She always wondered about him.

First, if she'd ever see him again.

His intense yet cool blue eyes, his magnificently full lips, his intricate and ever so confusing tattoo.

Then, If she'd ever hear him again.

His soothing yet serious tone of voice, how wonderfully her name smoothly rolled of his tongue every time he said it.

Third, If she would ever feel him again.

His muscular arms around her at night, his sweet and calm presence around her.

Ever since then she had always tried to be slightly more optimistic for her sanity's sake but her guilt was so powerfully uprooting that she couldn't help but be overshadowed by the awful feeling of it.

He was in there because of her. It was her fault. And she knew it. She was sure of it actually.

That's what she wondered most about.

She wondered if she could ever forgive herself for that.

For causing the man she loved so much pain.