He walked down the long, dark, hollow corridor. The torches on either side not being able to fill the entire room with light and he could barely see if he was walking on anything at all. He had two guards on either side of him guiding him through the unnecssarily large palace hall, the most modern of structures for the time. It made him aware of how powerless he really was- which was certainly a feeling he was not on the most familiar of terms with. He could sense invisible eyes in this place- the inescapable trek through this darkness as if each step was bringing him closer to hell and all his sins. Against the eyes in this dark he could smell incense, and feel the shadows like greedy fingers on his body. He'd only remembered being here once before- it was long ago but that feeling was still as fresh in his mind as it was some fifteen years ago.

It was starting to get brighter and Malik could see sheer red curtains decorated lavishly about before they finally reached the steps to his highness's elevated throne. The man had his back turned to Malik, but he knew he was adorned with the most expensive of jewels and the finest silks known. Malik, his royalty's guest, was then shoved to the floor to be on his knees in respect for the man above.

"I know where I am, you need not shove me-"

"My lord-"

"Be still…" his light voice carried down to them just barely. His angelic tone could silence even the loudest of cries. "I know who arrives on my door. Leave us..."

The guards hesitated before leaving abruptly to continue their boorish official marching with the stomp of their feet. It was still so dark to Malik's eye but he could see the yellow and red from the nearby flames dance upon his lordship's face. His skin was like Seto's in its fragility, so pale, it glowed in the light.

"Stand, Malik…" The beautiful man spoke again, taking the steps slowly down to speak with his visitor. He began to pace around the circular area before the throne while gently running his long fingers along the marble railing. He said nothing for a long time; each thought that passed through his head was a novel in elaboration. Suddenly he spoke, daring to strain that voice again, "What news… have you?"

"I have much my lord," Malik responded.

"I'm sure you know the questions pressing on my most…perplexed and assiduous mind" He stated, turning those delicately thin eyes to Malik's "Where is... Gozaburo Kaiba?"


"And the rest of the Kaiba's?"

"Also dead, though Mokuba and Noa disappeared. They will not return to claim their land, this I know for certain."

"The Kaiba empire has heirs... and knowing that they still breathe is something that I cannot tolerate, as long as they live my plans are delayed." He moved towards Malik, the graceful yet satanic swagger in his walk was to remind all that his power was not to be underestimated. His steps were foreplay. "Do not use your pathetic compassion for Seto Kaiba to protect them. I have a few... special gentlemen that can take care of them for me. Your... concern for Seto's well being has grounded you down. It's made you weak Malik."

Malik paused, knowing he couldn't say anything, but grieved silently in his heart for Seto. He really had loved him, but there was no way he could have saved his life.

"What about the Motou's?" This egregious and fantastical man questioned.

It was strange, Malik had missed the sound of his voice, it was accented, articulate and overly sexual. He loved listening to him but would attempt to remind himself that he wasn't as warm as the words that escaped him. The man before him drenched in robes was cold, cruel yet his malice appeared romantic.

"All dead, Yugi Motou died in his fight with Seto."

"And Seto...?" He asked, "I inquired only because I don't trust you. You have let the young boys escape and this… love for Seto now…" The tall man gestured with those long ivory fingers, letting them fall against Malik's dark skin. He stood so close to Mailk, standing with his hips protruded, looking sensual against the fire light with his hands on his face and his lips whispering inches from Malik. "No one ever makes me ask twice.... Malik."

"Seto's dead- he killed himself. Died by his own selfish nature." Malik responded and his let the man's thin and wild eyes search his face knowing the answer was in the painful expression.

"Just as you prophesized. Very good Malik, very good..."He grinned as he moved from Malik, trailing his fingers from his chin to open a fresh wine bottle. He poured two glasses.

Malik felt indignant and he nodded slowly refusing to become overcome by emotion, "…yes."

"Everything is prepared then. I have your cut. A beautiful country home on the lake side, and the money as well, no more worries..."

He handed Malik a wine glass and knocked it against his own, a delightful crystal chime echoed in the halls before he placed a bag of money down on the same table as the blood red wine.

"Finally, everything shall come to fruition...."

Malik dared to drink, "Both kingdoms are yours now, Master Dartz..."


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