Author: Sparta666

Series/Story: School Days Series

Pairings: Snape/Lupin some Snape/Malfoy James/Sirius James/Lilly

Rating: R

Crossovers: The Adams family

Timeline: Before the books when James, Snape, Sirius, Remus and Lilly were in Hogwarts

Spoilers: The Order of the Phoenix and the Half-Blood Prince

Summery: Long before Voldermort came to power the Halls of Hogwarts played host to a group of tear away teens called the Marauders, this is their story.

Chapter Summery: Snape meets an unusual stranger on is first night at the Leaky Cauldron.

Authors Note:

I know that not all of this will sound right but I'm trying to explain why certain thing to come happen.


don't worry all will be reviled in time.

School Days part 1: Starting a new

New Friends

Severus Snape stared up into the rain soaked skies from his rooms balcony, he sighed to himself as his two brothers fought with each other in the room behind him. It had been three days since he had gotten his Hogwarts letter, he was excited to finally join his brothers and to continue the family's traditions. Their parents had helped them pack and left Severus in his brothers care at the Leaky Cauldron to get ready for school. Unlike his brothers Severus was not one to mix with other and that was the reason he now found himself stood on the balcony watching the storm outside.

" Your mind is as stormy as the sky outside Severus, maybe it time you ate something. Head down stairs and we will join you later" said Severus's brother with a smile despite Severus's protests.

There was barely anyone around when Severus entered the dining room, over in the far corner was sat a rather ill looking young man who had caught his eye. He was around Severus's age with pale skin, messy blonde hair and his face was a mess of small scars that looked self inflicted. After getting his food Severus sat closer to the young man when a sudden gust of wind from the open door blew the young man's paper from the table and onto Severus's lap.

"Sorry about that, windy night hey? I'm Remus Lupin, you starting at Hogwarts too?" asked the young man with a smile as Severus handed him back his paper.

"yes" answered Severus shyly

" have you got your books yet?" asked Remus as he sat down next to Severus

"not yet, truthfully being the youngest I haven't really left the house much, my brothers and I where heading into Diagon Ally in the morning" said Severus

"are your brother at Hogwarts too?" asked Remus with a smile

"yes Feaster's in the last year, Gomez is in the year below, my family are all Slythen legacies. I'm hopping that I don't disappoint my family by being sorted into a different house" said Severus with a sigh.

"I heard a rumor that all who end up in Slythen go bad?" asked Remus playfully.

Severus felt strange as he believed that Remus was flirting with him, leaning down Remus joined him as he whispered so only Remus could hear him.

"Not all Slythren's go bad just as any Witch or Wizard that says they've never used dark magic is lying. My family may not be saints but at least we're honest about it" laughed Severus as Remus joined him unfazed by Severus's confession.

Remus went back to his paper as Severus continued to eat his food, every now and again laughing at Remus's out busts about one thing or another. Suddenly Remus's drink went flying as he tossed his paper down.

"Can you believe this? the Ministry has set out more guidelines on how Half-humans and Werewolves should live, like restricted breeding wasn't bad enough" growled Remus as Severus took the paper and read what Remus had been reading.

Remus growled as Severus rolled up the copy of the Daly Prophet and put it in Remus's bag.

"why are you worried about the rights of Half-Breeds anyway?" asked Severus innocently, this caused Remus to growl and storm off yelling

"BECAUSE I AM" as he barged into Gomez and Fester on his way upstairs.

"making friends?" asked Gomez sarcastically as Severus stormed past them and back to his room.

Growling and throwing round his stuff the look on Remus's face cut him deeply, throwing himself on his bed Severus sighed. Giving up Severus sort out his new friend to apologies. once he'd asked Tom Severus headed to Remus room but when he found the door unlocked and open he became concerned for his new friend. With common sense sound asleep back in his room Severus entered the room. The room was dark, lit only by the moon light outside. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness Severus noticed that the room was a mess as if there'd been a struggle, suddenly Severus got the feeling he wasn't alone in the room.

Severus turned to leave when he heard it, a low growl from the window behind him. Turning round he came face to face with a very looking Werewolf, young or not it was still a Werewolf. Severus's heart pounded in his chest as the Werewolf rose up on it's hind leg, suddenly something in the wolf's eyes caught Severus's attention.

That look

Severus knew that look, it was the same look of anger that Remus had given him that evening as they argued. Then it clicked into place, the reason why Remus had been angry.

" Now I understand why you where upset with my comments my friends, I came here to apologies and so I shall Remus I am sorry my friend my comments where insensitive and hurtful" said Severus as he heart still pounded in his chest.

The Werewolf continued to look straight at Severus before returning to all fours as if it had excepted Severus's apologize, before it returned to the bed. Severus's commonsense had once again proven it's unwillingness to join in the night activities as Severus decided against returning to his room. As the dear Professor would comment when asked years later that to this day he'd never understood why but he chose to stay, picking up a candle and lighting it Severus sat along side the great beast on the bed and stated to read a copy of The survivors guide to Werewolves by I. B. Howling as the beast slept next to him.