Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

Part 10

When Hot Shot left the infirmary he was most certainly not expecting to come face to face with Galvatron of all people. The young Autobot stared at the Decepticon commander in a startled manner, managing to only gasp out: "What are you doing here?"

A scowl appeared on Galvatron's face as the tall Transformer grumbled: "Well, aren't you just happy to see me."

"Ehe, sorry", Hot Shot muttered awkwardly. "I meant to ask why you do not seem to be worried about anyone seeing you here?"

"No one can question my decisions", Galvatron spoke confidently and Hot Shot shot the Decepticon an incredulous look. "Except for Prime, but he already knows what I want from here."

"That's exactly what I mean!" Hot Shot cried out reaching out to grasp one of Galvatron's arms. "Why aren't you worried about Optimus? He would never approve of this so why aren't you considering the possibility of a fight?" The Autobot squeezed the arm in his grasp desperately. "I don't want to have to witness you two tearing at each other's throats." He lowered his gaze, ashamed of his fear, his weakness.

A hand landed on top of one of Hot Shot's own and he lifted his optics to Galvatron's face once more in confusion. The Decepticon was looking at him in a surprisingly tender manner before he lowered his head to lean his forehead against Hot Shot's own.

"I wonder…" Galvatron grumbled, his deep tones unusually soft. "Is it your leader who you worry for or me?"

That question had Hot Shot speechless for a moment. It had Hot Shot realizing with clarity that he was currently committing betrayal towards the Autobots; he had not told Optimus about what was going on between him and Galvatron when his commander had clearly asked about it. Every time Hot Shot had responded to the Decepticon's advances, it had been when he had been caught in the moment. He had given in to Galvatron without a thought to each of them as soldiers on separate sides; he had merely considered them two Transformers in love.

In love? Had he really thought that? It was so ridiculous. There was no way this could be love, Hot Shot thought as he sighed and moved his head to rest it against Galvatron's chest plate. But, still, there was a possibility that Hot Shot had simply been watching too much Earth television. On screen the human couples had acted blissfully happy when they were together and they had shared loving touches and affectionate words. All Hot Shot had gotten from Galvatron were words of possession and obsessed touches of someone who fished to dominate. And Hot Shot had been allowing many of those touches and was actually craving for more.

Hot Shot's hands and arms hung limply against his sides as Galvatron wrapped his arms around the smaller Transformer possessively. It was there that Hot Shot realized how different Transformers truly were from humans, but the thought did not last for long before the yellow bot's ponderings were interrupted.

"It's alright", Galvatron spoke suddenly, squeezing Hot Shot against his chest. "I understand your desire to stay loyal to Prime."

"No", Hot Shot interrupted, lifting his hands to press them against the Decepticon's back. "That's not my answer." Hot Shot pulled back slightly, staying within the cocoon of metallic arms as he met Galvatron's crimson gaze. The Autobot then spoke: "Both of those things… Day by day they become closer to meaning the same thing to me." To Hot Shot's deep shame, the small Transformer's voice broke before he could finish and with a strangled gasp he pressed his face against Galvatron's chest in a subconscious attempt to hide his weakness.

The two stood in silence for a long while, Hot Shot breathing heavily as he tried to calm down his raging mind while Galvatron stood still and silent like a statue. Not a single sound escaped from the Decepticon but Hot Shot managed to find comfort in the calmness of the older Transformer.

"I'm sorry…" Hot Shot muttered softly, even though the words were not directed at Galvatron. The Decepticon seemed to understand this, however, as he stayed silent and merely placed one of his hands to the back of Hot Shot's head in a comforting gesture.

Caring was one word that Hot Shot would have never before used to describe Galvatron. But, right at that moment Hot Shot changed his mind about that. There was something changing, deep inside the young Autobot, and he now decided that he was better off not fighting it. Who knows? Perhaps the change would be for the better.

"Galvatron?" Hot Shot questioned silently, turning his head so that the other's chest would not muffle his voice. The Decepticon hummed in response, signalling for the Autobot to continue.

But Hot Shot did not speak another word. Instead he tilted his head upwards and attached his lips to Galvatron's neck. The synthetic skin was captured between his teeth as he drew a gasp from the taller Transformer. Large hands grasped Hot Shot's upper arms but the Autobot was not bothered and continued to lick at the Decepticon commander's neck.

Everything was burning and something hotter than anything else was alit somewhere deep within Hot Shot, near his spark. When Galvatron pushed him away from the contact that he craved for the yellow Transformer merely stared blankly at the desire burning in the red eyes.

"Where's your room?" Galvatron questioned and Hot Shot caught on quickly. With a wide smile he moved out of the Decepticon's grip and grabbed one of the large hands within his own as he started to lead the way.

Surprisingly enough, Galvatron did not protest the gesture.


Galvatron was glaring at the ceiling intensely as he thought. Beside him, Hot Shot slept on peacefully. Or, at least Galvatron hoped that the younger Transformer was peaceful. Hot Shot had been very confused earlier, but Galvatron did not really have such morals that would stop him from taking advantage of that. Besides, it was not like Hot Shot had not wanted it or had not enjoyed it. On the contrary, it was the Autobot who had thrown himself at the commander and Galvatron had not seen any plausible reason to refuse, other than the fact that Hot Shot had not been in the right state of mind.

It created a surprisingly tranquil feeling to simply lie down side by side with Hot Shot, even with his always-present armor off. Usually being without armor meant that he was vulnerable and that was a feeling he hated. Still, with Hot Shot there beside him, equally vulnerable if not even more so, Galvatron felt daring enough to not get up to pick up his discarded chest plate.

A soft sigh had Galvatron turning his crimson optics over to the form resting beside him. He saw that Hot Shot was still asleep, however, and showed no signs of waking up any time soon. It was with a rare smile that Galvatron watched the young Autobot curl up further against his frame, finally his.

To be continued…