Summary: Rita Skeeter interviews everyone's favorite Boy-Who-Finally-Killed-Voldemort-For-The-Last-Time.


Interview by Rita Skeeter, photos by Colin Creevey

The door to the interview room swings open and Harry Potter walks in. He is wearing ordinary Muggle clothing ('just because I prefer it,' he says), but it is a far cry from the rags he once wore; hand-me-downs from his overweight Muggle cousin. His muscles ripple beneath his tight black jumper and plain grey jacket. Having finally gotten rid of his round glasses, his startlingly green eyes are shining with laughter.

He would be a fine specimen of a man, the world's most eligible bachelor, but for the fact that we are not alone in the interview room. His hand is being clutched by none other than Draco, expensively-dressed heir to the Malfoy fortune. Harry sits down in one of the chairs and pulls Draco into a chair next to him.

One may there have the opportunity to see the contrast between the two: Harry is tall, tan and dark-haired, while Draco is petite, pale and blonde. Both decline drinks.

RITA SKEETERSo, tell me, Harry – may I call you Harry? – are you still in touch with your Muggle relatives?

HARRY POTTER No, not really. I don't see why I should be –

RITA Are you glad that You-Know-Who is dead?

HARRY I think everyone is glad that Voldemort's dead.

DRACO MALFOY My dad's not.

HARRY Well, your dad wouldn't be very happy. He's in Azkaban, isn't he?

DRACOShut up. I'm very sensitive about that.

HARRY Draco, you're about as sensitive as a brick. Come on.

RITA … Harry, what's it like to be the Savior of the Wizarding World?

HARRY It's very – oh, you know how it is.

RITA No, I don't.

HARRY Lucky you.

DRACOWhat he means to say, Rita, is that it sure beats a desk job.

RITA Thank you, Draco. How do you think your parents feel about you now, Harry?

HARRY How should I know? Thanks to Snape, I never got to know them, did I?

DRACO Oh, but we got him back for that.

HARRY Of course we did. Snape couldn't sit down for a week afterwards.

RITA Do I want to know?

HARRY (snickering) No, you probably don't.

DRACO And I can never look at leather the same way…

RITA Moving on now! Draco, what is it like to be the boyfriend of the Boy-Who-Lived?

DRACO I'm not his boyfriend!

RITA You're… You're not?

DRACO Certainly not!

HARRY He's my one and only –

DRACO His lover –

RITA – Oh, Merlin… Why me?

HARRY My soulmate –

DRACOAnd his life-blood.

HARRY Yes. But he's definitely not my boyfriend.

RITA (looking sickened) Okay, Harry, do you think it's unfair that you had to carry the burden of Ms. Trelawney's prophecy regarding you and You-Know-Who, but couldn't tell anyone about your relationship with Draco?

HARRY (tearing his eyes away from Draco) What?

DRACO She wants to know if it was hard to stay in the closet.

HARRYUm… Yes. That.

RITA Have you heard from your old friends Ron and Hermione lately?

HARRY Ron's dead.

RITA … Oh.


HARRY And nobody knows where Hermione is. I think the Death Eaters have her.

RITA Good! I mean… I'm… Sorry.

HARRY No, you're not.

RITA Well, I'm glad we've got that straight, anyway. Okay and one last question: what are your plans for the future?

HARRY I don't know. You'll have to ask Draco.

DRACO Gee, thanks. Um, I'm not quite sure either. Maybe marriage –

HARRY – And a few children?

DRACOYeah, sure. You can be the godmother, Rita.



DRACO Sarcasm, you two.

RITA … Thanks for your, uh, time.

HARRY No problem, Rita.

"You made me sound like a bloody girl, Potter," Draco snaps, shutting the door behind them.

"You practically are a girl, Draco," Harry reminds him as they walk down the hallway.

"I hate you."

"I love you too."

Harry kisses him then, their joined silhouettes dark against the flickering lights of the hallway. It is a reminder that, even in the wake of a bloody war, one thing holds true: there is still love in the world. RS