Pairings: Snape/Lupin some Snape/Malfoy James/Sirius James/Lilly

Rating: R

Summery: Long before Voldermort came to power the Halls of Hogwarts played host to a group of tear away teens called the Marauders, this is their story.

Chapter Summery: Remus shares his secret with Severus and Gomez and Fester meet Remus

Authors Note:

The morning after

Remus always hated the mornings after his transformation, he always woke up groggy and ill with faint memories of the night before. Mixed up in these memories was the fight he and Severus had the night before, Remus sighed and made a mental note to seek out his new friend and apologies. Attempting to push himself up Remus soon found this to be a bad idea as his world started to spin.

"I'd advise against doing that, your transformation looked very rough last night. There's a bath run your body must be aching? I'm on my way down to get breakfast I'll bring yours up to" said Severus with a smile as he took a chance and kissed Remus on the cheek before leavening.

Once his world had stopped spinning Remus felt the ache in his bones and headed to the bathroom, once in the water his body stopped aching but a new one remained.

Severus knew his secret.

not only that he'd stayed with him through the night, but how?

usually in wolf form he'd attack anyone who'd try to get near to him, even his own family but not Severus. could it be? he'd once been told that only his true mate, someone who would bring Pease to both him and the wolf could stay at his side without fear and could tame the beast within.

Could Severus be the one?

If he was truthful to himself the mysterious young man did hold a certain charm that Remus found attractive, but would Severus feel the same after all he did kiss him on the cheek? only time would time, lost in his thoughts Remus didn't hear Severus return to the room or enter the bathroom. One thing Remus did find after his transformations was that it always left him hard and horny, something to do with the animal instincts he had.

So still a little groggy and unaware of Severus's presence Remus let his hand slide down his body to his groin, while Remus tended to his arousal Severus watched feeling himself getting hard to. As Remus came Severus joined him

"Nice to see you are feeling better" said Severus to Remus's surprise.

Remus was red faced and embarrassed as Severus sat on the side of bath tub, but it wasn't long before Severus lent over and kissed Remus passionately. without thinking Remus pulled Severus down for another kiss, but instead Severus ended up wet and in the bath next to Remus fully clothed. They looked at each other then they burst into laugher.

"we're going to have to be careful but this can work, if you meet my brother and trust them you'll find you're in good company" said Severus as he got up and got dressed.

Severus kissed Remus before heading back to his room to talk to his brothers.

"ah the wonder returns, it took all night to find our stuff in the mess you made. So where were you last night? somewhere were a certain blonde from last night might have been maybe?" asked Gomez with a cheeky smile as Severus sat down next to Fester on the bed.

"His name is Remus and he's just starting Hogwarts too, I though he could join us when we head to Diagon Ally today. He's not got anyone his family abandoned him because he's..." Severus indicated for them to lean in.

"He's a Werewolf, that's where I was last night. He transformed last night, a nasty one too I sat with him all night. I've fallen for him" admitted Severus.

"Ah our baby brother's fallen for a Werewolf oh how mother will be proud, come we must welcome our new family member" laughed Gomez as he opened the door and Remus was stood there.

Severus leapt up and dragged Remus into their room and sat him on his lap on the bed.

"Remy meet my brother Fester and Gomez" said Severus as Gomez bowed.

"So you are our new Lycanthrope friend, do not fear this isn't unusual to us. your secret is safe with us as long as you treat my brother the way he should be. So to Diagon Ally Remus do you wish to join us?" asked Gomez as they headed out the door, Remus felt more at home then he ever had.