was to dismiss the rats mothers story as a pile of shit and screw tending to the retarded animals but as she was about to open her mouth and do so but she had suddenly stopped. She could feel the cycle of her life repeating again, someone would try and confide in her and she automatically pushed them away or beat them away...or killed them. She hated getting close to anyone when it wasn't a necessity.

"Is something wrong Tayuya?" Yoshino asked taking a few steps closer to her and staring the young girl in the eyes with motherly concern.

As Tayuya removed her self from her abyss of dark thoughts and looked up at the voice calling out to her, she saw the face of a long forgotten woman blur and mix with Yoshino's for only a split moment.

"Okaasan..." Tayuya whispered to her self slowly.

"What was that?" Yoshino asked confused.

"I-it was nothing." Tayuya replied slightly flustered and embarrassed. A heavy silence set in between the two women. Sensing this Tayuya spook up before the house wife could say anything that would cause her to snap on her. "I'm sorry I said those things, I meant no disrespect."

Upon hearing that Yoshino positively glowed and smiled warmly at the young girl. "Thank you Tayuya." Before the former Sound nin could say anything back she felt hot breath against her hand, looking over it was a young fawn sniffing her. A grouping of deer had exited the surrounding woods and greeted their visitors unbeknown to them.

"Ohh for Kami's sake I forgot all about taking care of them, here Tayuya take this bag and feed which ever deers want some food and if you like use this brush to clean them." Yoshino spoke quickly as she handed a large sack of various foods to Tayuya.

"Why do they need all this stuff, theirs plenty of grass and crap around here for them." Tayuya protested as she watched the house wife unpack a took kit on a near by rock.

"Well deers are a lot like people, they can be especially picky about what they eat so we make sure to feed them the best of everything.."

" Spoiling pigs with jewels when mud is well enough." Tayuya thought to her self as she kept her distance from the deers and held food out to them.

The sun set high into the sky as both women set about their tasks. Tayuya had distributed food and brushed their fur though it took awhile for Yoshino to teach her the proper way to comb the animals. She couldn't help that she combed with to much force in the beginning. Yoshino tended to the more experienced task of removing antlers off the male deers once she had determined if they were ready to be removed yet.

"You too look like your having fun." Shikaku's voice called out to the busy pair as he walked up to them wearing his traditional yakata. "The deer haven't been giving you any trouble I hope?" He directed his question towards Tayuya mainly.

"No." She answered carefully. Something about the rats father rubbed her the wrong way. It was his whole damn presence.

"Well thats great to hear, some of the older deer tend to be temperamental about who tends to them." He said matter-of-fact to her calmly before turning to his wife. "Shikamaru is going to be a bit late coming home, Chouji was just released out of the hospital today so we can expect him over for dinner tonight." He finished with a laugh as he saw both joy and horror in his wifes face at the news.

"Good heavens we don't have nearly enough food ready!" Yoshino screamed as she hastily packed up her belongings and made a mad dash to the house leaving Tayuya with the well aged man.

"Honey!" He quickly called out stopping her at the back door entrance. "Asuma-sensei and Ino will most likely be over too to celebrate so lets bring out the good stuff." As he finished his words he could make out a rushed nod from her before she ducked into the house. These were one of the rare times when he didn't need to worry about being nagged, anything that involved cooking was her expertise and well the Nara males were notorious for bing culinary inept so there was no sense in her nagging at him.

"Will you be joining us for dinner tonight Tayuya?" He casually turned his head to face her as she grabbed the now empty sack of deer food and held it subconsciously with a tight grip.

"That Chouji is his teammate who was injured by MY team right?" She stressed sarcastically then paused to let it sink in before continuing. "And Ino is also his teammate and I am guessing Asuma is his sensei so what makes you think it would be a good idea?" To her words he only closed his eyes and nodded for a moment considering the obvious.

"It will be fine." Shikaku said calmly as he opened his eyes.

"What is your definition of fine?" Tayuya shot back coldly as her stare intensified into a infuriated glare. At her question he chuckled softly to himself before meeting her glare with his calm lazy eyes.

"You are an extremely intelligent person Tayuya." Shikaku stated throwing the red head off guard for a moment. "I cant promise things will be perfect, forgive and forget and all of that but I know Asuma-sensei and his pupils so I can promise you things will be fine." He studies the red head process this information for a moment before she reconnected her glare with his eyes.

"Fine huh?" Tayuya stated as she withdrew her self from arguing further with him. Shikaku gave her a soft smile content that she had understood the meaning behind his words.

"When you are ready feel free to come back inside and prepare for dinner." He turned and made his way to the house sensing that the former Sound nin remained in her original spot she had tended the deer in.

Tayuya watched him off slightly bewildered by the unique man. "Could he tell I wanted to stay outside longer from the that would be foolishness, he is just a drunk." Tayuya dismissed that possibility and she took a few steps forward then paused as she looked down behind her to see that bag she had thought she had with in her grasp. "The hell?"

