Hello Everybody and Welcome to my very first Anime-Fiction... ;D

Interesting, even though I am not an actual fan of Pokémon, I've grown incredibly found of this one personage who shall be portrayed as the main character in my story and whom I greatly hope to portray in a believable manner as well... :)

This story will mainly concentrate on the feelings and emotions of the characters and will be set to portray the beginning of a new life for an unfortunate soul who had yet to find his place in the world...I greatly hope to change that and eventually guide him to a new family. :)

Hope you'll enjoy reading my writing just as much as I enjoy working on it:) I've done my best to create a unique story-line here, even though I've read several fantastic stories up here which have given me the overwhelming inspiration to give it all a try as well and come up with my own version of this particular legendary Pokémon's adventures. : ) I would like to highlight this though, I NEVER intended to steal any ideas from those stories, nor shall I EVER intend to!!!! Should you people find similarities between certain happenings, my deepest apologies for that...they are highly unintentional. I wouldn't like to steal any ideas here you know... :( I shall do my best to avoid such things from happening:)

Oh, one more swift disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the Pokémon characters, they belong to their respective owners:) I only own my three OCs in this here plot and the story-line. :) I'm writing this fanfic because it gives me great pleasure to do so and I hope I can present others with pleasant hours of reading as well by submitting this story up here on the web. )) Hope I'll succeed... :D

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Here comes the prologue and chapters shall be added real soon as well. :D I plan on updating this story weekly, but expect to see another uploaded chapter this week as well, since it is the beginning we're talking about here... :) I would greatly like to know your opinion about my story as well, so PLEASE PLEASE leave reviews!!! ;D Oh, but please, no flames... :P Criticism shall be accepted, as long as it's constructive and mild in language... :)

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It all started on an ordinary October day, in the wilderness near City Maze, on a day seemingly just as calm and peaceful like any other in the region…There was not a sound to be heard in the crisp morning air of the forest, and any traveler would've found the quiet stillness of the environment to be the most relaxing and soothing sight one could ever wish for. However…one should never solely rely on first impressions. For this stillness spreading among the thick foliage was nothing more than the herald of a thundering storm in the northern parts of Foster Forest.

The sudden vibrations of deep, booming explosions stirred many of the unsuspecting creatures dwelling in the surrounding trees and bushes, just waking from their peaceful slumber. The scurrying stamps of many feet, both small and large, soon filled the once quiet atmosphere, indicating the great number of wild Pokémon who gave it all they've got to get as far away from the area of commotion as possible. Neither of them wished to get involved…not in a battle with such powerful contestants. In a matter of an incredibly short time, fear and panic replaced the calm and quiet of early morning.

A tiny pair of a Plusle and a Minun, whose shelter for the night was perhaps one of the closest to the battleground, was nearly scared out of their fluffy skin as a dark orb of energy struck near their location. They exchanged wide-eyed glances before hurrying to the entrance of the small burrow to take a peak outside. The roaring sound of the nearby waterfall was all but completely drowned by the din of battle high above their heads, fought beyond the ledge of the tall cliffs surrounding the curve of Crystal River. They did not dare to take a step further into the open…the ear-splitting echoes of the fight seemed to grow louder by the minute. Whatever it was that took place on top of those cliffs couldn't have been a pretty sight…

Just then, a new sound joined the quarrel of blasts and blows, and the sudden noise of surging electricity came as all too familiar to the two small Pokémon hiding in the safety of the burrow. They instinctively lifted their heads to look for the source, but what they saw afterwards was anything they could've possibly expected…

A tall, muscular figure was hurled through the air with astounding speed, his body enveloped in a shocking blaze of crackling electricity…The creature flew straight over the river in a huge arch, only to crash into the rocky side of the cliff on the other side with such force it left the spot of the impact break up into several smaller pieces of debris. The being's back collided roughly with the craggy wall, its whole body jerking violently from the collision. The Plusle and the Minun watched with horror as the creature slid down from the cliff, with nothing to slow the fall of its limp figure towards the rushing waters of the river. Both little Pokémon closed their eyes as it landed with a huge splash not far from them, promptly disappearing from view under the waves. By the time they looked up again, the surface of the river was once again calm and even. As if nothing had stirred its movement a few seconds ago…

The booming sounds of the battle seized, and the empty stillness once again overtook the area of the northern region. The Plusle and Minun were left behind shocked and flabbergasted at the incident that had just occurred. They looked at each other once again, with fear and uneasy concern. What was all that fighting about high above their heads? And further more…whatever happened to that strange looking Pokémon who disappeared under the currents?

AN.: Sorry, one more swift note... :P I do not believe the environment (( like "City Maze")) the story is taking place in really exists in the original Pokémon Saga, I've made the names up while writing the prologue...Should they somehow exist after all though, my apologies. In that case, they belong to the one who came up with them first... :P

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