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Chapter 13:

Evening drew near as time advanced over the land. Autumn leaves chased each other in swirling patterns, swept off their branches by chilling winds of change. On this final, dwindling day of the month, ominous clouds still roamed the heights of the horizon, repeatedly shrouding the gradually darkening sky from mortal sight. The fading Sun's withdrawal left shadows to grow long and uncanny in its wake, creating a haunting, and all around perfect scene for a much anticipated, special occasion, to which many human beings were eagerly looking forward to.

This impending night October no longer retained a chance to maintain position; it was to inevitably succumb to its arriving successor, the cold and eerie November, its coming ushered forth by laws which have held surveillance over this world since the beginning of Nature's very existence. These never fading shifts in the seasons of the globe were not the main interests for the dwellers of City Maze though. Their current excitement was rooted within different matters.

A steady clamour began to take possession of the streets in the neighbourhood. Multicoloured decorations covered each entrance, their lights growing ever brighter as twilight claimed the natural one of the Earth. Pumpkins with grinning, grotesque faces greeted the wanderers outside, the multitude of these unique lanterns being only one of many strange elements presently adorning the environment of man. As ghastly as some of the more extreme ones may have looked to the naked eye, it seemed that these features were exactly the ones the populace was seeking on this extraordinary day. Ghouls and monsters, ghosts and witches on the doorsteps were meant to awake that very gruesome effect which normally many sentient creatures dreaded; which effects, on this event however, were regarded as absolute excellence.

Not a surprising behavior, actually…considering the date announcing October 31st, Halloween.

Thrill and anticipation permeated the participants getting ready for departure, each of them aiming to mimic those aforementioned creatures of night and fantasy by showing the utmost of their talents, providing with their appearance a no less disturbing sight than their surroundings. Their giddiness, their high spirits were evident; they were celebrating, even though the original significance of the date should have logically suggested other emotions to be stirred in their bosoms.

To Mewtwo, it felt morbid to witness such displays of enthusiasm on an occasion which was supposedly attributed to the memories of the dead; and the more he saw the deeper his disdain grew towards the unsuspecting populace below. Not feeling inclined to observe their activities any further, he shifted slightly on his carefully selected perch, banning the issue of the preparations within the local society from his mind; he had, after all, much more pressing matters to focus on.

In his life, horrors of this gloomy world were all too real. No mere images of superstitious fairy tales but concrete attendants of his existence; and if he wished to retain at least some of his freedom from said factors, he had to take them deadly seriously.

No wonder thus the silent sentinel's persisting demeanor; presently, he seemed no less frigid in his stance than the approaching night itself around him. With his form perfectly blended into the thickening dusk, there was practically no way for the ordinary sight to track his position high upon the rooftop, unless someone knew precisely where to look. Leaning against the hard, cool surface of the chimney behind him – said appendage of the house no longer providing warmth against chills, having long since succumbed to the conveniences of central heating – he remained expertly concealed; only one of many useful abilities he had picked up during his travels across the countryside. From this hiding place, he could see all without himself being discovered. And even though the spot he had chosen was not particularly shielded from the occasional, biting winds of autumn rushing across the tiles, he showed not the least intention of moving from his vantage point.

He was waiting…Waiting for that inner sign: the moment announcing departure.