As Shikaku made his way to the door way and opened it he took one last look at his house guest now that he sensed her gaze was off him he witnessed her stare at the discarded food sack with complete bewilderment. "She didn't even notice she dropped it when we talked." Shikaku noted mentally.

Inside the Nara household Yoshino hurried to Shikaku to insist on his help getting ingredients ready, she simply didn't have enough time to prepare by her self. It was then she had noticed he was alone and slightly concerned as he walked slowly about the house in quiet contemplation.

"Honey where is Tayuya?" Her voice slightly panting as she carried a large sack of rice close to her chest. "Did something happen?" She asked with concern in her voice.

"She is out back." He stated simply as he walked to his wife and instinctively took the bag of rice from her. "She looked like she wanted to spend more time outside so I let her."

"Is she going to be joining us for dinner?" Yoshino inquired with genuine concern.

"I think she will." His reply dry sounding. "For better or worst we need to keep an eye on her." His last words had more of a concerned tone to them then mistrust Yoshino noted.

"What do you mean honey?"

"Have you noticed her having any muscle spasms since she first arrived at the house?"

"No never, she always seemed healthy...quiet but healthy." Yoshino noted after giving the matter some further thought.

"We will need to mention it to the Hokage when she requests a status report on her." Shikaku stated as he took another bag of rice out from a closet and set it on the table. "She doesn't seem the type to open up about something like that on her own."

"She will eventually." Yoshino stated with a genuine smile towards the girls development. Besides that she is a big help with the chores unlike a certain somebody around here." Yoshino threatened as she knelt down to open a cubbed for cooking utensils. Seeing this Shikaku took a few cautious steps behind her.

"Shikamaru isn't that bad, he has just been very busy." The Nara husband said as he let his hand reach down behind her apron knots and caressed her behind only to have his hand hit bluntly with a ladle. "Owch dear!" He rubbed his hand lightly.

"Not now dear." Her face reddened with embarrassment by her husbands advances. "And besides who said I was talking about Shikamaru hmmm?" Pointing the ladle in his direction.

"S-sorry dear." Was his only response as he went back to helping prepare the meal in the silence that had set in between the two.

The sun had already begun to set out side changing the bright blue sky into a soft shade of orange and hues. The winds breeze blew softly between the forest tree's that comprised the Nara clans back yard and blew softly over the former Oto nins skin as she lay on the blades of grass and stare absent mildly into the colors of the sky. Dinner she could tell would be prepared soon as the sweet aroma of both foods she was familiar with as well as the smells of food she wasn't filled the air in a tapestry that began to tantalize her taste buds and warrant protest from her stomach as she lay there. As hungry as she was she had decided against going to dinner, she simply didn't have the stomach for dealing with so many potential enemies at once. She could simply sleep in and grab the left overs later tonight if she wanted too she had rationalized to her self.

"You plan on sleeping with the deers tonight?" Shikamaru's dull voice called out snapping the young girl from her peaceful immersion with nature.

"What the hell do you want, I thought you would be busy catering to your loser friends?" Her voice clearly aggravated by the disruption of her peace.

"Ino needed to close up shop for her mom and sensei is taking Chouji out to eat." Shikamaru simply stated and he rested himself against a large rock parallel to the red head as he gazed up into the sky.

"Isn't your family making food for the bastard as we speak?!" her voice held a slight bewilderment that caused Shikamaru to smile for a moment.

"Chouji enjoys eating and he has had nothing but hospital food for the past week so were spoiling him a bit."

"Fucking fatass." Tayuya responded as she looked away from the chunins direction and stared at the same sky with him.

"You always judge people by their appearances?" His voice a little more serious then usual as she had just insulted his best friend.

"Everyone does it." Tayuya stated simply as she remembered back to her training to become one of Orochimaru's elites and how she always needed to train harder to prove she was the better ninja to both male and female alike. "People always judge you on your appearance, your speech and your personality since the first moment they meet you, thats just how it fucking is in life."

Shikamaru leaned off the rock and stared at the girl for a moment, she honestly believed there was no good in any one.

"I can see where you are right." He said catching the girls attention causing her to lift her self off the ground to smirk victoriously in his face. "But theres always more to people then you can see in a glance, some for the better and some for the worst."

"Typical bullshit from someone who doesn't understand how this world works." She waved him off as another goody goody lecturer like his father.

"Its fine with me if you don't wanna believe me but I can give you a pretty good example of a case where there is more to a person then they would like to let on." He set the bait.

"Try me shit head!" And he took it.

"Well if I were just to look at you I would see a troublesome girl who didn't give a damn about anyone." He stated flatly earning the girls ire.

"There had better be a fucking point to this!" She demanded as she straightened her posture to glare him down.

"Those four stones over there." Shikamaru pointed behind the girl at four ordinary rocks that were placed in a straight line slightly separated from each other.

"What about them shit head, I got bored out here is all." She defended herself honestly.

"Their tombstones for your teammates." To his words Shikamaru actually saw her blink a few times in surprise.

"What makes you think that, I don't miss those fuckers!" She defended her self loudly causing Shikamaru to winch and regret trying to prove a point to such a stubborn woman.

