Author's Notes: This story is set in the episode where Thrust is revealed to be a traitor to the Decepticons, between the spy's escape and Hot Shot and Wheeljack taking after him. A bit of a Galvatron piece, since I don't usually write about him.

Forbidden Fruit

Thrust was getting away, but Galvatron was finding it difficult to care. Even as he barked orders and commanded his troops to capture the traitor, his attention was elsewhere. For some reason, the young Autobot standing not too far away talking to Wheeljack held the commander's attention. The way Hot Shot treated the Decepticon as a comrade would have made Prime proud. But it also affected Galvatron on some strange level. The Decepticon walked over to the Autobot rookie and cleared his throat to gain the duo's attention.

"Wheeljack, I wish to speak with the Autobot", Galvatron commanded. Wheeljack quickly saluted and scurried off, leaving Galvatron alone with Hot Shot, the latter looking like he was growing more nervous with each passing moment.

"Yes, Galvatron sir?" the red and yellow transformer questioned, his tone only slightly unsure. Galvatron found the other's courage quite commendable, and also found himself unable to fight down a smirk at the respective way the Autobot referred to him.

"I can now see why Prime holds you in such high regard", Galvatron spoke as his eyes studied the soft face before him, absorbing the features into his memory. "Not only are you incredibly brave, but also fiercely loyal. All this, just for your commander..." Galvatron trailed off, meeting the Autobot's gaze with an intense look.

"All for the ideal", Hot Shot responded somewhat meekly and suddenly Galvatron acted. In an instant he had his arms around the smaller frame of the Autobot as he kissed the other deeply. Hot Shot had gone completely limp in his arms, probably from shock, and Galvatron ran his tongue along the full lips of the smaller transformer. How had he not realized it before? He had wanted the young Autobot as his own for quite some time now, ever since the youth had managed to activate the power of the Star Sabre, defeating even the Decepticon commander himself with the weapon. Hot Shot had been so defiant, declining Megatron's offer of taking the younger transformer under his wing. And now he had Hot Shot right where he wanted him; where he had wanted him for so long.

When Galvatron finally released his captive, Hot Shot looked more than just slightly out of it. But focus soon returned into the deep blue optics as the startled look faded away to be replaced by a decisive one.

"I need to go after Thrust", Hot Shot spoke after he stepped away from Galvatron. "Wheeljack promised to accompany me, if that is ok?"

"Fine fine", Galvatron said with an impatient growl. Then he quickly reached out and grasped Hot Shot's arm. "Come back to me." It was spoken as an order, not a request. Because Galvatron never requests anything.

"I can't", Hot Shot said simply and Galvatron's hand released its grip on him. "I'm an Autobot." He stepped yet another step back and then, to both of their surprise, saluted before turning around and running off to where Wheeljack had disappeared.

Galvatron stared after the Autobot for a long time before glancing down on the hand with which he had tried to hold the other back. He squeezed it into a tight fist, like he could capture a part of Hot Shot inside with that gesture.

"Galvatron sir", a voice suddenly spoke from behind him, making the large Decepticon whirl around to look at Demolisher. Cyclonus and Tidal Wave had wandered off somewhere but Demolisher was still accompanying him. Only then did Galvatron realize that the smaller Decepticon had witnessed the whole exchange between him and the Autobot, and that the other two would have as well if they had not chosen to leave the room.

"Yes...Demolisher", Galvatron spoke, giving the other permission to speak and trying to cover the feeling of unease settling in his stomach.

"If you allow me to speak freely, sir", Demolisher spoke with a salute to his commander. "Joining with the Autobot at the light of this new information might actually be very beneficial."

"By 'new information', I take it you mean the revelation of this Unicron character?" Galvatron spoke. Demolisher saluted once more and replied: "Yes sir. And, as an informal note..." The shorter Decepticon's optics flickered to the direction Hot Shot had run off to. "It would also serve your personal interests, sir."

A small smile flickered on Galvatron's lips as he met optics with his most loyal follower. Ever so softly, almost uncharacteristically so, the Decepticon commander spoke: "And as another informal note; I truly wish more Decepticons were like you, Demolisher." With that said Galvatron tapped on Demolisher's shoulder briefly before walking off. He had plans to make. It was not every day, after all, when a Decepticon warlord proposed a peace treaty to the Autobots.

To be continued…

Ending Notes: Just in case some of you are wondering what the heck is up with Hot Shot, I'll put it this way: he was shocked and he definitely couldn't full-out reject the general of the entire Decepticon army; it wouldn't have helped his case any. As for Hot Shot possible feelings for Galvy here, I really can't say.