"I never said you did to begin with." He rose to his feet and placed his hands in his pocket as he began to walk back to the house. It was a mistake on his part to try and talk to such an unstable and troublesome person like her.

"Thats it coward, your just going to walk away again!?" Her loud yelling getting the best of her as she taunted him to turn around. "For once finish the shit you start with me!"

"What do you want me to say Sound girl, you want me to tell you how you should feel and think?" His harsh tone took her off guard for a moment. "You don't need that, your more then capable of that since you have experienced your own life first hand." He turned to walk away once again before stopping as he only heard silence behind him due to his words. "Come to dinner or don't, we wont force you one way or the other." He spook calmly as he brushed off the tension that had risen between them. "Your intelligent enough to make your own decisions."

With that he was gone while Tayuya stood in the center of the Nara back yard alone, enraged and extremely frustrated with no one to vent on. Turning around she saw the simple white stones she had in fact left as a small memorial for her comrades. The rat had seen right through her and it infuriated the young kunoichi to no ends. Raising her fist she punched the ground in front of the stones causing them to wobble in place.

"BAKKA!" Her yell was inwardly directed to her self more then the rat. "Am I really that obvious to him!" She spoke to the grass that lay before her face as if it secretly held an answer.

For as long as she could remember people always retained their narrow minded perceptions of the foul mouthed girl. She was a vulgar bitch raised off the streets because she wasn't worth taking care of, she was stupid and uneducated. Filthy in both body and mouth as she had participated in unladylike activities and spoke like a sailor on shore leave. The only people who saw passed these things were Orochimaru who saw the potential the girl possessed and now...THESE people!

Tayuya sat back and simply listened to the soft melody of the wind as it blew through her hair and calmed her of her growing rage. Maybe each of them meant the words they spoke to her. Each member of the Nara family treated her as something more then a crude enemy undeserving to be let out into the light of the day.

"Enough..." She shook her head trying to break away from her thoughts. "I'm hungry as hell." She declared to her self aloud as she pushed her self off the ground and made her way into the house as she decided to prepare for the nights festivities. As she neared the bathroom to clean up she noticed the black haired chunin sitting on the couch turn his face to look back at her slightly surprised.

"What, I cant clean up to eat or something?"

Shikamaru simply gave her a slight smile before she ignored him and shut the bathroom door leaving him alone once again in the main Nara living room. He soon heard the sounds of running water coming from the shower head.

"This is going to be one heck of a troublesome night." He said aloud as he stared up at the ceiling while listening to the clicks and clang of silver ware his parents prepared the table with in the other room. "One heck of a troublesome night." He repeated for good measure as he closed his eyes in preparation to the inevitable mayhem that would certainly ensue.

Else where outside the land of Fires boarders.

"Are we almost there ero sensei?" Naruto asked for what felt like the sixteenth time today to Jiraiya and Idate who both had had enough with the blonds constant questions.

"We weren't there the last time you asked us and that was then minutes ago Naruto!" Idate snapped for what felt like the fifth time today to Naruto and the perverted sannin.

"Hey you don't have to follow us all the way to Konoha so why stick around?" the young blond defended himself as Jiraiya simply sighed and allowed the two to bicker between themselves.

"Hey I got business in Konoha got it, I thought I would check up on my older brother and besides for some reason I thought I would hang out with an old friend but then I was reminded of just how damn annoying you can be!"

"Yeah what ever running man." Naruto turned his face away as he crossed both his hands behind his head and picked up speed to walk beside Jiraiya who made every effort to clear some distance between the two teens.

"You been really quiet ero sensei, something wrong?" Naruto asked innocently which only strengthened the migraine the sannin had pounding with in his head due to the blond.

"Fourth give me strength." He mentally prayed as he turned to the sheepish smile that adorned the teens face. "We wont reach Konoha till morning Naruto and I would like to rest for the night, somewhere preferably with a hot spring." He added with a perverted grin.

"Well what about that place over there!" Naruto pointed to a building that began to show it self over the horizon.

"Ahhh the Kabuki Inn!" Jiraiya explained excitedly as he finally had reached one of his favorite trade post ins in the land of rice fields.

"Wow for someone who calls him self a hermit you know know a lot of social places." Naruto chastised the sage openly who only took the insult in stride.

"As a sannin of the Leaf village it is my duty to visit all the resting establishments to make sure they are safe for our people to stay at!" He boasted loudly causing Naruto and Idate to deadpan at his obviously false excuse. He then proceeded to job joyfully up the road to the Inn forcing Naruto and Idate to catch up.

"Geeze Ero Sensei cant you at least control your self while company is around?" Naruto pleaded to no avail as he reached the door with a lecherous smile.

"This Inn is famous for its soothing out door hot springs and beautiful attendants!" Jiraiya continued on as he reached for the door handle and entered leaving the two teens in his dust.

"He is always like thi huhs Naruto?" Idate asked slowly rurning his head to see the blond lower his to the ground.

"Only when he is acting perverted which is allways!" Naruto exclained as he trudgingly followed his sensei into the Inn.